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Gods don't play dice with the universe, they play an ineffable game of their own creation that could be compared, from any other player's point of view, to being involved in an obscure and complex version of poker in a completely dark room with cards. white, for infinite bets, with a croupier who doesn't say what the rules are and who smiles all the time. And acting in mysterious ways, at a certain point in life, soulmates arose. Scientists called it the "Eclipse".

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A croupier who just smiles

The world was normal and monotonous, but the Gods act in ways that are extremely mysterious, not to mention devious.

Gods don't play dice with the universe, they play an ineffable game of their own creation that could be compared, from any other player's point of view, to being involved in an obscure and complex version of poker in a completely dark room with cards white, for infinite bets, with a croupier who doesn't say what the rules are and who smiles all the time.

And acting in a mysterious way, at a certain point in life, soulmates arose.

But it wasn't shown by a red thread, nor by pretty white flowers with tiny shades of red coming out of a cough. It was by touch.

Scientists called it the "Eclipse".

The name did it justice, souls are born with a birthmark, one with the moon and the other with the sun. According to them, the first touch of the hands seemed to ignite and mark the soul, thus intertwining themselves forever. But the Sun did not always belong to just one Moon, there were cases of more than one soul mate, however, the most common is only one Eclipse, not several.

Bakugo Katsuki was conceived on the side of the moon.

When he was younger, around 10 years old, he remembered his parents every happy day, they were soulmates, his mother was also a Moon but acted like the Sun, and his father acted also opposite to its light, he was a Sol, but acted like Moon. There was not a day of sadness in that house, songs were heard and dances pasted in the middle of the room were always seen. But one day, Katsuki's father died, and one thing science hasn't explained is that when one of the souls dies, a part of the other's soul dies with it, and if the person is conceived of the Moon, their pain is double because the moon just shines with the sun. The boy saw his mother sadder every day and it seemed that all his actions were automatic, no more and no less, just something the brain did daily and was just doing what it was told to do.

From that day on, Bakugo promised not to find his soul mate, and since that only worked with a touch of his hands, he started wearing thick gloves. 14 years have passed without the touch of others, his personality was considered horrible from the people's point of view, in short, it still is. He lives with a hot head, screaming, without a single ounce of empathy, name-calling and other things besides. The only person who had the courage to stand close to the furious blonde figure was a green-haired childhood friend. Midoriya Izuku is someone who dreams of finding his soul mate, but also imagines falling in love with someone without cosmic factors. Even though he sighed in every corner about how happy soulmates are together and how falling in love with his better half was amazing, the greenish didn't know what happened to Bakugo to hate Eclipse so much and now he had to deal with the fury of your friend in the middle of a jumble of boxes.

"Kacchan…I know you don't like Eclipse, but could you at least…try to understand?"

"Got what the hell? That shit doesn't do anything” Katsuki cut the duct tape angrily and threw it somewhere in the room “Soul Mate? Love? This sucks and only makes you weak.”

"Forget it… Are you finally moving to the U.A?"

“No, I'm arranging the boxes because I like it” sighed the blonde, rolling his eyes “It's so fucking obvious.”

"Who is your roommate? They say it looks like a small apartment.”

“I don't fucking know, look at the paper, I don't have the fucking patience.”

"Kirishima Eijiro?" Midoriya took the paper that was on the study table and looked curiously at the name “That name is familiar... I think we worked together... I don't know... what subject does he study? ...or what college does he go to?”

“Fuck, go whisper that shit somewhere else.”

Time passed and all the boxes were closed in time for the moving truck to arrive, even though there were few things to take and he didn't live forever in the college dorm, Bakugo felt the need to do something, taking the necessary steps, taking Take care of your collection of books and comics from your favorite superhero, All Might.

All Might didn't have a soul mate and this made Katsuki more comfortable reading the comics, he didn't want to remember or even think about the Sun Moon effect. All he wanted was to forget that she existed and that the moon mark on her wrist was just her imagination playing a trick. The boy sighed tiredly looking at the car window.

“Maybe it's time to learn to drive,” he thought when he finally saw the blue college building a few feet away. He duly paid the driver and left without saying a "thank you" or even a "have a nice day". He searched the blue college buildings until he found the building in a different color, specifically brown.

Katsuki took the folded piece of paper, he needed to see his dorm number and the bonus, he had to see his roommate's mark, he was hating because he lived in a society where soul mates are common, all roles they saw as the kind of star that was conceived and, to their misfortune, their roommate was a sun.

"I need to keep him from touching me as much as possible... Damn Suns, why is there such crap?" The blonde thought angrily and put the paper in his pocket this time without bending, leaving it all crumpled.

Walking through the halls seemed to make Bakugo angrier, there were some people who were in a more romantic mood, not to mention the low level, as it was obvious that silly hands passed between kisses. For love, it's not 10 in the morning, if I wanted to see bitching, I'd go to a fucking whorehouse.

Finally reaching the door of his new house, he rubbed the back of his neck trying to relax, but when he opened the door he saw the sunbeam of his roommate carrying the boxes from the living room to the bedroom.

