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What happens when all of anime is in one universe...Ryumi wakes within a world where all of anime has become one. He strives to learn from everyone he meets to become strong enough to protect those he cares about...

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Part 1 (Jujitsu Sorcerer Arc)

Anime As One Universe

Ryumi Sasura awoke in a large forest as the sun was going down, he was 20 years-old with black hair, hazel eyes wearing a black shirt and black pants as if he had just come from school. "Where am I? This isn't Maioda city" Just as he made his way through the forest looking for a path to the nearest town, he could see the silhouette of some kind of monster.

"What is that thing!?" The tall buff silhouette let out a loud groan reaching for the young man when an orange-haired man dressed in a Shihakusho came descending down from the sky, slashing straight through the creature with his blade as it faded away.

"W-what was that, who are you!?" The swordsmen stood up with his large sword in one hand over his shoulder looking right at him. "Don't worry, you're safe now, my name is Ichigo Kurosaki, substitute soul reaper"

"S-soul reaper? Then was that a spirit just now?"

"They're called hollows, spiritual beings that most are unable to see and can even be killed by them, but you seem to at least sense their presences which is still something for a mere human" As they prepared to head back to Karakura town to figure out what happened to Ryumi. As they make their way down the dirt path, Ichigo had a strange feeling but brushed it off as his imagination...

That's when he heard a sudden step in the grass behind a tree. With an abrupt swing of his sword, the soul reaper unleashed a fierce condensed wave of spiritual energy that split a large oak tree in half crashing to the ground, only to find no one there.

That's when a masked man in a black wearing a black coat with a golden button on it appeared behind him with his hands together. "Hehe, I thought I sensed a strong energy nearby, looks like it's you! You know, you remind me of a student of mine" The masked man said with a smile.

"Tsk and just how are you? You don't seem to be a hollow or even an aspada, but I can sense immense spiritual pressure coming from you"

"Oh? Then how about we go around? I'd love to see just how strong you are, seeing as though you're not a curse but are radiant with energy. My name is Satoru Gojo, a teacher at Jujitsu high"

"Heh, you wanna go huh? Fine. My name is Ichigo Kurosaki, substitute soul reaper!"

Meanwhile in the soul society...

(Dammit ichigo what are you doing now?!) Rukia, a soul reaper in all black thought as she felt the clash of powers on the other side.

"I swear if it's not Kenpachi it's always someone else!" She said to herself as she entered the forest on the way to stop the clashing titans, so furious she didn't notice the thunder bird colliding with her. Boom! The electric shock knocked her off her trail, as she fell she saw a lone boy in all black sporting two wolf-like creatures. "Go get 'em" he commanded as the wolves caught her, preventing her from staggering as she saw him up close. He asks: "Please explain where I am, this isn't Tokyo, not by a long this domain expansion your doing?" The man asked hostility in his words.

(Who is this guy) Rukia pondered to herself as she sensed her opponent not having a zanpakuto, at the realization of what's not on her adversary, she asked with a hint of confusion: "Domain expansion, what's that? More importantly, where is your zanpakuto?"

"Z-zanpakuto, is that a curse?" Fushiguro seeing confusion in the woman's face sighs in frustration. "Alright, so you don't know what a curse is, then might I ask what a zanpakuto is?" Rukia realizing he isn't a shinigami asked in surprised voice: "wait you're from the world of the living, but I can sense spiritual pressure from you" The sound of the battle far away shook the area when a rough voice called out: "Rukia what's going on here, it feels like an earthquake is running rampant throughout soul society!". Just as Fushiguro hears the voice, a man appeared wearing the same uniform as her with red hair tied in a ponytail, and a sword that looks like the fangs of a dragon.

Back In The Forest...

"Getsuga...tenshou!" Gripping his blade with both hands, the soul reaper unleashed another wave of spiritual energy sending it right for Gojo who stood motionless with a smirk on his face. The immense attack destroyed everything in it's path leaving a trail of destroyed earth with a large tree split in half. "That guy was all talk, he should know not to mess with a soul reaper"

At that moment, a Silhouette of Gojo came into view as he waved the smoke away as he smirked once more. "Wow, I hope that's not the best you got...or you're just weak"

"Heh, you think this is my best? Then let's ramp it up a bit...bankai!" a fierce surge of spiritual energy swarmed around Ichigo like blue flames as his large blade condensed to a small black sword with his power increased. "If you think I was weak before, then let's try this again"

Pushing off full force, Kurosaki advanced right for his opponent gripping his blade tightly, swinging his zangetsu right for his face. A shockwave of sheer force traveled throughout the forest when Ichigo realized his blade stopped inches from his target as if an invisible force was keeping him from landing a hit. "What the hell!?"

"Hehe, what you're infinity, with this you can't even touch me" In an abrupt move, Gojo grips the soul reaper by his arm pulling him closer before sending a powerful blow to the man's abdomen, sending him staggering back, impacting a large oak tree as it cracked falling back.

"Ack! What the hell, he can even keep up with my bankai!?" Gojo floated over the area as he held his index finger out in front of him. "Cursed Technique Reversal: Red" Ryumi ran out of range past Gojo as he released the powerful attack in the shinigami's direction.

"Damn it!" Ichigo blocked with his zanpakuto as the area was engulfed in a red light of cursed energy. After a few seconds, the light dissipated as a massive crater covered several meters of land in front of the jujitsu sorcerer. "Hehe, seems you aren't so weak after all"

Ichigo appeared from the destruction covered in bruises as he aimed his blade towards his target. "Let's try this again...bankai!" A fierce ray of blue light filled the air as the soul reaper transformed into his fullbring + Bankai form. His spiritual pressure multiplied nearly 200 times as an intense pressure could be felt for miles. "Now then, the real fight begins" Gripping his blade firmly Ichigo Once more charged right for Satoru at a speed far greater than before as even Gojo lost sight of his target.

Suddenly the soul reaper appeared behind him as Gojo attempted to stop the coming strike with infinity. However, the sheer power of Ichigo's attack managed to get through Gojo's defense's piercing the jujitsu sorcerer across the torso.

"W-wow, to think someone is capable of getting past my infinity...seems I only have one last trick up my sleeve" Revealing his glossy blue eyes, he put his index and middle finger together responding: "Domain expansion...infinite void" A fierce wave of colors rushed past Ichigo as he found himself within Gojo's domain expansion.

"Hehe, looks like I win soul reaper, feel free to give up at any time" The man gloated. Just then Ichigo moved his zanpakuto with one hand across himself out in front of him as a immense force of spiritual pressure caused the entire domain to shatter as if made of glass.

