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Chronicles of the Droid Festival, the lunar adventures of the rover robotess, the adventures of Princess Jillu and Barsenty the kitten - for little readers and their parents )) As you cultivate endless talent and hard work, be the best version of yourself. It is valuable Хроники фестиваля Дроидов, лунные приключения роботессы-лунохода, приключения принцессы Джиллу и котенка Барсентия - для маленьких читателей и их родителей Развивая бесконечные талант и трудолюбие, будьте лучшей версией себя. Это ценно С любовью и наилучшими пожеланиями - Лапина Маргарита With love and best wishes - Lapina Margarita

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Barsenty and Planets

Sometimes a favorite fairy tale is charming and flawless, it is like little big sparks, and keeps in itself, my clever reader, all shades of magic and fabulous mood.

Hello dear parents and my little readers! On the pages of this book, we will rejoice, make trips to the Moon, Mars with the help of the neurosphere, moving to other worlds, planets and constellations. We will talk, grow up and watch the kitten Barsyusha, who will then turn into a Great warrior and a Mighty king - ruler of the lands of Barsentiya

In many stories and funny stories you will meet amazing people - star pilots, spacemen and navigators. This fairy tale will enrich you with wonderful events and bright discoveries.

Go ahead, my dear readers! Be creative, be positive!!

Planets Constellations Consonances

Mercury Five


Earth five


Giant planets





Baby Planets

Pluto Five





The neurosphere is magical and alive. It can predict which planet or constellation we will fly to today

Guess which planet we're going to fly to today?

It is quite simple to do this

Space Mystery

Dear friend, think of a number

Ask Mom and Dad to multiply this number by 2

Add 8 to the result

Divide what happened into 2

Subtract the number you have planned.

Chronicles of the Droid Music Festival

Location: Constellation of Consonance, Marsopolis

Day 1

Thursday, approximately five-thirty in the morning.

If moonwalkers could talk, then people would hear a lot of interesting things about themselves.

Wizard Willie has just left the moon and landed in Marsopolis.

Ladies and gentlemen! We are starting this most important duel for the title of the best talking Robonix of our planet.

- Oh, you stepped on my foot, big guy - our mother-queen sang smilingly.

- You and your smile are infinitely dazzling! My love, you are graceful as an angel from heaven, charming as a gift from the planets, and flawless.

Every morning, in such an unusual way, Daddy Jay woke us up, and sleepy, sent us to exercise and regular jogging around our shelter-a spaceship.

Our morning meditation allowed us to bring the body and soul into a harmonious state.

We climb into the comfortable spars and tune in to the neurodrawing.

Drawing a cartoon is a painstaking and creative process, requires a clear perception and attentiveness, so you need to divide the task into small temporary pieces - we call them smarticuses.

The main action of the cartoon is in the Malachite Hall of the Hermitage.

When it was created, malachite and lapis lazuli blocks weighing more than two tons were processed by master stone carvers, and turned into powerful columns and pilasters, which, like the gods of Roman mythology, support the stucco cornice of the gilded ceiling.

I'm dropping the neurointerface from my head - it's time for fly surfing classes - my instructor is unhappy when the group is slow to start classes

One hundred and twenty-four. It is so many steps and sniffs with pink noses that separates heroic children and their cute kitten Lunissa from conquering new lands.

There is a wonderful, cool and lucky superhero family on board the spaceship

Who are they, these brave residents of Marsopolis, young friends of Daddy Jay?

They are united by a love of adventure and travel