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Important things

it is an "omegaveres novel" and also "bl novel "

let me tell you important thing

Omega means(Omega is like female gender even if a boy or a girl they can give birth and when Omega became 18 years old they start to get "heat" like in human being girls getting "MC" they in heat there are realizing a strong pretty smell from their body and that smell making alpha's attractive to them ).

Alpha means(Alpha is like male gender even it is girl or a boy they can pregnant to omega's when alpha became 18 they got in "rut" in rut they are also realizing a strong smell Whit can attractive to Omega to do sex with them )

mating ( mating means like in our life we are doing "marriage"like that they are doing mating to proof that that person is his or her Omega they are giving a biting mark on their Omega which is a proof of their relationships

making new generation (when an alpha knot inside of his or her Omega in rut that Omega can pregnant)

protection they used(they are having their medicine to control their heat or their rut)

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