"You're not the first one to try and trap me in a void, we're done here" Lowering his zanpakuto, the soul reaper reverted back to his base state as his condensed black blade became it's large wide form o0nce more.

(Hmm, to think someone of this level of cursed energy exists in this world...could it be there are more like him?)

"Well, if we're done here, we should finally get back to Kanakura town so we can figure out what to do with you Ryumi" Kurosaki suggested wielding his blade over his shoulder with one hand.

Back In The Soul Society...

"How dare you threaten Rukia! Roar Hihiō Zabimaru!" As his snake-like blade prepared to attack, Rukia put her hand up motioning him to stop.

"You don't seem evil, why are you here?"

"I don't know, I thought I was in Tokyo but next thing I knew I was here" Megumi responded to the soul reaper as he kept his hands together in case he needed to attack with his demon dog.

Back In Karakura Town

Ichigo and the others made their way inside the house as his sister asked: "Hey Ichigo, who are those two?"

"Not now Karin" He grunted walking past her when Gojo stopped to look at her. "Oh you have a sister!? Could she maybe be as strong as you Ichigo!?" The masked man asked looking the girl up in down.

"No, now come on" Kurosaki said in an annoyed tone. They made their way up to Ichigo's room. Ichigo stood in the corner of the room with his arms crossed while Gojo dashed around the room looking at everything with interest.

"Wow nice room, kind of feels a little small though"

"Not now then, how do you think you got here Ryumi?"

"Sorry, I really don't know, I don't remember anything before waking up in the forest"

"Hmph, I guess until we get leads on where you came from and how you got here, I'm afraid you're stuck here. You can stay here but I'm not happy about it" Ichigo said annoyed.

"There's no need for that, Ryumi, I'll take you to Jujitsu high which has plenty of space and I may be able to teach you some jujitsu while we're at it" Gojo suggested with excitement.

"Works for me" Ichigo responded. Ryumi nodded as they left for jujitsu high. "Are you sure you know where you're going Gojo? This world feels strange as if something's not right"

"Don't worry, getting to where I need to go isn't an issue" Gojo pulled out his phone calling someone...

20 minutes later a black car pulled up with a kid sitting in the back. "Hey Yuji, we have a new possible student joining us, are Megumi and Nobara back at jujitsu high waiting for us?"

"Well Nobara is, but I haven't seen fushigoro all day"

"Hmm, well we'll just have to wait for him back at the school and hope he shows up" Satoru suggested with a little doubt. All of them got in the car driving out of Kanakura with the forest to the right of them.

"Well Yuji Itadori, this is Ryumi Sasura"

"Hello" The boy greeted. "Hi, glad to meet another jujitsu sorcerer candidate" Itadori cheered with a smile. "Thanks, glad to meet you Yuji" Ryumi answered as they drove down the paved road. Gojo sat in the middle with his right leg over his left while the other two just looked out the window.

Without warning, Gojo pushed the two boys out of the car before grabbing the driver and leaping out as it was destroyed by a burst of energy as if there were TNT implanted inside the car. "What the hell was that!?" The 1st year student exclaimed getting up. A red eye opened under his own as a grin appeared with it. "Hmmm, seems someone was attempting to kill you but failed, not that I care"

Gojo looked up to see Aizen floating above him, his white cloak flowing in the breeze as he looked down at them with a calm expression. "I sensed an impressive spiritual pressure, sadly it was not who I was expecting" Aiming his zanpaktuo down at Satoru he asked: "Where is Ichigo Kurosaki?"

Ryumi and Yuji were caught in Aizen's hypnosis while Gojo ran towards the assailant before ascending into the air. "Cursed Technique Reversal: Red" Once more Gojo released an immense burst of power with red energy washing over the sky as Aizen frowned being consumed by the ray of light.

Satoru looked around when Aizen reformed his body like it was made of paper from the reanimation jitsu going straight for the jujitsu sorcerer. Quicky pulling off his mask not even looking at his coming opponent, Gojo wrapped his middle finger around index... "Domain expansion...Infinite void"

As Aizen was mere inches from striking, he was trapped within the domain. "What...what useless trick is this?" Aizen attempted to move, only to find himself frozen in place, as if he could see and hear but the rest of his body were dead. "Y-you worthless human! How is he capable of paralyzing me!?"

Gojo appeared behind the shinagami, grabbing him by the head before removing it from his very body. Instead of blood gushing from Aizen's headless body, the tyrant's head became a barrage of paper before reforming onto his body.

"Hehe, seems killing me won't be so easy this time!" Gojo stood there unsure of what to do as his domain shattered freeing Aizen. "Now then, if you have no more tricks up your sleeve, allow me to finish this pointless violence, for only I can stand on top...Bakudo: Danku" Suddenly a massive wall of thin transparent energy formed in front of Gojo before he was sealed inside from every direction.

"Now then...Bakudo number 90... Kurohitsugi" The transparent box of kido abruptly became a black coffin of dark-purple energy as spear-like spikes pierced the box for a moment before fading away.

"Gojo!" Yuji cried out as the energy vanished leaving Gojo standing motionless for a brief moment before blood gushed out from all over his torso. "Rrrr, Sukuna switch with me!"

"Fine brat, but only because I want to see just how strong this guy really is" The curse symbol manifested across Yuji's body as Sukuna took over. "Alright whoever you are, let's do this!"

"Hmph, I am Sosuke Aizen, and you are nothing more than a mere demon" Sukuna grinned racing towards the shinigami, leaping into the air preparing to attack. Aizen swung his blade right for the demon when Sukuna rolled over it in mid-air, striking Aizen in the face sending him crashing through the green field off the road.

Aizen quickly recovered aiming his index finger towards the curse as it leaped into the air once more. A barrage of golden kido fired from his index finger as they went right for the curse spirit, striking him in the abdomen, sending him slamming into the cliff pinned by the kido energy against his arms, legs and torso.

“Tsk, you bastard...this technique can’t hold me forever!” Sukuna put so much force against the wall, the cliff cracked apart as he kicked off one of the falling boulders right for the assailant. While in mid-air Sukuna put his fingers together. “Domain expansion...malevolent Shrine”

At that moment, A large black and red shrine manifested around them as Aizen felt himself frozen in place before getting shredded to pieces. “Hehe, are we done here?” Sukuna questioned with his chin resting on his hand with a smirk.

Once more Aizen reformed his body once more as if nothing happened. “This is pointless, all you’re doing is wasting my time and your stamina until you can’t fight back any be gone” Just than a surge of blue spiritual energy ravaged through the large field as Aizen flash stepped out of the way moments before it hit him. “This spiritual pressure...”

