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A mature man frustrated with his sexual life decides to put some spicy in his relationship. For that he manages a way to manipulate his very conservative girlfriend to behave the way he wishes.

Erotik Nur für über 21-Jährige (Erwachsene).

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The great seeds

The great seeds

Five years had passed since Walter started dating Ilse and he felt as something special was still missing between them. The 66 years old man always dreamed of a spicier sex life and although he tried to live it with Ilse, he was never successful. Ilse was 64 years old, tall, blond, not slim, talkative, very confident, loved him, but was too much conservative to understand her boyfriend´s needs.

Certain night Walter could not sleep. His hidden wishes kept him hours awake. He turned on his computer and started to look for porn photos of obedient naked slaves, young, older, to feed his imagination; the age that time was not important. After opening four different sites, he started to get annoyed with the pop-up windows offering some related product to the theme. By trying to quickly close these new windows, he accessed one of those suggested sites, which offered some sexy toys and special costumes. He wondered how great it would be to see his Ilse in one of those sexy clothes. He went through those products and had the impulse to risk and buy something for his girlfriend. His attitude made him happy and hopeful. He imagined that she would be embarrassed to refuse a present from him and this way, he could ask her to, at least, try it out. Walter closed the computer, turned off the light, closed the eyes and visualized Ilse in that lingerie, without pants and walking around the living room on her four. “But how could I make her walking on four?”, thought him. “She would never obey me if I would ask her to do that”.

Some days later an incident happened, that gave him an idea. Afraid of Ilse´s reaction when she would get her new short black transparent lingerie, Walter concluded, he should give together with it, something normal, to avoid her thinking, that he was pushing her to please him. He entered in a jewellery shop with the intension to buy a discreet silver chain with a heart or some detail that could please Ilse. Close to him there was a woman being attended. She showed a broken pearl necklace to the shop seller and while asking, if it would be possible to fix it, some of the beads felt on the floor. In a flash, the woman said “oh, no!” and bent over on the floor to collect back the beads. In a second Walter decided to refrain his impulse of helping the woman, after all, it´s not always that he can see one walking on her four. He enjoyed it and the lady looked him grumpy once she collected everything. Walter did not intend to buy there a pearl necklace to Ilse, not that time at least. But he thought, he could try to throw something small on the floor and bring it to him.

One-week later Walter received a package. The sexy lingerie arrived in a cheap plastic bag. Walter did not like to give the present like that. He should find a solution before the next day, when Ilse would come to him for dinner. He ran to a paper shop and bought silky paper, a pretty, hard black box, and a thick red ribbon. He went back home, and immediately lined the black box with the tissue paper, transferred the lingerie to the box and made a bow with the purchased ribbon, the best way he could.

It was Friday and Walter had a great expectative for that evening. In the early afternoon he still went to a flower shop and bought exquisite flowers for his girlfriend. At 17:00 he made a pretty table for the dinner, put the flowers in a vase, placed it on the centre of the table, gathered some candles to create a romantic atmosphere and separated a good red wine to accompany the meat that they were going to have. Finishing that, Walter took a good shower, dressed nicely, and put his best parfum to receive his girlfriend.

“Ding dong”….that was the doorbell ringing. It was Ilse. She used a short blue sleeves shirt, long black pants, flat shoes, no make-up and greeted Walter smiling. Walter welcomed her, put some lounge music very low and offered a glass of Prosecco as a start. They cheered with the glasses.

“What wonderful flowers you´ve gotten here!”, said Ilse.

“Very exotic, no? They are of course for you”.

“Oh…thank you. They are so different. What is it?”

“The lady that sold me them, said they are Cockscomb. I wanted to laugh when she said that, because I was looking for the cocks there, but in fact they look like a brain, do you see?”

“Walter! You are terrible. True! Curious. I never saw these flowers before. Very pretty.”

“It´s exceedingly rare to get them here. I was lucky and you are too because I brought few seeds for you to plant. I give you later”.

“Thank you, Walter, that´s a nice present. My friends will envy me if they see such flowers in my garden”.

“You need to plant the very special seeds in a sunny place. They will bloom on early spring”.

“Good! Don´t forget to give me these seeds”.

“No, I don´t. I neither know, how did the woman agreed to sell me some. Maybe because she felt pity of me”.

“Why pity”?

“These days, I have been having terrible backpain. And when I was in the shop, I could hardly remove my hand from my back. She noticed and asked me if I had a problem. I confirmed”.

“But what happened that suddenly you have this backpain”?

“Ah.. , the edge of the pool was wet; I slipped and fell badly”.

“Oh, this is very dangerous! Did you get marks”?

“No, at least not visible, but it´s terrible painful for me now to seat down or bend over”.

After half an hour of week updating conversation plus a second glass of Prosecco, Walter turned on the candles, turned off the extra bright lights, cooked, and they went to the table to eat. He served her the wine, served him and they cheered again.

