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There were a lot of things wrong with Ciel Phantomhive. His aunt, Madam Red, knew that she didn't have the resources to help him so she sent him off to her old friend. Will he be able to cure Ciel or will he be forever tainted by the past?

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Ciel Phantomhive had a lot of health problems in general. Some were from when he was born, others developed after an incident that left the young child traumatized. They controlled his life to say the least.

His aunt, who went by the name Madam Red, worked as both a doctor and Ciel's caretaker. She knew that despite her best intentions, she would never be able to give Ciel the care he needed both physically and emotionally. After all, she was gone for most of the day at the hospital, and that often left Ciel alone for hours on end.

So with Ciel's health and happiness on her mind, she did the best thing she could think of; she brought him to a close friend of hers so Ciel could be his burden to handle. Don't get her wrong — she loved her nephew dearly. But she knew she wasn't the right fit for being his caretaker.

The ride to his place was silent. Ciel wasn't one to converse much as it is, but he seemed extra silent in those two hours they were in the car. Madam Red tried to comfort him, but her words meant nothing to the young boy. He was going to be sixteen in a month. He could handle himself just fine!

"We're here!" Madam Red exclaimed softly as she parked the car in the driveway. Or at least, what Ciel assumed was the driveway. The house was one of those old ones in the countryside with the long driveways surrounded by trees. The two unbuckled and got out of the car.

Being the clingy, anxious boy he is, Ciel held onto his aunt as she grabbed his suitcase and backpack from the back seat. Then the two ever so slowly made their way to the front of the house where a tall male in formal wear was standing. He seemed to have been waiting for them to arrive.

"Sebastian! How's it been?" Madam Red greeted as the two walked up to him. Sebastian shook her hands with a small smile.

"Quite lonely, I'll admit. However, I have been looking forward to meeting this darling nephew of yours. His company would surely help make this house feel like a home again.." Sebastian replied softly, his eyes looking gloomier than before.

"Oh..right.. Ciel, this is Sebastian Michaelis. He'll be looking after you from now on," Madam Red murmured to the shy boy that was hiding behind her. Ciel gave a small wave. "He's a bit shy and usually nonverbal. You have his medical record, correct? It should explain a lot more in detail about his conditions. If you ever need me, you have my work number and my cell number."

Sebastian gave a small nod towards the lady in red, and slowly held his hand out towards Ciel. "Would you like to see your new room? I tried to design it to make it feel more honey for you, but we can always change it if you wish."

Ciel was hesitant to take the older man's hand, but after an encouraging nod from his aunt, he got the courage to gently grab onto it. Sebastian was gentle with him, as if he was porcelain, but also kept a firm enough hold to make the touch comforting. The three went inside and Ciel followed Sebastian to his new room.

"It's..nice.." Ciel mumbled softly as he looked around the room. It was a soft baby blue theme, just like his old bedroom. There were stuffed animals — mostly bunnies — on the shelves and bed. Books were on a couple shelves as well as some trinkets that unmistakingly had the Phantomhive crest on them. Ciel walked over to the bed and sat on it, eyes widing a little as it gave a little bounce before he sank into it a little. Exactly how he likes his beds!

"Is it to your liking, Ciel?" Sebastian asked from the doorway. He looked around with a sad smile on his face. Ciel nodded quickly which caused him to chuckle. "This can be your safe place if you want. Only you are allowed in here unless you give permission for others to come in as well. I shall only enter when its an absolute necessity."

Ciel gave him an appreciated smile before yawning softly and curling up on the bed with the mountain of pillows and stuffies. Sebastian got the hint and left, closing the door just enough so it was only open about an inch.

Sebastian and Madam Red exchanged a few more words before Madam Red left. The male sighed softly as he watched her leave and set Ciel's stuff by his bedroom door to retrieve when he awakens.

For now, he'll get started on dinner for the two of them. Then they'll discuss boundaries.

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