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Husband and Wife

A twenty-four year old girl who was married looked at her handsome husband.

WIFE: "Baby, you know I love you?"

Her husband had been been fighting in the military for the last six months, a part of his spine was crushed, leaving his pelvis dislocated. The doctor had said he'd never walk again.

HUSBAND: "I love you too."

The man was much older, in his late thirties. He loved his wife very, very much, and he knew she loved him too, but he often felt like he couldn't give her everything she deserved. And now that he was in a wheelchair, she would have to really donate her whole life to taking care of him. He sadly knew he had to let her go.

She saw the sick look on his face and leaned closer to him, rubbing the back of his head.

WIFE: "What's wrong, sweetheart? Is it your back?"

HUSBAND: "No, it's not that... It's just..."

It was breaking his heart to say this to her, so a tear slipped down his face.

HUSBAND: "It's killing me to do this...

I don't want you to take care of me."

She looked as if he had spoken to her in a different language.

WIFE: "What?"

He winced. How could he get her to leave, before her life was wasted?

He kept crying, the tears only getting thicker like rain on a windshield.

He choked out those painful, bitter tasting words.

HUSBAND: "I am not going to let you waste your life just because mine is. . . over."

He could see the hurt on her face, which quickly hid itself behind anger.

WIFE: "What?! Chase, what are you talking about?!"

He moved wrong, and a sob suppressed him. She sobbed too, biting her lip. He was trying to push her out, and it was hurting him terribly.

HUSBAND: "Allyson, You're not going to be happy with me. I love you, but. . . I have to let you go. It's not your choice anymore."

She stood up from him. He was going too far.

WIFE: "I am happy with you! You know what? You can't let me go, because I'm the one holding onto you. It is my choice. I will not leave."

Allyson sighed, running her hands through her dark red hair. She watched him cry silently for a long minute, then let herself shudder on the inside.

WIFE: "Look, if you really love me, you won't make me leave. I can't live without you. I'll kill myself."

She picked up her gun, pointing it to her temple.

HUSBAND: "Ally, what the hell are you doing?!"

WIFE: "If you make me leave, you might as well be pushing me into my grave."

He cried harder, making it difficult for Allyson to keep a steady voice and a steady hand.

HUSBAND: "Please don't hurt yoursrlf! I'm sorry, just please put the gun down!"

With only a little of his crying and begging, she threw the gun across the room, letting it crash into a mirror that it completely shattered.

When it shattered, Chase winced.

Allyson walked slowly over to her husband, gently placing her hand under his chin and lifting his face to where he would look at her.

WIFE: "Why would I say, 'till death do us part', and only be with you for a year and a half? Chase, love, I would take that gun, shove it as far as I can into my mouth, and swallow each and every bullet that would come out before I would leave you."

Chase looked down at her hand, blinked sadly, then groaned.

He was in much pain in every way.

The internal pain seared his heart while the physical pain from his injury ached uncomfortably in his back.

She looked at his sad eyes. They were terribly tired; he hadn't been sleeping, she knew. He had so much trauma from being in the military that he often dreamt of it and would cry out or even scream in his sleep, then he would keep himself awake so he wouldn't have to face those horrors ever again.

WIFE: "Close those baby blues."

He only blinked repeatedly.

WIFE: "Close..."

He felt her voice soothe his soul, while the touch of her hand eased his body.

He closed his eyes.

WIFE: "Now... I'm sorry I acted out like that... But you scared me. I don't want to live without you... If you think that you're doing me a favor by making me leave you... You're wrong... You make me happy... You make me smile... You are my happy place... You are my life."

She paused her words to French kiss his neck, then draw hearts with her tongue on his skin up to his ear where she stopped and whispered:

WIFE: "And for you to take yourself away from me... Darling... You would be depriving me of my life.... And so... You would be killing me....."

She lovingly nudged his temple with her nose.

WIFE: "That's when I picked up the gun... I thought that it would be better to kill myself quickly and painlessly... Rather than having the man I love more than oxygen drag out my death... Making me suffer by being... Absent..."

Chase's cheek was wet with tears, leaving Ally to kiss it until it was dry.

WIFE: "So, if you think about it... What I did was not... Not at all rational... It really is clear..."

She ran one hand through his thick, dark hair, the other one down his side, stopping when she felt the caste that he had to wear. It was very tight on him, causing marks that would sometimes bleed to often be left on his body along with him always being uncomfortable.

A solemn look crossed her face, and then his once he opened his eyes.

She kissed him once on his full, juicy lips and then wordlessly got him in to bed.

He was her life. In the middle of the night, Chase's brain stem snapped due to the way he thrashed, dreaming war nightmares.

When his heart stopped beating, hers did too.

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