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The affects of what cheating can cause and aftermath of deceit.... Who's to blame???

Thriller Alles öffentlich.

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Dead unfaithful

Timmy walked in the door to find his wife Jodie standing there, covered in blood. God what have you done Timmy sceemed as he fell to the ground.his lover Billie laid dead on the kitchen floor. Her throat had been slit.

I didn’t have a choice Jodie screamed back. she was taking you away from me. But Timmy couldn't hear a word, he just sat there in shock.

Timmy finally snapped out of it, then he turned to his wife and picked the knife up off the kitchen floor shaking with a psychotic rage. YOU BITCH...... He screamed.

Jodie’s stomach turned sickly as she saw the look of Shear madness in Timmy’s eyes. She felt a sudden sharp pain as Timmy stabbed her piercing her Heart Timmy watched Jodie’s eyes fading away her soul dying inside her.

Infuriated with anger as Timmy stared down at the puddles of blood he was set in.

The woman he loved. And the wife he once loved dead!

He needed to clean up the mess, he needed a plan but didn’t know what to do, his head was spinning. Determined now to crack up

like hell he was going to jail for this, Jodie deserved to die.....

He went to the garden for some air he couldn’t breathe. As Timmy got to the bottom of the drive he saw his neighbour's light's turn on and the front door opening,

SHIT! He knew he needed to hide.

Timmy jumped in the bushes shit ...fuck what if I was seen. The sound of a branch crack nearby, Timmy Held his breath he heard footsteps coming towards him.


Barry was asleep when his wife Angela woke to the horrifying scream coming from next door, she got out of bed and checked if Jason was still asleep, thankfully he was. Angela slowly walked downstairs to the front door anticipating whether to go outside or not, she peeked through the living room window and saw that the kitchen light was still on next door.

She decided to see if anyone was outside as Angela got to the bottom of her drive nothing seemed out of the ordinary Angela thought she must be going mad laughing to herself as she turned to walk back to her house.

Before she took a step she heard someone mumbling quietly at the bottom of the garden, Angela turned and walked towards where she heard the noise her curiosity invaded her mind.

Then in a sudden burst of movement, someone shot out from behind the bushes it was so dark Angela could only see eyes coming towards her with a look of dark intensity Angela felt an unexpected rush of panic and terror consume her.

She finally snapped out of it and turn to sprint down the garden to her front door,

She felt a hard shove slam her forward hitting her head on the bottom step just feet’s from her door.

Angela tried to scream, but nothing would come out before she could get back up she felt something wrap around her neck Angela tried to slide her fingers underneath, but she couldn’t get any leverage she felt the tightening and twisting as she was yanked back down the garden and down next doors' driveway...... Terrified and confused, is this happening.

Angela was losing focus, but she saw it was the kitchen it's the same as hers

now aware of the horrifying situation as she stared at Jodie and another woman she didn't recognize. Oh! god, she thought They're fucking dead.

Her whole body ran cold-blooded when she saw it was Timmy standing there the rope was getting tighter around her neck.

Angela Was fading away the Bright fuzzy Lights began to consume her vision the idea of dyeing terrified her enough to have one last desperate attempt to shake herself free it was already far too late........

Timmy staring down at the three dead women in his kitchen feeling under moved by the death around him then slowly his mind was coming into focus he knew what he needed to do he put his black leather gloves on and pulled his phone out to message Jodie. "Hey sweetheart sorry I'm running late I've got a flat about a mile away from home won't be much longer love you Jodie" Timmy sent the message put his phone back in his pocket

Without any thought, Timmy staged a scene that looks as believable as possible to make it look like Billy stabbed Jodie the Angela the nosey bitch came round she must have heard the commotion. Billie dragged Angela into the kitchen strangling her with a rope right at the side of Jodie. But before Angela lost all control she grabbed the knife that was at the side of Jodie's dead corps. With the sudden strength of her last breath, Angela slit Billie's throat...... Perfectly done Timmy thought-feeling psychotic as he cleaned everything he'd touched.


Timmy drove a mile away from his home and went to the nearest phone box he rang the police and made an anonymous call saying that he heard screaming and gave the address to the police he hung up and got to putting the new tire on thinking of any mistakes he could have made fuck...fuck...fuck... he said out loud startled by his voice. He shook his head get your fucking shit together he cursed himself.


Jason was woken to the sound of what sounded like the front door banging shut. tired and confused as to whether he was dreaming as he Dozed back off. sometime later Jason reluctantly got out of his bed. “fucking hell” Jason said aloud seriously hungover it was his 16th birthday party yesterday. rubbing his head moaning Jason looked out of his bedroom window. Timmy and Angela’s downstairs lights where on. strange he thought then suddenly his head becoming alert from a dream or what he thought was a dream. screaming and commotion coming for outside but He fell back to sleep. Now panicking knowing the front door banging shut was what woke him up. Jason felt a shudder go up his spine as he new none of this was a dream it was a fucking nightmare. Tiptoeing down the landing to his parents bedroom. his dad was fast asleep but his mum wasn’t there. Jason couldn’t shake off the feeling that something bad has happened. He saw that the porch lights were on as he sprinted to the front door. his mum was nowhere to be seen. trying to keep calm even though he felt scared. Jason slowly walked over the grass and up Timmy’s drive.

As he stood at Angela’s front door he knocked first and there was no answer. he shouted for his mum and Angela. just dead silence. Jason was shaking as tried the handle just off the chance it was unlocked.... And it was. His stomach was in knots as it was all seeming out of the normal. Feeling terrified now as he walked down the hallway to Angela's kitchen door. his Heart pounding loud enough that he could hear it. He knocked on the kitchen door and shouted his mum and Angela again. Nobody’s answering him.....


Harvey woke up to the sound of his phone ringing. for fuck sake he thought.He knew it would be his boss. He answered the phone unwillingly.

“Late again Harvey” his boss bellowed down the phone loud enough to give him a splitting headache.harvey bit his tongue. I’m sorry boss my fiancé left me last night. After a long pause his boss replied harshly. “Do I sound like I give a fuck about your personal life” Get the fuck down to the station now! there's been a triple homicide down at willows drive. his boss hung up the phone.

Harvey held his Head in his hands. what a fat inconsiderate wanker his boss was he though to himself. Get up get in the shower. and get a fucking grip. he cursed aloud feeling like he was going to lose his mind.

Harvey’s head felt heavy as he headed for the shower. He stood in front of his full length mirror admiring his physique. his ripped ABS that he had worked so hard to achieve. Harvey wasn’t vain but knew he was a good looking man. Women always complimented him. He had piercing green eyes. And olive skin. harvys smiled at his self. his strong jawline and perfect teeth. He doesn’t need Amy he thought. He could have anyone women he wanted. Harvey felt a little more confidence now as he stepped into the shower.

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