That’s when Ichigo arrived onto the battle field already in his full bring bankai form. “Aizen...I thought I sensed a familiar spiritual pressure, how did you escape muken!?”

“Even if I had an answer, I won’t be so easily persuaded to tell you. But now that you’re here, I can finally have my revenge...Ichigo Kurosaki!” The shinigami advanced right for the soul reaper, moving his blade at immense speed. Ichigo stopped the coming strike with his zanpaktuo as the area around the shook from the shockwave.

Ryumi stayed by the road while the pair clashed in the air in the middle of the field. Sukuna stood there watching with his arms crossed. “Sigh, if he’s just going to ignore me than I'm not going to waste my time here” The markings faded from Yuji’s body as he snapped out of it. Meanwhile Gojo was just now getting up, managing to heal his wounds from Aizen’s attack using cursed energy reversal.

“Gojo you’re ok!” Itadori cried out rushing over to his sensei who put his mask back on. “Yea I'm fine, I may be the strongest jujitsu sorcerer, but those two are on another level. However, it seems no matter what we do, that guy keeps coming back”

Meanwhile Aizen flash stepped in front of Gojo and Yuji preparing to cast Kurohitsugi to kill them when Ichigo moved right to him, sending a piercing strike across his torso as paper flew from his wound before repairing itself. (Damn, there seems to be no way to beat him...what do we do now!?)

That’s when Megumi, Rukia and a 3rd person arrived on the battle field. Rukia became shocked at what she saw. “Aizen!? But he’s supposed to be locked away in the lowest level of muken!”

“Seems that bastard managed to escape, though something feels different about him, his spiritual energy isn’t like it was the last time Ichigo fought him” Renji commented gripping his blade tightly unable to help knowing the power difference between him and Aizen.

Meanwhile the stranger approached the battle. He had long black hair covering his left eye while his right one glowed red. “I’m not sure what good I'll be in this fight, but I'll do what I can”

“What you can see them!?”

“Yes...I can see everything...with my Sharingan” The shinobi dashed towards the fight before making quick hand seals as he focused on Aizen. “Fire style: Fire ball jitsu!” A fierce ball of flames manifested as the man breathed out a blaze of flames right for the shinagami.

Aizen formed a wall of kido as the fireball struck the transparent wall of energy before burning out. “Sigh, what a pain...Amaterasu!” An abrupt blaze of black flames ignited all over Aizen even from behind the danku. As Ichigo went to attack, Sasuke used his rinnegan to switch places with him just in time before using seals to activate his next jitsu. “Soul detachment jitsu!”

Placing a seal on Aizen’s torso, Sasuke placed a tag on the seal as Aizen’s soul was sealed within the tag, causing Aizen’s body to crumble away leaving a random human’s corpse on the ground. “There, he’s sealed within it as long as the seal isn’t removed”

“We need to take it back to the soul society so we can lock Aizen back up in muken!” Rukia suggested worried that Aizen could escape from the seal.

“I may not know what that guy was, but there’s no chance of him escaping that seal, you can take the body back to this...soul society, just make sure not to interfere with the seal on the corpse’s body or he’ll be free”

Renji carefully picked up the corpse making sure not to touch the seal as he left for the soul society while Rukia went up to Ichigo with an annoyed expression. “Ichigo, why are you always causing a scene!? I could feel your spiritual pressure all the way in the other world! You may have matured, but you can still be a real idiot”

“I’ll just take that as a way of you thanking me for holding him off until your friend here arrived. Thanks by the way, I felt like that battle was going to take forever if he was just going to keep healing. Who are you by the way?”

“My name is Sasuke Uchiha, what you just witnessed was a reanimation jitsu, or Edo Tensei, it’s a technique that can store a dead person’s soul in a new vessel there by somewhat reviving them to a point. It’s rare to se someone who can use such a forbidden jitsu, seems we’re dealing with an advanced level shinobi who not only can use high-level techniques, but also reanimate those from other worlds which makes this far more of a problem. I shall accompany you since I'm the only one here who knows how to seal away the souls of those reanimated. Who know just how many the user plans to bring back with the forbidden jitsu”

Gojo walked over to the others with Yuji and Ryumi at his side. “Now that our dilemma is over, why don’t you come with us? We’re headed to jujitsu high to teach Ryumi how to fight and be a great sparring partner for Yuji here”

“Normally I'd decline your offer, but considering the situation, I'd be a fool if I left you alone if more of them showed up” Gojo waved goodbye to Ichigo and Rukia as they continued to jujitsu high this time accompanied by Sasuke...

CHAPTER 2 Learning To Be A Jujitsu Sorcerer

They reached Jujitsu high, a large campus with dirt pathways, a large main building with multiple medium-sized buildings all around with a baseball field on the right side of the campus.

“Alright, just as I did for Yuji, you’ll have to talk to the principal of Jujitsu high and hope he agrees to let you stay at jujitsu high, if not I'll have to figure something out” He turned to Sasuke who looked around, feeling strong cursed energy from the others around the school. “Sasuke, it’s best you stay out here until we’re done talking to the principal”

“Alright” The shinobi nodded walking away from the main building going for a walk around the school. Meanwhile Ryumi, Yuji, Megumi and Gojo made their way into the principal’s large office where he was working on his puppet as usual.

“Ryumi, this is Masamichi Yaga, the principal of Jujitsu tech”

“Hello sir, my name is Ryumi Sasura” He bowed before him. Masamichi looked up from his puppet crouched on the floor holding it in one hand. He had a beard wearing shades, a black suit and dark hair brushed upward.

“Hmph, you think you have what it takes to be a jujitsu sorcerer? I can sense something unique about you, a strange abnormality...though that isn’t enough to be accepted here. You should leave, I can already tell you’re not jujitsu tech material” The man looked at Ryumi with a cold stair even with his shades covering his eyes, he could feel the tension coming from him.

Normally Ryumi would wimp out but thought: (No, I'm not going to be the weak side character everyone's always protecting) “I...I want to protect people, I don’t want to be protected like some weakling...I will prove my worth and stop acting so useless, if I do have potential, then I will do what it takes to reach or even surpass it!” His black hair fell over his right hazel eye as he clinched his fist stepping forward.

The principal’s frown grew to a neutral expression as he picked up the same green puppet he had used against Itadori in his entrance exam. “You think you have what it takes to be a jujitsu sorcerer? Then let’s test your resolve” The small green puppet launched itself right at the boy, it had a small fat body with a dog-like face with shiny-black eyes.

The human put his arms up to defend himself when the target landed a blow right to his jaw knocking him off his feet, landing on his stomach. “If you can’t even defend against a mere puppet, what good can you do against a curse? Tell me...what good can you even be to the school?”