In the middle of the meal, he told Ilse, he thought of her the whole week, what put once again, a happy smile on her face.

“So much, that I even bought you a present.”

“The flowers.”

“Not only. There is something else. Or two things else”.

“Really?! I am curious. What is it?”

“This is a surprise for after dinner”.

The dinner was finished, Ilse insisted to remove alone the plates and rest of food from the table, considering the pain of her boyfriend and the couple kept sitting at their places just with the wine glasses.

“Now, I think, I can give you my next present. I hope you like it as much as I did”.

Walter stood up, putting one of his hands on his back and brought from a hidden place the black box.

Ilse took the box in the hands with a big smile. She opened the box and lifted the lingerie from inside it.

“Oh my God! Walter, do I have age to use that?”

“Of course, you do! The tag on the lingerie is not saying, ´forbid for older than 60´s years old´”!

“But it is transparent”!

“Yes, I know, very sexy. I am sure you will look gorgeous in it. Can you try it for me? And I want to see it”!


“Sure now! I must know if I have to change the size or not”.

“I feel so…”, and Walter cut her.

“You should feel desired, that´s it and nothing more. And here there is a second present to use with it”.

“One more present?”

“Yes”. Walter took a small box and gave her. She opened it very suspicious and got very happy when she saw the silver chain with a heart.

“Oh Walter, this is so pretty!”

“I am glad you liked it. You will look splendorous using both presents together. And please, remove your underwear to try it out, or it will look ridiculous”.

Filling pressured, uncomfortable to say “no” after so many presents and kind words, not to say she was a bit drunk as well after so much wine, Ilse stood up, went to the toilet to change her clothes. In the meantime, Walter moved to the living room with both wine glasses. He placed them on the couch table and waited anxious for her. After five minutes she came out the door, walking very shy towards him.

“You look wonderful Ilse!”

“I don´t think so, it´s a bit tight and too much short for me!”

“But it´s supposed to be so. You are revealing your shape in this lingerie and showing your femininity. And there is nothing more beautiful to me, than you clearly showing all your curves.”

“I think, I have some extra curves, which I don´t like to show. And these extra curves are hanging. I am old Walter!”, complained Ilse in a self-rejecting way.

“You might not be so young anymore, but also not so old, that you cannot live fully your femininity. We all get older and there is always something beautiful, attractive, and erotic in all ages. For me, mature women are much more interesting than a young chicken. Come on Ilse, don´t spoil our wonderful time together with self-critics. Come closer and let me see your new necklace. Did you like it?”

“Yes, a lot.”

“Oh, you are so beautiful. Now you deserve the rare seeds I´ve gotten for you. Seat down here on the sofa, wonderful the way you are and take a sip of wine while I take your next present”.

Ilse decided to follow his instruction. She thought that perhaps, a bit of more wine, would make her less embarrassed in that lingerie. Walter moved slowly towards the kitchen and when he was returning, he waited to see the moment, she was drinking from her glass, to pretend he stumbled with a misstep. At this moment he left some very small grains fall on the floor. Ilse turned the body with the noise he made and saw him on the floor.

“Walter, are you fine“? – Ilse came immediately to help him to stand up.

“Oh my back…I think, I need to seat a bit on the sofa, but I am fine.”

“You are always falling now. What happened? You should pay attention. This is dangerous. We are not young anymore”. – Ilse helped him to reach the sofa.

“Ilse, the seeds! The rare seeds…take them from the floor, I cannot now with my back pain”.

“No, of course not”.

“So, take them, one by one, they are so special. Don´t miss any of them”.

Ilse kept herself standing and just bent down the head trying to see them.

“Ilse, please! Not like that. This way you will never find all of them. They are so small! You´d better walk on your four to look for them. I will try to see them as well.. AAAAhua……”

“No, you don´t do anything. I take them, don´t worry.”

“Then do it. Don´t lose any. If I see some from here, I tell you”.

Ilse forgot for some minutes that she was not feeling so uncomfortable in that short transparent lingerie and went on her four to catch the seeds. Walter had an immense pleasure seeing her walking around the living room that way, so indecent, with the tits hanging and her big ass exposed. He took a good sip of his wine appreciating the view and his achievement.

“Walter, it will be difficult to find all of them this way, and it´s very dark. We should turn on the lights”.

“I see one there, on the right, close to the television.”

Ilse went there.


“Maybe it is not. But there is also one here, very close to me, do you see”?

Ilse came closer to him.

“Now bring me here the ones you collected”.

And either to save time or because Ilse got tired, she came walking on the knees toward him. She gave the seeds in his hand, he grabbed her and kissed her.

“You made very well Ilse and you are extremely pretty like that”, said Walter holding the seeds with one hand and her ass with the other.

Ilse surrendered and the first seed of her submission, was planted.

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