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Ethos Of The Damned

Ethos Of The Damned

Ever wondered what motivates bad people?Why they behave as they do?Is ot upbringing or circumstance?

Depraved? Or Unhinged?

So many people have a terrible childhood,Many grow up into depraved monsters in adult life.For some,it was living under the constant fear of death,A good example being Monarchs of History,Or children of Dictators,Growing up on tension & intrigue..The knock on effects only showing later..

Copycat Kids

After growing up in the claustrophobic athmosphere of his Fathers "Reign" Jean Claude Duvalier,learned the "Trade" of dictatorship,following on from his fathers death in 1971 until he was overthrown in 1986,At first, he introduced cosmetic changes in Haiti,one of the worlds poorest countries,after that,It was tyrannical "business as usual" with murder,kidnap,beatings being widespread.."Baby Doc" as he was known (His Father being "Papa Doc")

Led an extravagent lifestyle,on the backs of his impoverished people,Some of more "hidious" sources of income,coming from sellinh Hatian "cadavers" (Dead Bodies) To foreign Medical schools,as well as Narcotic trafficking..Much of his other income derived from the local tobacco industry,& various "slush" funds created for his benefit..A Marrage which cost over $2million dollars,made the Hatian people even more uneasy..Eventually he was overthrown in 1986,spending most of his exile in France,Paris in particular..He returned to Haiti in 2011 but was arrested on corruption charges, Rumorhad it he only returnef to try and "unfteeze a $4m Swisd Bank account! But died before he could stand trial.

But his memory,or his reign,are not lamented in Haiti..

Kim Jung Un

Stalinist dictator of probably the worlds most repressive Nation,he came to power after the death of his late father,Kim Jung Il, who in turn had his "power" & leadership "Bequeathed" by HIS Father, Kim Il Sung, a "triple tyranny!,North Korea suffers greatly under sanctions from the international community,mainly because of a lunatic missile development plan,that the country cant afford,nor the subjugated people dare not complain about.!.Rumors of his having 14 "palaces" an extravagant lifestyle,belie the supposed system,he would have the world believe he champions, Relations with the outside world,could best be described as "erratic" Seeming more to suit personal moods,than an agreed policy for the nation.Even China,his closest ally,have cut off supplies of nitrate to the "Pariah Nation",forcing the people to use human excrement as fertilizer,The missiles guidence system he has,is primative,& home made,Some have badly malfunctioned ,One in particular landing on and blowing up a town ten miles from the launchpad.,Increasing more international alarm at the tests..Kim Jung Un is comparively young.. Thirty Nine at most,Time will tell if he can mentain his grip on power

The Marquis de Sade

The Marquis de Sade, took the evil of the imagination, to new lows,inspiring the word "Sadism" a byword today for sexual perversion,But he physically never partook of any of his most extreme mental excesses,His evil lies in his inspiration & incitement of others who read his books,& act out their fantacies,& extreme sexual & other depravities..While they..are guilty,It is the twisted mind & outlook of de Sade that gave the ideas to the world..,Variously called a revolutionary or a "free thinker" His whole concept was based on one thesis.."That all people are basically"immoral" He started writing "erotica" but eventually his mind & sanity gave in to the most base,depravity his imagination could concieve..Influencing negatively,to this day..The perceptions of sexuality,For de Sade,there didn"t appear to be any "Love" just the animalistic sex..What a sad legacy to leave posterity...!Was he evil or crazy?..

Evil..Because he was crafty enough not to "indulge" his mental vices physically,knowing the consequences..Instead he opened the door of perverted imagination for others to practice..Leading ultimatly to "Gorean Exploration" from a Book called "The House Of Gor" the most abominable extreme in existance,Leading to others being influenced by it..A direct result of the writings of de Sade..So he was evil...


Every parents worst nightmare,But commonplace in ancient Greece,There are statues of the God Zeus,flying with a little boy under his arm,for THAT reason..Such was the commonplace nature of it in the society.This is why,when many,who doubtless havent checked the common "mores" of the time,Start quoting Greek Philosophers,I manage a rueful smile..Because yes.. they brought us the concept of a Republic,& yes.. they formulated the idea of demoracy,it but it was still a very primative time,with so much more,that today,we would turn in disgust from..

Many don't know,or are oblivious to these facts..

The word "Peadophile" for a start, is a misnomer,It simply means "Lkes Children" In which case ,anyone who likes children,Even Santa,could be called that particular name.."Child Molester"is far more accurate..And more defining..

There are those today,a small group of Psyciatrists who are trying to have it defined as natural..But these same types,would say the same about someone sexually identifying with a cat,or a table leg,The are wrapped up so blind in their own psycoanalytic world,they cant see what their advocating,is vile,evil & repugnant to everyone else..

Its the current "trend" in Psycology of "Perspectives" IE :Hitler wasn't so bad,he was "misunderstood"🙄 They lack the imagination to produce new positive practices,so they "grab" at anything..But some things can't be cured..This is "An Evil Ethos"

On this subject..A man murdered a child in California,many years ago,He had done unspeakable things to her,before he killed her,She was only six years old,He left her body in an obscene sexual posotion beside the highway,to be found..Much later,without the full picture, 11 eminent Psychiatrists were given just the case & motive study,for diagnosis..Six returned their findings based on mental health..But the replies by the five others were far more interesti g..Evil...This "Abomination" of a man was caught & executed by electric chair..But even that,won't help the parents of the tragic innocent they lost..nightmares forever..

In Ireland & other places in the world Some. Catholic Priests,commited sex acts against childten,One who is dead now "Father" Brendan Smith molested over 200 boys,it was covered up,he was "moved on" & continued to offend,He eventually went to prison,He died there,This man,i saw once on TV going into court..This man had evil written all over him..It radiated from him..A demonic quality..

Evil By Circumstance

Sometimes people are forced to make a choice,& either from self preservation,or moral cowardliness,they comply & go along with the evil,knowing fine well what it is..People who have commited "Genocide" are a symbol of this..Some glorified in it,lost the moral imperative & at times became worse than those who "ordered" them..Its a variation of what today,is called "Stockholm Syndrome" but on a much greater & homicidal level..But they still had a choice..They chose wrong,& all the implications that brings..

Evil mindset

We finish this article on a little known fact..In the British Museum,in London,there is a closed archive..The books there deal with & are written evil

To access them,You need to be accompanied by a "Man Of God" preferably a Bishop,lest the nature of them,will drive you insane. Online there are evil places in the darkweb,People,childten,can be bought,mainly from the third world,where life is cheap & no one will miss them..I have long advocated a global regulation to this..As things stand,the response is wholly ineffective more drastic practical action needs to be taken,to prevent it..Final word..Evil exists,regardless od who will deny its existance..Its there..


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