Thoughts of giving up and leaving raced through his mind, but he knew it would be pointless, where would he go? He wouldn’t survive long. “No, I won’t give in to your demoting talk, I used to hate the thought of fighting or doing anything I thought could be avoided, but now I now...I have to fight to survive and be of use to those around me!”

The puppet lunged right for him, throwing another punch when Ryumi caught the coming strike with both arms, throwing the puppet over his shoulder sending it hitting the wall before it bounced off the wall flying right back at him. The examinee crossed his arms to block as the creature struck his guard with such power, it sent him staggering across the room before hitting a pillar in the room before he fell onto his hands and knees.

“Damn it, I thought I had it! Whatever, let’s go you green blob, no matter how long it takes, I won’t fail this test!” The others watched silent as the puppet began propelling itself all around the room at fierce speed like a pinball until it launched itself right for Ryumi once more.

“No you don’t!” Clinching his fist the man threw a punch right for the coming projectile, striking it with all the strength he had. He looked to see the creature hit the ground instead of getting forced back. Instead of continuing, the creature walked back over to Masamichi standing behind him as the principal crossed his arms responding: “Your answer to this question will decide whether I accept you into jujutsu tech or not...are you willing to join this school even if it means you’ll die? You won’t be able to see your friend or family and could possibly die next month, is that really a life you want?”

“I have no family in this world and I understand the risk I'm taking, but I could die tomorrow even if I don’t join this school, we all die eventually, it’s how we spend our time alive that matter, so yes I'm willing to live such a life and become a jujitsu sorcerer to help my friends until the end”

The tall man turned his back to the examinee for a moment before responding: “Gojo...take Ryumi and Yuji to their dorm rooms and show the new student around”

“Really he got accepted!? That’s great!” Gojo cheered with a thumbs up and a smile. “Well than Sasura, let’s get you settled in” Th three of them made their way to the dorm rooms. It had a narrow hallway with a wooden floor and white walls.

“This will you be your room, be sure to rest up for our training session tomorrow”

“Yes sir Gojo” The masked sorcerer smiled before turning to Yuji. “You too Itadori, once he becomes stronger, he might be a good training partner for you”

“Alright Gojo, I can’t wait to see just how strong he can get!” Just than Nobara came out of her room marching over to them with an annoyed expression as Megumi went into his room to avoid the confrontation. “Gojo! Please don’t tell me you added another ignorent moron to our team I'll have to deal with. It’s bad enough we have to deal with Itadori but now this guy!?”

“Come on Nobara, you don’t have to be rude to every new person that comes to jujitsu high, now let’s do our best on our next mission!” The female sorcerer shook her head in frustration before stomping back to her room.

“Don’t worry about her she’ll warm up to you” Satoru assured him with a smile before walking away. Ryumi went into his dorm room that had a white wall and wooden floor with a large window on the opposite end of the room from the door with the bed beside it. Ryumi laid in bed before falling asleep...

As night fell, Sasuke stood on the roof of one of the school buildings when he noticed a strange flow of cursed energy that looked like dark-chakra flowing off in the distance like a mist. “What is this chakra!?” The ninja glided through the air, jumping from rooftops and trees towards the strong essence of energy.

He reached a long tunnel where the flow of cursed energy came from the long dark tunnel. “Hmph, this is probably a trap, should take precautions just in case” With a quick hand sign, Sasuke created a shadow clone and waited in a tree keeping watch as his shadow clone made it’s way into the tunnel.

Sasuke walked through the endless tunnel as lights lit up the tunnel when a sudden feeling of cursed energy rushed past the ninja. He looked behind himself to see the entrance to the tunnel had been sealed with a wall. “Just as I thought, escaping here would be easy, but I’d like to avoid having to use too much chakra if possible”

Venturing further down the paved road, he came to a stop standing motionless... “I know you’re there, come out before I force you out” That’s when a black shadow-like figure manifested from the ceiling of the tunnel, reforming into a buff, gray demon-like human. It had orange eyes, black pants, bare feet and a black scarf around it’s neck as it stood upside down looking at Sasuke.

“Impressive, you seem to be able to sense where I am even while I'm hidden, you may prove to be a worthy adversary, too bad I'll have to kill you here!” The curse manifested fireballs, launching them right for the shinobi.

“Childsplay” Charging up a chidori, Sasuke moved at fierce speed, dodging the coming projectiles as he was face to face with the cursed spirit. “Chidori!” Striking his target in the abdomen, Sasuke sent a fierce surge of lightning through it’s body, sending the curse staggering across the tunnel, impacting the wall blocking the exit of the tunnel as well.

“Hehe, your power is impressive, yet you don’t even seem to be a jujitsu sorcerer. As much as I'd like to know more about you, I'd rather finish things here as quickly as possible. “Domain expansion...cursed forest” A barrier covered the tunnel when Sasuke found himself in a forest with black trees, red sky and what looked like blood covering the ground.

“Is this some kind of genjitsu? Hmph, breaking out of this should be easy enough” Focusing the power of his rinnegan, the barrier shattered as their surroundings reverted back to normal. “Allow me to show you a real genjitsu...” Moving right up to his target, he activated his rinnegan as the cursed spirit was trapped within a genjitsu. The demonic creature realized he couldn’t move as he and Sasuke stood in an endless black void.

Walking up to the paralyzed target, he placed his hand upon their face, unleashing a fierce chidori head on as their body was filled with pain before the spirit found itself back to reality unharmed, but unsure if what just happened was real or not.

“Time to finish this” Advancing toward them, Sasuke placed his palm onto the pavement. “Chidori stream!” The entire tunnel filled with lightning, electrocuting the creature to the point it’s body was scorched as it hit the ground motionless. “Expected more from him, seems he wasn’t as strong as he thought” The walls blocking both ends collapsed as the shadow clone made it’s way back outside before vanishing. The real Sasuke headed back to jujitsu tech to watch over his comrades in caser another cursed spirt appeared...

The Next Day...

Ryumi awoke to sunlight shinning though his window as he stretched and got ready to go outside where Yuji and Gojo were waiting right outside his door. “Alright Ryumi, today you will be learning the basics of jujitsu: Cursed energy control or for your situation we’ll just call it energy”

The pair followed their sensei down the narrow hall out over to the baseball field while no one was using it. “Now then, I want to see if you can manifest any kind of energy at will. Go ahead and punch me as hard as you can”

“Are you sure Gojo?” The masked man nodded with a smirk with his hands behind his back. “Go on and try it!” he said in a joyful tone. Taking a deep breath, Sasura clinched his fist, striking his sensei with all he had as he shut his eyes at the moment of impact...He looked to see his fist hadn't even made contact with him, it stopped just short of him. (What!? What is this!?)

