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Our dearest Camille, a young, attractive blonde born into an unfortunate circumstance, finds herself abandoned by both her father and destiny, as, the day before she's sent off to boarding school, a group of high maintenance, high quality, good looking theives invade her home, making sure to leave no evidence behind.

Romantik Zeitgenössisch Nicht für Kinder unter 13 Jahren.

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"Your performance is unacceptable, your grades are failing, you have absolutely no manners whatsoever, and you can't even manage to do a simple task!"

"Please, hon, she didn't-"

"Quiet! We all know that that behavior is unacceptable in this household, so I've decided that you're going to be sent off to boarding school."

So many thoughts ran through my head in that instant, that the time that seemed like days to me passed by in mere seconds.

"But... my friends, my job, my family-"

"I don't care. You made your decision when you stopped caring about the opportunities you've been given. I've been too lax with you already. Say your goodbyes tomorrow, because after that, you won't see any of these people again for at least a few years."

I couldn't believe what was going through my ears. Tomorrow? But practice isn't until Thursday, and Amelia, my best friend, doesn't come back from vacation until the following Friday! Will I be able to take my cat, even?

All of these questions I kept to myself, however; he wouldn't care. My father has been the same way ever since he lost mom—my real mom, not the bitch puppy that he keeps by his side. She died in a car crash when I was 10. He stopped caring about me, going as far as to blame me for her death, even. And then there's her, my step mom. She's a lot younger than him, enough to where she could be my older sister. She was just a dumb blonde, though. She played her part well, cooking and cleaning, and shutting up when he told her to, even if he went too far.

I'm glad that it's not her blonde hair that I have. She's such an emberassment.

"No words? Good. Go and pack your things."

I ran up the stairs as quickly as I could, tears falling the whole way. I didn't care at that moment that I was giving him what he wanted.

I brought out a small suit case that was kept in my closet. It had been my mother's, used only on those trips that she and my father would take before I was cursed to live on this dreadful excuse of a planet, before my father knew what it was like to lose someone that you love. It was a plain black suitcase, and yet it seemed brighter than the baby blue walls that surrounded me, or the sun beams that invaded through the window, outlined by the dust in the air.

I packed few things; my outfits (7), my tablet, my laptop, my headphones, as well as their respective chargers, my phone charger, a flash light (which used to belong to my mom as well), my money (about $10,000 that I had saved and hidden, from babysitting on the rich street), and my 2 pairs of plain black sneakers (which I cleaned daily). I also packed toiletries, hair ties, and yes—socks. I packed a few other things as well, before deciding that there was nothing else in this room that belonged to me. I zipped up the barely full suitcase carefully, and started towards the door, when—

Knock knock knock! The threeconsecutive knocks that sounded from my window, loud enough to be heard, not not desperate. I stood still. My light was on. I kept it on, and hid behind my bed.

I heard a similar knocking coming from downstairs, although they must have been banging hard on the door for the sound to reach me. There was a pause, and then gunshots sounded.

We didn't own a gun.

I started to panic as my own window's knocking became more and more agressive. I hid under the bed now, dragging my suitcase with me for cover. The knocking stopped momentarily, and I held my breath. Did they stop?

A few seconds later, I was debating whether I should come out or not when my window shattered. Adrenaline was rushing through my veins, and my heartbeat was so loud inside of my chest that the intruder must have thought that there was a giant looming. It didn't take the intruder long to search my room, as it had recently been emptied, although something caught their attention, and their footsteps came to a halt. I held my breath. Within a few seconds, the air seemed to thicken, leaving me feeling dizzy, and it seemed as though whoever was in my room at the time was curious enough to switch my lamp off for me.

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