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Just the beginning!

A small girl born in a town...luck favoured her...her father got a great job after her birth and travelled a lot... everything was quite well...both mom and dad were happy with their kid and soon gave birth to another cute little kid...but a man without a flaw is impossible...father was a drinker and a smoker but never did anything wrong and took care of the family quite well...the happiness did not last long...

On Christmas 🎄☃️ he went to a party at night...and was totally drunk...and he started driving home and in the drunkenness he took a wrong turn... everything went black...he had a lorry accident...he was found spot dead...mom cried and cried till she fell asleep due to weakness...as it was not enought the true colours of the mother in law and father in law were coming out...the wanted to take all the wealth...

Mom went out of control and took many sleeping pills and went to hospital...the picture of her mom in the hospital was printed in the sad little girl's memory...she did not know anything as she was only 5 yrs...poor thing did not know that her father was dead...the mother was not standing on her feet so she had to study in a better place to get a job...the mother in law asked mom to leave the both kids and to marry another man...but mom refused as a mom can never live without her child...and bravely took a step to leave the kids with her mother and to study in a city to get a good job to feed her family...soon she got many good friends in the city and even became a lawyer..

She brought her kids and parents to the city to live together...but this is not a happily ever after..

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Fortsetzung folgt… Neues Kapitel Every week.

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