“By the look on your face, I can tell you forgot about my technique, it’s called “Infinity” Think of it like a gravitational force that repel anything that comes within a certain range and the closer it gets, the stronger the repelling force becomes. Hmph, I can feel great energy coming from you, but it seems you don’t know how to manifest it into an attack”

Just then Sasuke walked over to them. “Maybe I can help, if this “cursed energy” is just an alternate form of chakra, then I may be able to help teach you how to manifest it outside your body”

“Alright! Let’s see if this will work!” Satoru commented with a smile as he stepped back letting Sasuke teach Ryumi the art of chakra.

“Now...focus on the energy inside you...if you let thoughts cloud your mind, you’ll lock your chakra flow. You have to calm yourself, imagine a river flowing through your body until it finds it’s way out” The shinobi held out his hand as purple chakra manifested. Once you’ve learned to manifest it, you then learn to manipulate it into what is called a chakra nature” The purple aura abruptly surged into his chidori as lightning engulfed his palm before slowly fading.

“Alright I'll try...calm and focused” Ryumi closed his eyes taking a deep first nothing seem to happen, but right as he was about to give up, an aura of silver flame-like energy manifested around his hand before fading. “I-I almost had it!” Sasura cried out excitedly.

“Good, don’t let your frustration get the better of you or else you’ll lose focus and during a battle, it’s much harder to keep a clear head. Though I've been a skilled ninja, I won’t say I haven’t struggled with things in the past. Now, again”

Once more the young man focused once more, this time not only was his palm swarming with energy, but the outline of his entire body as a silver flame-like aura flowed around his body. “I-I feel it, this hidden power I never felt before” Ryumi was surprised by the tingle in his body as the superhuman power flowed through his body.

“Good, you managed to keep your power flowing through your body at a balanced rate, you may be talented if you keep this up. Now for the next step, you must learn how to manipulate your very chakra into a chakra nature such as lighting. For this you must picture the chakra building up in your grasp, the surge of power condensing in your hand until it can’t be contained any longer then release it in one final attack”

Focusing his energy into his palm, feeling the power condense and build up, the others watched as sparks began to manifest until his entire palm was engulfed with immense lightning. His hand shook from being unused to so much power in such a compressed form. “It-it’s too much!” grabbing his wrist with his other hand, he forced his hand into the air, unleashing a fierce chidori into the sky, lighting up the entire area for a few moments before fading.

“Wow, that was some power” Yuji commented in surprise as Ryumi grew off balance before catching himself before he fell. “What happened Sasuke?”

“You weren’t able to keep your chakra stable and the chidori grew out of control. But you did rather well for your first try. Now let’s try something a little simpler but still require a good amount of chakra control. You’re going to use your energy to enhance your speed, attack power and defensive power. First step is to let your power flow through you once more and keep it flowing”

Ryumi nodded once more manifesting his silver aura and waited for his next step. “Next you’re going to have to keep your chakra at that level while defending yourself against one of us. I think your name was Yuji correct?”

“Yes sir!”

“I want you to fight him, hold back at first then slowly ramp it up” Yuji nodded with a smile and approached the novice sorcerer who took slow and calm breaths in a pattern to keep his power flowing consistently all throughout his body.

“Ge ready Ryumi!” Itadori threw a punch straight for the sorcerer when Sasura threw his arm up in a blocking position as the coming strike struck his wrist with super-human strength. Ryumi’s aura grew weaker for a momen before stabilizing once more.

“Good, you defended yourself while keeping your chakra flowing evenly. Yuji, pick up the pace” The boy smirked throwing a punch to the ground causing the entire baseball field to shake. Sasura jumped back with all his strength trying to get distance from Itadori when he realized he had launched himself far higher than any human could jump because of all the energy he had surging through him.

Fear washed over him since he was scared of heights, but clinched his fists trying to stay calm as he landed on the roof of one of the school buildings. (Whoa, so controlling my power also lets me jump far distances as well!? Though I've always been scared of heights so it might take some time to use this to my advantage)

“Come on Ryumi, you aren’t stuck are you?” Gojo joked calling out. The novice sorcerer sighed jumping down from the roof and facing the direction of the field. Once more taking a deep breath, he let the power build up before dashing forward, he felt himself moving at super-human speed, throwing a punch right for Itadori who could easily keep track of his new level of speed. The other’s watched as Sukuna’s vessel dodged the coming attack, grabbing his combatant’s collar with one hand before pulling him back, throwing him against the large fence around the field.

The man hit the gate before slowly getting up. “Damn it, even after pulling off such a fast movement he countered it as if I were moving at a mere human level”

“Don’t give up, you’re improving at a great rate” Gojo responded. Ryumi stood up a little out of breath from being unused to this much focus and strain on his body.

(Alright, I have one last idea that could work against him, but I may regret trying this...) Focusing all the energy around him, he began condensing it all around him, forcing more energy around him as his aura grew more vibrant. At that moment, lightning began to surge around his entire body instead of just his hand. Ryumi began to breath more heavily from the strain on his body before preparing to attack.

“Chidori!” Moving multiple times faster right for Yuji, he threw a punch right for his target who managed to catch it with a powerful shockwave before the area lit up in a dome of lightning as Sasura unleashed every ounce of power he had before finally running out of power.

Yuji was covered in burns with scorch marks all over the field while Ryumi hit the ground out-cold from using so much power at once...

Sasuke walked over to the out-cold man and placed his hand on his back as he transferred some of his chakra to his ally. “That should help, he may be out for a few hours, I'll take him back to his dorm room and be back in a moment.

“Sounds good Sasuke!” Yuji responded as the Uchiha carried his comrade back to his room setting him in bed before quickly returning to the pair.

“Alright Sasuke, we have some time left, why don’t we go around? I’d like to see just how strong you are”

“I’m not so sure about that, I could easily destroy the campus if I'm not careful”

“Alright then let’s go up in the mountains away from the city to fight”

“Fine, but don’t expect this to be an easy fight”

“Alright, just let me confirm something with the school before we leave” Satoru exclaimed walking over to Masamichi’s office while Sasuke and Yuji waited outside.

“Sasuke, I'm curious, just how strong are you?”

“I consider myself pretty strong but not sure in comparison to Gojo but I'm sure I can handle him” A few minutes later the masked man came back with his hands in his pockets and a smirk on his face. “Alright let’s go” The pair took off while Yuji sat outside Ryumi’s room waiting for him to regain consciousness. “Ugh this is so boring, we should be fighting curses right now” Sukuna groaned appearing on Yuji’s cheek.

