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Just wanted to let you guys know a few things about this book.

1. THIS ISN´T MEANT TO OFFEND ANYONE. Most of this is a joke.

2. Some of the things I mention may be things I had done when I was a young Wattpader starting my first TMR fan-fiction....but that´s probably because ´´Different´´ was one of the first ten Newt fan-fictions out there.

3. Expect a crazy updating schedule because I´ll probably go weeks without posting and then suddenly get a burst of inspiration to write some chapters.

4. Just because I have these opinions doesn´t mean I consider myself The High End of Perfect TMR Fan-fiction, because like I said before, I have done a few of these myself. These are just my personal opinions meant to give you tips of what to do and what not to do while writing your TMR fanfiction.

5. You will encounter some rad memes.

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