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The story is about a lady named rosy who was one of the captives enslaved.She had to find a new master for her survival,but we dont know what destiny as in hands for her.

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One fateful day,a day every being was instructed not to step a feet into the sun.It was the red sun festival and no citizen of magofi was permitted to see the sun till dawn.This festive period has been a generation to generation practice,as history bought it anyone whom comes out on these day is a curse and most be put to execution.these went on for year innocent lives were put to death not until civilization came to the rescue.A great war that made both old and young,rich and poor, adult and children,males and females including animal became nothing but slaves.During the whole slavery,there was a pregnant woman whom was also a captive of the circumstance.They worked so hard to earn their feeding,at times they are been forced to fight each other to death the survival get to be the head of slaves.There was no hope of escape for the people of magofi,they gave up their previous life and lived in the present fate life gave to them.

The night of dance

It was a cool and lovely evening,the sound of drum was sweet to the hearing.Country person in beautiful ropes,firelight everywhere.Then a man walked into the slaves chamber hitting the bell at the stand for announcement all the slaves gathered to hear what the news was.All the ladies of young age move to my right he said,they all looked at each other then he shouted again pulling his wipe off his belt.They ran to the directed position before they get beaten.the rest of you wear your best rags and shoe there would be a party at the kingdom hall you all most be there its an order from the king,dismiss all of you but you ladies follow me he said as he pointed at them and walk out.The ladies cried as they walked up to the main house,one said if this is what fate brought to us this time it better than the starving and endless torture. Well fate saved your bloody ass today cause you all have the opportunities to serve another master,you will be washed and given the best ropes now wipe the tears of am dream of a new life said the man after a long walk.The door of the house opened and they are went in,the ladies were amazed by the beauty of the house and beautiful young damsels that they never saw outside the house since their capture.there were as many as possible beautiful damsel standing but the stair,then the man turned and said now each of these damsels will be in charge of your dressing they will be the ones to decide whom they want now I leave you to them he hand over to the chief damsel.she instructed the ladies to pick they specimen and would be held responsible for what ever scenes where made,she took her leave.

Minutes later each damsel brought out their refined specimen.No one would believe its was the maid that went in earlier,they were so beautiful in their dresses.They were directed to the hall were all the guest where sitted.before they entered the cheif damsel informed them on how to walk and interact with the men whom comes their way.Among the maid their was a lady named rosy she was the prettiest of them,she's calm and respectful not like every other lady she was unique.As they step in the door made a sound which alerted every one Someone arrived,Rosy took the lead they majestically walk as they were took by the chief earlier.Their beauty stunk like a bee,the men walked to the ladies for a dance. then the party began.prince Wilfred the son of the late king Amborose Vega ascendance of the throne of some from his sit spotted as rose as he said which was rosy told he guard to walk her to him.The guard took a bow and left,young mistress his highness demands for your audience. rosy walked with the guard deep inside her she wishes herself the best of luck.The prince told his guard to give a bit of a distance as they both took a walk outside the bouquet.hours went by they came each others company.Rosy!yes your highness the responded with a long look on her face,please call me Wilfred I insist Wilfred said with a smile on his face.

The hall bell rang

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