Up In The Mountains...

Sasuke and Gojo stood at the top of a large mountain with a massive arena like surface at the top as they stood about 20 feet away from one another.

“Are you ready Sasuke?”

“Sure, let’s get this over with” Gojo gave a grin before Sasuke charged his combatant. “Shadow clone jitsu” Creating two clones they charged Gojo while the real one charged up a chidori.

“Hehe, looks like this battle is already getting good” The shadow clones used quick taijitsu in order to distract their target while the Uchiha charged up his attack, meanwhile Satoru easily dodged and deflected each attack that came his way.

(Hmph, seems he’s rather skilled in taijitsu, I may as well focus on ninjitsu if I want to gain the upper-hand) With his technique finally ready, he advanced right up to his target at fierce speed. “Chidori!” The shinobi unleashed an immense attack as lightning filled the area before fading. “That should've done some damage”

As the smoke cleared, he realized Gojo was gone. “That was a nice move, you should teach me some time, too bad it’s not enough” Sasuke’s eye’s widened in shock before he looked behind him to see Gojo standing over his shoulder. The shinobi pulled out his sword moving his blade right for gojo’s throat when it was stopped by his infinity. “Hehe this is fun and I'm getting to see new tricks from you”

Sasuke jumped back getting distance as he raised his hand into the sky with lightning building up. “I’ll show you...the thunder clap” Sending his lightning into the sky, it formed into a dragon made of pure lightning as it looked at Gojo. “Come!” The dragon moved at instantons speed, striking Gojo head on, the entire sky filling with blinding light as it vanished.

The jujitsu sorcerer still stood in the same spot unaffected by the fierce attack. “Haha! That was great! Too bad you couldn’t seem to make it past my infinity! Now it’s my turn to show you one of my trump cards” Putting his hands together he prepared his strongest technique. “Curse technique amplification: Blue, curse technique reversal: red” His target watched as a red sphere appeared on his left and a blue sphere on his right.

He watched as the two were pulled together, forming a purple sphere of immense power. “Hollow...purple. Purple electricity swarmed around him as he aimed the powerful sphere of cursed energy right for his target. The ninja could feel the entire mountain shaking from the power as he prepared to launch it.

Sasuke leapt into the air as Satoru fired the sphere of immense energy right for him. Using his reinnagan, he switched places with Gojo as his own attack was headed right for him. “Nice trick” The masked man stopped his attack with one hand before launching back towards Sasuke.

“Damn it!” Purple flames swarmed around the shinobi as he manifested the upper-half of the Susanoo blocking with the large blade as hollow purple connected with his blade, causing a fierce explosion utterly destroying the mountain in a blinding ray of purple light.

Gojo floated in the air looking down at Sasuke who managed to defend himself from the fierce attack with only his Susanoo cracked. “Impressive, no one’s ever managed to survive hollow purple before. Well let’s end it here for now, Masamichi gave us a mission to check out some shrine in the forest just outside of Tokyo. Let’s gather the others and head over there”

Deactivating the Susanoo, they made their way back to jujitsu tech to get Yuji and the other 1st years. Nobara, Megumi, Yuji and Ryumi who just then regained consciousness.

“Make sure not to push yourself too far Ryumi, we don’t need you to passing out on us again” Sasuke commented following behind the group. Nobara groaned responding: “Just don’t get in my way, bad enough I have to baby Yuji”

“Hey I've saved your ungrateful ass, how about a little respect!” Itadori shouted back. Megumi sighed, “Will you two stop acting like children and actually take this seriously?” They followed a long dirt path that soon led into the forest. They kept their guard up walking through the forest while Sasuke moved through the forest, gliding through the sky swiftly from each tree.

(Hmm, there doesn’t seem to be any sign of any demons or unusual creatures...but at the same time, there also isn’t any wild life either which is unusual for a forest this plentiful with plants and trees) He returned to the group telling them he couldn’t find anything when Gojo smiled. “Chances are our target won’t appear until nightfall, so we’ll just have to wait here until than”

“Come on! You seriously don’t expect me to stand around in the forest for hours when I could be at the mall!?” Nobara shouted in anger before stomping her foot against a large oak tree. She looked at Megumi who sat in the shade under a tree reading a small black book while Gojo sat against a tree.

“You’re fine to leave if you want, but who knows if Masamichi would find out about you slacking in your duties as a jujitsu sorcerer” He gave her a grin as she grew annoyed giving a pouty face. “You wouldn’t dare tell on me!”

“Hey I am your teacher after all, I can’t hide everything from him, as much as I'd want to, that man isn’t easy to fool”

“Well, what are we going to eat? I realized since this morning we started training without eating anything!” Yuji complained as his stomach groaned.

“Oh, I know just the thing!” Gojo took off at immense speed and returned in only a minute holding a to-go back from a fancy place. “Here we are, I got us all tempura, great fried shrimp which one of the many kinds of food Tokyo is known for”

Yuji and Nobara tried the battered shrimp as their eyes lit up with excitement. “Wow this tastes so good Gojo!” They said simultaneously.

“I knew you’d like it!” Sasuke tried his and was surprised how good it was. “I’ll have to agree, it does have a unique taste about it” Ryumi was the last to try it who nodded in agreement of all good it tasted. “You’re right, I haven’t had something like this before”

A Few Hours Later...

The sun began to go down as it grew dark within the large forest as a cold breeze moved through the area. All they could hear was the rustling of trees. “Alright, if there’s a demon nearby, they should appear somewhere around here, I can sense a faint essence of cursed energy, but it’s too faint to pinpoint” Gojo commented looking around. “Normally I can see the flow of cursed energy, but the flow of cursed energy seems to be all over this forest without a distinct source”

Sasuke used his rinnegan to try to find the demon when white threads began to wrap around the group forest until the group was trapped withing a cage-like dome of threads. The group looked around them to see the threes blocking them in.

“Well looks like we found our demon” Megumi commented in a serious tone. That’s when a demon with pale skin wearing white stepped into view. “I can sense one of you has quite amount of demon energy inside them, I suggest you hand them over unless you want to be shredded to pieces”

Yuji prepared his black flash when Gojo stepped in front of him stopping him. “Hold on Yuji, I want to see Sasuke and Ryumi take care of him”

“Are you sure? I’m still not fully in control of my power flow completely yet”

“Don’t worry Ryumi, this demon won’t be too much of a problem” Sasuke responded stepping towards the wall of thread trapping them in. Pulling his sword out he attempted to sever the thread but was unaffected. “Hmph, fine seems I'll have to put some real effort into it” Snapping his eye open he activated amaterasu at the thread, causing the entire threads to burn away completely until none remained. “As I thought, your threads are weak to flames”

“Tsk, fine, I guess you won’t hand the boy over willingly!” Throwing his hand out the spider demon fired threads past the ninja before he could use his ability once more. The threads went right for Yuji and Gojo when they struck the infinity blocking them.

