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"Often the dangerous nightmares show the toughest roads,those toughest roads brings you to beautiful destinations." "Hi,I am 22 years old Mary Albert working as a Journalist in a well known company in Florida. When I was a child I was very afraid of nightmares, according to the people around me nightmares are the worst thing that can happen to a person.But to me although my nightmare was the worst thing that happened to me,but still it was also the best thing I could wish for."

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"You are late again.How many more excuses am I supposed to listen to?"said Mr.Walter,My Boss.He is one of those bosses who thinks all the employees are his servants.This man with big round glasses, a suit which is more expensive than my house and a half bald head thinks he owns this world."I am really sorry Sir.I know this is my 8th time being late, but it won't happen again,I promise Sir."I said. I was cursing myself and my boss. How can I be so useless?how can people make me feel so useless?I am tired of being felt like I am a burden to this World."Why were you late again?"said my Best Friend and the only person I can rely on,Abbie Smith.I and Abbie are childhood friends.For me the meaning of friendship is a person that is with you in your happy as well as sad times.And that person was Abbie, who was there with me everytime."It was that dream again."I said."Again! don't you think you should do something about it. It's almost the 8th time."Abbie said.The reason for me being late was because of a dream.A very happy dream.I see my parents in that dream.My parents and me in the living room watching our favourite program, on my 18th birthday night. My parents gave me a surprise gift with a cake.The gift was a keychain,a very pretty one, with a blue emerald embedded in it.It was shinning like a star,the difference was that this keychain was round and filled with little diamonds around it.This was the happiest memory of me with my parents.Maybe that's the reason I see it in my dreams.I started having this dream on the day of my parents 4th death anniversary.

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