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A betrayal in the family is far more devastating than a betrayal between friends, or even between lovers. ~Ari Aster ----------- Evelyn is a teenager not only damaged by strangers, but also by herself. She won't fight alone, there will be friends, who will accompany her on this journey through life. He tortured three teenagers, tried to change them, to create biological weapons. He failed in the end after all the chaos he created. They've lost many along the way, gained allies and enemies. Discovered worlds along their adventure. Writing the first chapter in their story. They are protected by the law, but the world knows their crimes, they want them dead. Monsters, have named them. They created a scar that cannot be seen, a war within them destroying their judgements. They controlled their lives, now they'll have to recreate them. Will it be possible when they are so damaged? Let us pray they survive. ~~~~~~ Hello everyone, this is my first novel. Hope you like it. You'll find a little bit of everything here, including sensitive topics.

Thriller Nicht für Kinder unter 13 Jahren.

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What did we do to deserve this?

We were just normal kids having a simple and insipid life.

It will never be the same again.

This story is not like the tales your parents told you before you went to sleep.

Our lives are .... different.

A gift that runs inside us, something that has been inherited since the beginning of time. Sometimes it skips a generation, it may never happen, or it may simply disappear, like pollen in the wind.

That was the gift that destroyed our family.

Our ancestors brought peace between the worlds.

The worlds that only our family knows, or so we believed. That was what our relatives told us before we went to sleep.

What does it mean that death and misery follow us like a plague? Why do we manage to destroy what we touch but at the same time create life?

I do not understand.

We can change history, create legends, nightmares and dreams.

Change the world that once existed.

My brothers once told me the painful truth.

The cursed, putrid truth.

It all started with our family, the Dareks.

Dad was an only child, he was strong, agile, the youngest in the whole family, but still, the most qualified to lead and care.

For some reason, we were very well known in the city, we always met at big events and charity events, we were always there.

We kept a secret though, hidden behind the walls of our home.

Our gift.

Raw power coursing through our veins.

Who knew it would be our undoing.

My siblings and I called it "Penumbral Animal."

The penumbra part was something we can't easily control, sometimes it's the opposite of one, they are reflections of the soul, the flame that kept the power alive.

Penumbras have mentalities of their own, they are like ghosts in the sight of all those with the gift to see them. Though they cannot be separated from their bearers or they could die and disappear along with most of our power.

It is fun and useful because we can use it as a means of transportation, just concentrate and think of the place you want to go and you will appear where you want.

Also control the shapes of each one, give them a body, although they usually look like black tentacles.

Some of us have gifts that others don't, dad for example, one of my brothers told me that he was able to see people's emotions. It was as if he saw a cloud of smoke behind each person, they were of different colors, and each one represented a feeling, bad luck that I didn't inherit it as it should be.

Now let's go with the animal part.

That power is simpler, each family that keeps a little of that gift, had an animal, we the Darek are wolves with gray fur, black and rarely there was a white or golden fur.

We can show our fangs, claws, ears and tails of wolves or transform into our form completely.

There are not only wolves, but that will be when we get dipper into this story.

You know, my older brother always told me what the most important rule of all was.

"No one without a gift can discover us."

Unless it's after marriage.

Or the little ones, who sometime during their sixth birthdays will show some sign of power.

And yet I don't understand how my grandfather could tell his adopted son, how he could inherit half of his power to him, without knowing him completely.

Now we pay the consequences of his mistake.

The family was gradually disappearing thanks to his mistake.

I remember when mom and dad were packing like a couple of crazy people, I was holding my teddy bear.

He was hunting us and we just saw the option to escape and survive.


Not everyone made it.


I didn't understand why he did it, I don't understand why he did it!

My family! My everything! He took it away from me and I will never be able to be by their side ever again!

Mom always said:

"This is your life. You will make everyone proud and save more than you can ever count."


Grandpa once told me:

"Decide cautiously who you want as enemies and who you want as friends, because that will decide whether you live or die."

I lived

This is just the beginning of my story, the beginning of the end.

Evelyn Darek

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