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A college boy meets his first love and think about her ever single day. She is the most perfect girl he have ever met. But will she love him back? Will he ask her out? Is she really his first love or just a crush like many before?

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The first time

Thousands of thoughts run around in my brain. It's the first time I recognized you among all these people. Your long blonde hair, your light blue eyes which remind me of the sea and a beautiful clear sky, your smile, your sweet little nose, everything is so gorgeous about you.

,,Why are you looking at that girl, Sam? She's not that pretty.", Clark said in a condescending way. He pushed me and laughed about me before he walked away to bully somebody else. He's such an idiot. Every time I just walk around at school he stands behind the next corner to fright me or to push me to the next wall and steal the rest of my pocket money. It's hard to stand up each day and know that there is somebody how always makes fun about you and your appearance. But how cares. One day I'll graduate and leave this horrible school. I'll get a nice job and will have no more contact to this annoying guy. But this day is just in three years.

After Clark stepped away I started watching her again. She is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. Every second of watching her feels like knowing her a bit better. It's just like a movie scene where a little ugly boy start catching feelings for the most famous and most beautiful girl at his school. And at the end she will fall in love with a guy who plays football, is as famous as she is and looks like a model. It's every time the same. But it feels so wonderful.

The way she stood there and talk to her friends who are just friends with her because she is the most beautiful girl in the world. It's like a drug. I can't stop watching her.

After at least five minutes of starring and admiring I came back to reality and realized first it's worthless to hide after her. She must have a boyfriend or will find somebody better than me. If I would ask her out she will laugh at me just like Clark and step away. Everybody will know that I have asked her out and will laugh at me too. And second it's already half past seven and I am to late for biology. I started running and entered the room one minute before the lesson started. Mrs. Jacobson looked at me and I am sure if I'll do it once more she will inform Mr. Shetter, our director.

All the time She was in my mind. Every second I thought about her and her smile. This is the prettiest, the most gorgeous and the most perfect smile I've ever seen. Little butterflies flew around in my belly. I never had such a feeling. It feels like you took drugs and you see the world with another point of view. I think I am in love but am I? I don't really know. Everything shows I am but I never was before. I don't know how it feels to love somebody. To really love somebody. If you love somebody everything about them is perfect for you. Their are the most perfect person you ever known and you will ever know. You like everything about them every little mistake every word they say is holy for you. You admire them. But the important question right know is: Do I love her? I don't know a little thing about her. She's like a stranger but I have the feeling I know her for years. Is she my first love? Is she the person I will love until I will die?

There are so many questions in my head. But I have to focus on school, family and friends.

I took my books and some folders and left the classroom. A hand graps me an my shoulds and pushs my around. Clark stands right in front of me and starts laughing. He stares at me with a very creepy smile. He doesn't even blink. It was such a scary situation. I just wanna run away and live my normal lfe without any Clarks in my life. I thought about fighting back but I think it's not even worth it. He would be even more violent and amybe he will slab me or something liek that. But I have to do something. I have to face this problem and I have to do something against it.

After Clark laughs at me, he started to look at me at a very cerious way. I feel something running down my back. I sweat everywhere. He is so dominant.

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Isabella Carniel German writer and music producer Genre: Erotic, horror

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