“You’ll have to put more effort into it if you want to get to Yuji” Satoru smirked guarding his student. Meanwhile Ryumi conjured up a chidori once, the fierce power flowing in his palm as the forest shook. (I’m not going to fail this time!) Advancing right for his target he threw his palm out in front of him. “Chidori!” Rui the demon turned his attention on the coming foe, shotting a barrage of threads towards him.

Sevreal threads pierced through the man’s body as blood gushed out of each wound right before he struck Rui in the abdomen with fierce power lighting up the forest. Severe pain rushed through Ryumi’s body as he looked at his opponent who seemed unaffected by the attack.

“Your power is admirable, but not much of a thread” Rui wrapped threads around Sasura binding him in the air with threads wrapped around his body like rope. “Seem you’ll be the 1st to die” As he prepared to tighten the threads, Ryumi was gone and in his pace was Sasuke as he activated a genjitsu, trapping the demon within a mental prison.

Freeing himself with amatarasu, he pulled out his blade, decapitating Rui before sliding the blade bck to it’s side. “There, seems we managed to beat the demon with minor injuries” Ryumi sat against a tree, his body bleeding from the thread’s sharp pierces. Sasuke walked over to the group and placed his hand on Sasura giving him some chakra. “There, that should at least numb the pain for now”

“Well so much for fighting, you let them do all the fun part Gojo!” Yuji and Nabara shouted annoyed. Megumi with a sigh noted: “Look our mission’s done and we did it rather fast, now stop complaining and let’s head back, as much as I like getting time to read outside, I'd much rather be in my room alone”

They headed back to jujitsu high when they began to feel really tired, it was as if their strength were being drained from them as they all collapsed in their rooms while Gojo and Sasuke passed out jujitsu outside in the hallway sleeping against the wall...

Ryumi snapped his eyes open to find himself inside a white void filled with nothing. What is this? Where am I?” He looked around only to see a demon standing off in the distance, he had short black hair with red highlights wearing a black suit with blue eyes.

“Don’t be afraid name is Enmu, I've come to make the pain go away, I sense you’re tired of feeling weak, that you can’t protect yourself therefore you can’t protect others as well. Hehe, allow me to end your life so you don’t feel these sad emotions any longer” The demon began to walk towards him as a small sphere of silver light formed behind Sasura.

“What is this?” The jujitsu sorcerer looked at it then the coming demon. “Whatever that is, if a demon wants it, then I can't let them near it!”

Meanwhile in Yuji’s dream...

Yuji walked down a street sidewalk talking to Junpei. “So how are you liking it at Jujitsu high?” Junpei smiled responding: “It’s great, I’ve met some really great people since I came here”

Just before Itadori could continue, Sukuna manifested in front of them. “Look brat, as much as I don’t care whether you die or not, you must be a really idiot not to realize what’s going on”

“What do you mean? And how are you in physical form!? Can’t you only become a mouth!?”

“Ugh! You really are a dumbass! You’re inside a dream that I'm assuming a demon put us in and I'm trying to get you out! Now wake up already!”

“Wait what do you mean a dream? I’ve been hanging out with Junpe-” Just then he realized it...


“Sukuna! Heal him like you did my heart!”

“I refuse!”

End Of Flashback

“I’re not Junpei...he died a long time ago! Sukuna was right, this is a dream! B-but how am I supposed to escape!?”

“Isn’t an obviously brat? You have to kill yourself in the dream to wake up”

Back In Ryumi’s Dream…

The jujitsu sorcerer tried to conjure a chidori and attack but couldn’t seem to keep it stable as each one weakened until it faded completely. “Damn it, I thought I mastered my energy control by now!”

“Don’t worry, it’s not you, it’s just your limited power in the dream world. Since you’re asleep, you don’t have access to your full power…you may as well let me kill you now, I’ll try to make it painless”

“Wait…I’m…asleep?” Clinching his fist he took in a deep breath focusing every ounce of power he had within his subconscious, striking himself in the ribs with Immense force before his power could weaken. Blood gushed from his wound as he collapsed in the void before waking up to see Enmu standing before him.

“Y-you’re awake!?” He aimed his wrist towards the human as the mouth cried out: “Sleep!” Ryumi fell back asleep for a moment before killing himself in his dream again before Charging up a chidori once more. “Enough of your mind games!” Sasura moved right up to his assailant. “Take this!” Ryumi fired his attack right for Enmu who split his body into a pile of flesh dodging the coming ray of lightning.

(Damn…I don’t know how many more of these I can do and it’s the only technique I know!) The pile of flesh began to move attempting to escape when Ryumi had an idea. He balanced his power, launching himself into the air while charging a chidori with every ounce of power he had left not conserving any energy. As he came down with a fierce chidori, he struck the ground, sending a piercing strike of lightning across the campus hitting the demon head on.

Enmu let out cries of agony as the demon was stunned by the attack. Sasura was beginning to get dizzy as his vision swayed left to right. Just then Yuji came running out of the dorm room leaping into the air with cursed energy swarming around his fist. He struck the flesh as it was utterly destroyed by the fierce power of the jujitsu sorcerer’s power

“T-there, we managed to defeat it. Hopefully that’s the last one” Meanwhile One of the 12 demon moons upper moons watched from behind a tree before disappearing into the forest…

Chapter 3 Learning Greater Power

After a few days of rest, Ryumi continued his training with Gojo and Sasuke. “To think a demon trapped me in a dream and I had no idea, I had a feeling something was off but something kept making me feel as though everything was fine” Sasuke commented with an annoyed expression.

“Luckily me and Ryumi managed to escape and kill the demon before something bad happened” Yuji assured with a smile. Sasuke turned to Sasura and responded: “Well now that the demon issue is resolved for the time being, let us continue your training, chidori alone won’t always win your battles and I’m sure you want to learn new jitsu anyway. For this technique you’ll need to use hand signs at first, once you master it you shouldn’t have to use hand seals”

Sasuke slowly did each hand seal before putting his index and middle finger close to his lips. “Fire style: Fireball jitsu!” The others watched as the shinobi released a large sphere of flames into the sky before it blew up high in the sky. “Now it’s your turn, make sure you do the seals correctly or it won’t work”

“I’ll do my best” Ryumi tried to copy each seal but hesitating at the end before attempting to use fireball jitsu...nothing happened. “Darn it!”