"Oh! You've arrived” the redhead placed the box in his hands in another and then walked towards Katsuki extending his hand “You must be Bakugo, my new roommate, pleasure.”

The first thing the blonde saw was the Sun-shaped mark on his wrist, he was holding out his hand from the Sun and Moon.

“Sorry, it's common for me to extend this hand, you know? Hope is the last that dies when it comes to love…”

"Shut up," interrupted Katsuki. "I don't need your help carrying these shitty boxes."

"I'm just trying to help." Kirishima was about to put a hand on the other's shoulder when he received a small slap from his gloved hand.

“Don't fucking touch me.”

Eijiro looked surprised, wanted to make a good impression on his roommate by being friendly and cheerful as he always did, respectfully of course, but backed away with the feeling that he shouldn't do anything else and gave the annoyed figure room to walk to his room.

"Suns, even with high stability can lose it in seconds" Bakugo thought and sighed deeply, he would regret his choice, but life is made of wrong choices.

“Shit…you can help BUT don't touch me.

A big smile appeared on the fake redhead, encouraging herself to pick up the 2 boxes that were on the floor, hoping the other one would do the same. It didn't take long to get all the boxes into Katsuki's new room. Kirishima was a wall that carried more boxes than its owner, obviously they were muscular and well carved, but when it came to comparing the two roommates, Bakugo lags behind in height and physical shape.

The silence between the two was enormous and only the noise of the stiletto opening the boxes could be heard, Eijiro wanted to start a conversation but it was good, the blonde had let him help tidy the room, it was strange that he had to leave the object in a corner instead of Bakugo's own hands.

"So… what's your brand?"


"Your brand," Kirishima pointed to her gloved left hand. "Sun or Moon?"

"Why does it matter?”

“It's just curiosity …”

“Look here the fuck I'm not going to talk and since you brought it up I'll put some rules in this shit” Katsuki stuck the stylus in the cardboard box making Eijiro freak “First rule, don't talk about it soul mate shit in my ear, second rule Fuck my fucking brand stays in your corner shit hair, third rule, DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH ME, fourth rule don't you dare come in here without my fucking permission and fifth rule we share the fucking chores in this dorm. You understood me?”

The red-haired boy didn't say anything, just nodded, he was really scared and that was his cue to leave the other's room. Kirishima needed to talk to someone without being interrupted, so he texted his best friend, who quickly replied that he was in the cafeteria. Eijiro quickly left for the college cafeteria.

At the entrance of the cafeteria, there were already many students eating on automatic, it was then that the redhead saw a known pink hair and walked to the table soon sitting down.

“Kiri knew that Midnight said she had no soul mate and that she is part of the 10% that are stars, I love this woman” Mina said excitedly looking at her cell phone but when she looked at her friend her smile disappeared “What happened?”

"I think my roommate hates me."



“You just saw each other, there are 2 years left to finish college, if nothing improves in 1 month, you can ask to move” Ashido held the other's hand “Do you know the brand? It would be easier to deal with that.”


Whoever passed by them would think they are boyfriends but both Mina and Kirishima were Suns, they tried once when they were younger but, because they were granted by Helios, they would never be able to stay in a relationship, another factor that impeded was the orientation of both.

Eijiro dreams of finding his soul mate, someone totally opposite like the Sun and Moon on Earth, one day and the other night, he saw his mothers so happy and when he found out that they fall in love first before they found out they were soul mates, he made his dream of finding your better half go to the stars and beyond. He didn't know much about Eclipse, but he knew that the first touch felt like a thermal shock, so on the first touch they don't hold each other's hands very much, as it's the first time, the sun can burn the moon.

“I asked him about his brand, but he didn't answer and it looked like he was going to kill me with that stiletto” the redhead ran his free hand through his hair and then nervously ran it around his neck “Maybe I should apologize? I feel like I touched something delicate…”

"Love, I really don't know," Ashido spoke sincerely, shaking his friend's hand.”Do what you think is best for you and do something you won't regret, you know I haven't learned how to hide a body yet.”

“For Mina's sake, why do you still insist on learning these things.”

"Will I need this one day?" Never know”.

“Okay, but let's just let it go. Did you make new designs?”

Ashido was excited taking her sketchbook out of her backpack, wanted to show her best friend the new designs of her new models, if all goes well she could participate in the Midnight contest and have her own models on the runway.

And so the day passed and soon it was dark. The friends split up and Kirishima needed to go back to her dorm, for some reason her curiosity about the boy who will share the same space for two years was getting bigger and for many just the way he was treated would get out of there as soon as possible .

But Eijiro wanted to understand him, why this reaction? Did he have a sad past? Does he not like to be what he is? There were a lot of questions. Finally facing the dorm door he sighed deeply, he really felt he had to apologize, if he wanted to be friends with the blonde figure he should try, at least subtly without touching the subject of soul mates and Eclipse.

“Come on Kirishima Eijiro, it's friendship or nothing. It doesn't hurt to try.”

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