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hello i am aneil,And i am a middle schooler i love fantasy books i could just read them all day!.

But...Somtimes i wish they were true,I loved the idea of swords,hybrids,mermaids and most of all..."Adventure".

One day when it was almost time for exams there was this voice it said "dont you think your world is dull?,dont you want be in a more colorful world thats filled with magic!"

a voice in my head said "should i trust this person?,What does he mean by magic?!,how many worlds are there?!"My heart was pounding,I didnt know what to do "tic tok the time is running out"said the mysterious person.

Out of nowhere i said "YES THIS WORLD IS DULL AND IF THERE WAS ANOTHER WORLD THATS BETTER THEN THE ONE IM IN THEN WRONG WORLD!"I tried to catch my breath while the mysterious person was about to speak "very well i shall transport you to another world".

suddenly this magic portal appeared,I thought i was hallucinating,I rubbed my eyes to see if it were actually real.Out of curiosity i decided to walk in.I woke up in a world filled with slimes,rainbow fish and all kinds of other creatures it was like a dream!

A few seconds later other people we're being teleported to this world their reactions we're the same as mine shocked and amazed,then the mysterious person appeared,It looked like what appears to be a child "Hello fellow players i am shoru and here i am known as a god,I am here to explain to you the rules 1:you cannot attack players in safe zones. 2:you must set your spawn point otherwise when you die you will spawn in unknown locations.3:have fun!,I will send you all a book with information put it to good use!".

Everyone was given a book with information and a wooden sword,"Its just like a video game!" i thought.Not long now until i had decided to wander into the woods,I found some fruit too keep me going for a while,Though i never tasted it "well i'll never know unless i try it"i thought.I took a bite of the fruit,After i had a massive stomach ache.

There was this strange noise in the bushes,Once again my heart was pounding like a hurd of elephants,But then out of nowhere a bunny showed up.I sighed in relief,But as soon as the bunny came out of the bushes a wolf came out after it,I was shocked now the wolf was after me and the bunny!And the fact that i forgot to set spawn,A voice in my head kept repeating "what do i do?!,What do i do?!"without hesitation i picked up a rock and threw it at the wolf.The wolf pounced at me and the bunny in anger then it hit me,I had nearly forgotten that i had a wooden sword so i used it to attack back.I took a moment to catch my breath "did i kill it" i said to myself.A chest magically appeared i opened it to see food,gold and skills.

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