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After a death threat Kwrator escapes from the Temple and goes to hell. (The Capital.) He meets people there and out there that makes his life more hard that expected, but guess what? He's also a piece of crap.

Fantasy Dunkle Fantasie Nicht für Kinder unter 13 Jahren.

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First Hunt

My name is Kwrator, and i did something terrible...i don't why but i grabbed a little bird from the neck and with a little knife i opened his torso, i'm sorry!...i really don't know what happened to me...I grabbed the corpse of the chick, and started crying, what was i going to tell to his mother?... My father heared me crying and comed to see what happend, when he arrived he looked at me proud for doing my first hunt, he looked the little chick from my hands and say:

"If you found a little chick then there as to be a nest around here, climb that tree and i'll climb this one."

I did what father said. Just what is my luck?? I founded the birds nest, there were 3 more chicks, ughh, what should i do?, should i tell father that i found the chicks nest? idea comed to my head, i grabbed a little chick and putted him into my little bag, i didn't know if i did that to make myself better or for actually help him.

"Father! I found it!"

I screamed to my father, i looked back at the chicks, they were crying, the chick i had on my bag started to struggle and cry, he wanted to be with his brothers, my father was already close, if he found out that i had a chick on my bag...i roll up my fingers, raised my hand and hitted the little pocket bag.

"Alright Kwrator! come down here, am gonna climb the tree!"

I come down to the tree and my father started climbing, i heared a little bumps, i couldn't hear the cries of the chicks anymore. My father comed down from the tree, and showed me a bag, obviously inside the bag were the chicks, he opened the bag and put it in front of my eyes, he raised his hand close to my torso.

"Give it to me."

He said with a smile.

"Gi-give you what?"

"The chick you killed, we are going to put him in the bag, so mommy can do a yummy soup."


I gived him the chick with the open torso, my father looked at me again, he pet my hair and started walking. Our home was very little compared to the houses that were in the Capital... We entered to the house, i expected to see mother inside but it was empty, i looked at my father, his face maked an expression of sadness, he looked at me, and pretended to be happy...we haven't see mother for a while already, everytime i ask father why she haven't come back, he just ignore me.
Last time i saw her she told me that she was going to the market to buy some lettuce for the soup, that was 2 weeks ago.

Father walked to the kitchen.

"Don't worry Kwrator, mommy should be back in a couple of days, we just have to wait, actually why don't you go check the market?"


I walked to the door and leaved father alone, i heared a scream of anger coming from the house and insults going to my mother, i keeped walking.
I arrived to the marked, the past day rained so the ground was covered with mud. There are a lot of persons, so is hard to see if mother is buying in one. I heared someone say my name, i looked at my right, it was Kouki, a blacksmith.

"Hi there little Kwrator, how are you doing?"

"Very well sir."

"I havea question for you."

"What it is sir."

"I haven't see your mother for a long time, is she sick? it's been raining a lot lately."

"No, i haven't see my mother for 2 weeks, that's why am here, maybe she could be buying."

I looked a the face of of Kouki, his expression was a bit sad, like if he knew something.

"What's wrong?"

"Little Kwrator, am gonna be honest...your mother probably leaved to the Capital or to the Temple, or in the worst of the cases some bandits kidnapped her."

I looked to the ground, something inside me started screaming, i feeled kind inferior, i should have came with her.

"Sir, what is the Temple?"

"Is a place were Priests and believers live."

"Then it has to be a good place, right?"

"Of course little Kwrator, sorry to say this, but if your mother leaved you father, let's hope she's on that place."

The Temple has to be a good place...but if it really was a good place, why didn't she take me with her? I was a bit mad but at some point i understood her, i was just going to be a charge for her, on the way to the Temple and leaving the house. I looked back to Kouki.

"Thanks sir, at least i can imagine that she's in a better place now, goodbye."

"Goodbye little Kwrator..."

I turned around to my way back home, i wasn't gonna say nothing to father because he probably already knew that mother leaved to one of those places.

I comed back at home, father was waiting for me, sitted on the table, he looked at me with a face of hope, but my expression said it everything, it confirmed what he was hoping not to be true, he sighed and looked to the window that was behind me.

"Alright Kwrator, come take at sit."

I walked to the seat, and offered my hands to father to pray, he looked at me for a moment before accepting my petition.

We ended eating, father told me to go to the sediments and fill a bucket with water, i answered with a nod.

When i was already there i saw mother, was it really her? i got closer, it was defenetly her, i didn't nothing, i just stared at her, she looked back at me, she smiled and started to cry, she hugged me and i hugged her back. She wasn't at the Temple nor the Capital, it probably was the third option Kouki said.

I fulled the buck with water, grabbed mother hand and walked back at home.

I put the bucket in a corner of the house, i said mother to wait on the table, she probably was tired, i runned to my father's room, i wanted to surprise him. I opened the door and said him to go to the kitchen that mother was there but he just denied.

"Father, please don't be rude, you wanted me to go search for her at the market just a couple of hours ago!"


Mother heared me talking, since father didn't wanted to go to the kitchen she comed to his room. Father looked at her and smiled, he runned to her...but i wish he actually gived mother a hug...

Father stabbed mother with a knife.

Mother looked at his eyes, and maked a face of sadness, asking him with the face "Why?".

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