Muriel Roland

IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A DISASTER. Our kinds don't mix, my kinds are used for experiments, site seeing. We always remain a mystery to them, a legend, a myth. I WAS SUPPOSED TO GO EXPLORING ONLY. But no, I got hooked knowing wholly well it will all end in mayhem. All this transpired because of two phrases, four letters, and one syllable. A WISH and LOVE. On my eighteenth birthday. I made a wish, a wish I knew was a barred. But I wanted it, I yearned it. My parents consented to my wish to make me happy. They trusted me to do the needful but I did the contrary. I GOT ENCHANTED BY HIM. His looks? He was very hot for a mortal. I wanted him to fall for me but I didn't think I'll be the one falling and damn! I fell fast. HE IS ALEXANDER GREY. Actions have consequences and I must face the consequences of my actions. I AM A MERMAID and HE IS A HUMAN.

Fantasy Urbane Fantasie Nicht für Kinder unter 13 Jahren.

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Chapter 1

"you are here again recalling full well your dad will be vindictive if utterances get to his ear," Marisa says. Marisa is my cousin my father's younger brother prince Sebastian is her father.

"and I am also conscious you won't blab on me" I replied fixing my gaze on her as she plunges beside me flopping her hands on the rock. Marisa is a beautiful mermaid with brown hair for sure long, brown eyes, and pink lips in an oval-shaped face. She is polar from me. I possess silver whitish hair, silver-grey eyes looking almost white, peach lips in a heart shape face. While she has an orange color tail, I have blue color ones.

Mermaids are beautiful but not all.

Every day in the morning, I often sneak out of the palace to visit the seashore despite all the warnings from daddy dearest. Since I was a child, humans have always been captivating to me. They get to travel all over the world and I travel only within the sea. They constantly change their body wears and I get to merely polish my tail. They get to walk on their two fills, um. fin, no their feet. You could say I'm jealous, I don't care. But we do have what they don't and that's magic. for once I'm happy about a fact.

oh my gosh, sorry for bypassing an introduction.

my name is Adela Ocean, the only daughter and last breed of Alphonse ocean and Aquata Ocean, King, and queen of merfolks. Sister to Alfredo Ocean, the crown prince.

"Adela!" speak of the devil and he shall appear. Marisa immediately descended into the sea with me behind her. Coming to face an angry prince.

"Why are you so eager to get father angry" he screams in my face.

"and how do I do that" I retort. "by still coming to the sea even though you were forbidden, what if you get caught by vile humans, you'll be killed "

"I'll kill them before they do," I asserted glaring daggers at him. "what if you were snagged clueless and got killed or taken as hostage, our father will wreak havoc to avenge your death but it will never bring you back and you'll be gone forever," he says which is the bitter truth. with that so much anger he swarmed away like a bolt of lightning.


"and where are you coming from" I was so closed in getting back inside my chamber. Swirling around I faced my mother, the queen.

"I went to Marisa's chamber, mother" I replied. she looked at me for a moment I know she is contemplating whether to reprimand me or leave it.

"ok. your father wants to see you" she declared before swimming away. thank gosh she chose to leave it.

I quickly went after her to the throne room.

bowing my head "father you called" in the room is my father, mother, prince Sebastian, and his wife Layla, Marisa, and her elder sister Mellisa.

"dear daughter as you know your birthday is upcoming I wanted to seek your opinion On how you'll want it"

"you can organize it how you wish and I'll be happy"

"oh gosh, it will be the biggest party in history, all merfolks, and merkind will be attending, enough food and handsome suitors" my mom gushed. since I was a baby, my parents have always celebrated my birthday party everyyear, as soon as the party is over I feel like I've been hit by a truck.

"now sit for breakfast," he said. sitting down on a rock, the maid gave me my food which is seaweed; kelp, and seawater. some mermaids tend to consume fish, but I don't, I take them as friends so why eat them.

"Adela" "yes father"

"you know as you are coming of age you've now reached the ripe age"oh gosh, I already comprehend what he's about to say.

"all suitable mermen from all over Atlantis will be attending your party so you'll get to see impressive ones that will catch your eyes," he says, or rather request.

"right father". " excellent"

I just want to be free or is that too hard to ask.



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