“Don’t worry, you're not used to hand signs and it can get frustrating at first, but after you do it for a few weeks I'm sure it’ll be 2nd nature to you. Just try again and focus closely at your hand movements”

The man nodded carefully using each seal then tried once more. “Fire style: fireball jitsu!” With a fierce breath of fire, Ryumi released a blaze of flames like a dragon but no sphere manifested.

“Well you were close, you might need to condense your chakra more to form the fire ball, but you’re learning fast at least”

“Oh, how cute, Sasuke Uchiha is teaching someone how to actually use ninjitsu, maybe taking him with me will get your attention” The other jujitsu sorcerers came running out as all of them looked up to see a pale man wearing a white cloak with silver eyes and horns.

“Is that another demon like that spider one who we fought earlier!?” Nobara asked as she pulled out a hammer and nails while Megumi summoned his demon dogs.

“No...this is worse, that’s Momoshiki Otsutsuki. He's part of the Ōtsutsuki clan where I'm from and is a very powerful foe!” Sasuke told them pulling out his sword. Before anyone could react, Sasura was pulled to Momoshki as he grabbed the man by the throat as a karma seal formed on the sorcerer's body before fading as a massive red rift opened behind him. “Hurry Sasuke, or your apprentice here will be dead soon. Oh and just so you other fools don’t follow us”

The alien aimed his free hand towards them as a small red rift manifested in front of them as Akaza, a demon with red hair, orange eyes and black lines on his face stepped out from the rift before Momoshiki entered his large rift with Gojo and Sasuke jumping in after him.

Meanwhile Akuza stood before the 1st year jujitsu sorcerers. “Who will fight me first? I hate weaklings, they make me sick, so either let me kill you 1st or we can start the real fight early”

Yuji switched with Sukuna as he motioned Megumi and Nobara to stay back as the two warriors faced each other in the middle of the campus. Akuza grew interested in Sukuna as he ripped his shirt off reveling the rest of his black markings.

“Hehe, I haven’t fought a fellow demon before, the flame Hashira Rengoku was a worthy opponent, you may be the only opponent to fill the void he left”

“Don’t act as though you’re my equal demon, though we may both be demons, you should know your place...under my heel” Auza grinned with excitement, advancing right for Sukuna, the demon unleashed a barrage of melee strikes right for the king of curses who managed to deflect or dodge each blow that came his way.

“Not bad demon, I’d say you’re definitely a special grade level” Just then the curse threw his fist forward, striking Akuza in the abdomen, sending him staggering back as he smashed through the large fence into the baseball field.

“Hehe, more” The 3rd rank demon rejoiced in excitement. Just then he looked up to see Sukuna floating over the field as he manifested flames between his two hands like a sling shot, firing the attack right for his assailant as the entire field was set ablaze in a wall of flames. Nobara and Megumi watched in surprise at Sukuna’s immense power.


Sasuke and Gojo landed in a large dessert where Momoshiki smirked looking down at them still holding Ryumi within his grasp. “You’ve severed your purpose, I have no further use for a mere human” The alien released his grasp of Ryumi who fell from high in the air towards the ocean of sand below.

The pair took off towards Ryumi as Gojo leaped into the air catching the weakened sorcerer while Sasuke charged up an onyx chidori, advancing right for his assailant who absorbed his ninjitsu with the red rennigan on his right palm before releasing a far stronger chidori right back at the ninja. Satoru set Ryumi against a bolder as he laid there out cold from Momoshki’s ability.

Gojo looked to see Sasuke get sent back in a fierce strike of red lightning as he impacted a large rock. “Hmph, this could prove to be a problem, first that Aizen guy now this...I might need to take this seriously for once” He took off his mask flying towards Momoshki before stopping a few feet from him. “Doman expansion...infinite void”

A barrier of white light formed around them as light rushed past the Otsutsuki who didn’t seem effected by the technique. In an instant, the alien moved tight up to Satoru striking him in the abdomen knocking the air out of him as he spat out blood and was launched back with his domain expansion shattering.

“You poor fool, such tricks don’t work on a god such as myself. Now lay there and die you filthy mortal” Raising his hand up, Momoshki formed a sphere of immense red chakra before tossing it in Gojo’s location. That’s when Sasuke burst out of the rubble and reached Gojo in time, forming the susanoo just in time. Manifesting a sword made of his susanoo energy, he stopped the coming sphere with his massive katana as the attack slowed down but still pushing it’s way down towards them like a meteor.

“Rrrragh!” Managing to pierce through the sphere of immense chakra the projectile split in to before erupting in a fierce explosion. “Gojo, I have an idea, use that attack you used when fighting me, since your attack isn’t purely chakra, he won’t be able to absorb it, I'll lend you my chakra to boost it’s power even further. I’ll buy you time to use it” Creating a shadow clone, Sasuke kept Gojo in the susanoo with the clone while the real Sasuke went in to fight head on.

The shinobi moved as fast as he could, unleashing a barrage of taijitsu strikes against the Otsutsuki. The assailant keeping up with him with ease before sending a fierce force of power right at the Uchiha, sending him soaring through the air before Sasuke hit a rock with his feet before launching himself back towards his target.

Meanwhile Gojo was almost done with his attack as both spheres of cursed energy slowly drifted together before becoming hollow purple. “Now to boost it’s power!” The shadow clone placed his hand on his ally’s shoulder giving him all the chakra it had before vanishing as hollow purple became far stronger than before as Sasuke deactivated the susanoo.

Gojo unleashed the attack right for Momoshiki as it soared right for him with surging spiritual energy and chakra as the alien tried to absorb the coming projectile. With the attack infused with cursed energy, the tyrant was unable to absorb it like a ninjitsu, causing him to stop it with his bare hand. The moment it made contact, it erupted in a fierce surge of purple energy and lightning filling the area with blinding light.

The pair landed by Ryumi and looked to see Momoshki covered in bruises but quickly healing. “Hmph, I thought dealing with you brats would be easy, but seems I was wrong, no matter, I have a better idea” Aiming his palm towards the warriors, rifts opened behind them pulling them inside sending them to different parts of the new world…

With a smirk the alien left through a rift before it closed.

Back at jujitsu tech...

Akuza slowly got up from the flames quickly healing before moving right up to Sukuna. The king of curses dodged the coming demon, before summoning the malevolent shrine. Akuza found himself pinned to the shrine as he was split into several pieces into only a pile of pieces were left. “Too bad, I thought he could regenerate from being sliced to dozens of tiny pieces”

End Of Jujitsu sorcerer Arc...

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