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This is a short story about a girl and a killer rose called the devils rose, the rose feeds on blood and people. She finds a way to stop the roses and finally lives in peace.

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A change in the wind

As the wind blew up dust from the old hotel front I sighed, dreading the next time that I would see a rose try to eat me whole. I looked out of the window and there directly in front of me was a rose, as red as blood and as destructive as a bomb. My heart skipped a beat and the wind had a bitter taste on it when I ventured out side, it smelled like .................... Death.

I ran outside a long way from that dusty old hotel but when I got back to the hotel the rose was still there leaning toward me as if in search of its next meal. So this time when I ran from the hotel I didn't come back.

I ran as long and as fast I could, the happiness drained out of me. the only thought in my mind was how to get as far away from that rose as possible, it may not work but I want to live to see tomorrow. That rose creates carnage wherever it goes.

The only thing that saved me was my fear of that devil's rose, the only smells that rose brings is salty and deathly. I didn't even think it was still alive, I thought that it had died after I pulled it out of the ground and stepped on it. Guess it didn't die I don't know how that happened though, but that rose is mysterious.

The rose began growing in every spot it could find, it grew in concrete, the sea, in buildings. It just wouldn't give it up, it must want revenge because of what I did to it. I just don't understand how it's multiplying, unless it's not the same rose! Oh. I bet that there was already more then one rose, there's probably a book about it in the library.

In the library I saw a book with a large red rose on it. It read :the book of the devils rose: reading the book I realized that the rose can only be defeted by a heaven's Lilly. Unfortunately they can only be found in the most remote places on earth. Like this library, I looked around and saw a Lilly with golden colors. A heaven's Lilly, was directly in front of me I picked it carfully and found a devils rose.

Well if this doesn't work then I will most likely die, if this does work then I'll live and I'll know how to stop these roses. A rose popped up out of the blue directly behind me, there were two roses now. There was a rose in front of me and a rose behind me.

The only choice I had now was to use the hevean's lilly on the roses, so I grabbed the lilly and wished for the roses to be defeated. I couldn't believe my eyes it worked, the roses were gone! So this time I went in for the big wish, I wished far all the roses to be defeated. Now all the roses are gone!

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SS Sandy Santora
What a unique concept, killer roses. The arthur does a wonderful job of painting the picture that is in her mind. I loved it.
January 08, 2022, 00:11

  • Horror writer Horror writer
    Thank you for your kind feedback it is appreciated. January 08, 2022, 13:16
Horror writer Horror writer
This story may sound a bit weird but it’s one of my first stories on here
January 08, 2022, 00:01