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Have you ever had one of those days where it went all to shit? Well, I did, you have no idea what's around the corner for you when it comes to life. Mine was getting any better' By the end of it all I had lost control of everything my attitude my hope and my salvation. My mentality was out of control..

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Early Morning

Kakaicha Man

Story by

Jason Dunn


My name is Darren Lee. I'm a businessman, Married to my wife for three years.

I thought marriage was supposed to be forever and crazy in love two people who want to be together forever.

Well, wasn't that a wake-up call,

My life wasn't glamorous the way I wanted it to go, but it did.

I thought it changed very quickly after what had happened. I'm not going to say too much because I don't want to spoil my storytelling you but let's say you have to read it, so here it is, Sits back, relax and let my account explain to you and hope it will make you understand the right outcome on your actions. And the things that change the course of your life.

Ok, here we go,

Early Morning...

Part 1.

The alarm sounded' Beeping loudly as it woke me up, Slamming my fist down turning off the ignoring sound.

I yawn and wiped my eyes, As I sat up at the edge of the bed.

Turning around staring at my wife, Gale,

She was beautiful a, dedicated housewife just laying there asleep. I watched her turn over onto her side; As I stood up, walking into the bathroom, I turned the faucet on for the shower. The water rushes out as I get the temperature right, feeling the water with my hand.

Hopping into the shower preparing for work, Gale was still asleep; the birds were chirping singing outside when I was enjoying the warmth of the storm, The heat fogged the mirrors, and I got out, drying myself as I got dressed. Walking downstairs into the kitchen, I made breakfast, making myself coffee and toast.

Sitting there on the stool, I took a look at the clock, realising what time it was; Oh Shit ' I'm going to be late, I rushed out the door, grabbing my keys what we're on the side table near the front door, getting into the car I reversed out of the driveway.

Driving up the street, I headed for work, taken the back roads to get on the freeway; along the way, I my usual spot where I drive-through and get coffee every morning. A place called Mc Donalds haha, Driving in ordering my the cashier took my order, and I drove around' I realise I didn't have my wallet; wheres my purse,

Looking around everywhere I couldn't find it. Pulling up next to the window, The cashier said that would be $4.50. Reacting quickly, I'm sorry it seems I left my wallet at home,

Please forgive me, Oh ok, that's ok, She said

We can get you another when you get it, Yes thank you, sorry again, It's alright the cashier replied.

I drove through the driveway, shaking his head. Bloody hell, how I can forget my wallet? Turning back, I headed back home to pick up my purse.

On arrival, I was about to pull up in my driveway when I saw a vehicle in the driveway. I don't know who owns it, so I pulled up along the street; getting out of the car, I walked up to the front door staring back at the strange vehicle in the driveway.

Approaching the door, I noticed the door was slightly open; looking around; I felt an uneasy presence. Curiously finding it strange, the door was open. I knew I had closed it behind him; pushing the door gently, I called out; Honey, I'm home. I forgot my wallet; There it was sitting there on the side table where my keys were; getting no response, I spotted my purse on the side table in front of me. Picking it up, I place it in the front pocket.

Calling out again, Honey, I'm home. I'm going back out again. I looked around, but I heard faint noises coming from upstairs, turning around; I suddenly heard a moaning sound echoing downstairs; listening carefully; the moaning got louder' Honey, are you ok? Hesitating for a second, I listen to it again. Deciding I walk upstairs but wish I didn't; I replied Are you alright? Are you hurt? Approaching our bedroom door, it was slightly open; the sound of moaning was coming inside and getting more intense. I also heard a sound of a males voice,

I started to think, No, please don't let this be; quietly, I peeked through the crack, noticing my wife was on top of another man,

I couldn't believe it' hurting as I was, watching my wife riding another man in my bed, grasping her hands down on his chest as she moans and moves her hips, thrusting against his.

The disappointing look on my face defines me, So I carefully grabbed the door handle about to close it when I hesitated for a second.

Decided to open the door, I stepped in and called out to my wife, Gale, What are you doing,

Gale reacted quickly, turning around noticing me jumping of her lover.

Gale Staring back at me in disbelief, Her lover sat up, staring at me as I gazed upon him, turning to stare at this man who was having sex with my wife stares right back at me, telling him that my wife,' looking back at Gale, I shook my head I can't believe this would happen, Gale doesn't say a word and turns her head away, I stood there staring at her foster I turned to leave the room closing the door behind me.

Gale sits there quiet with a tear running down her cheek, turning to her lover staring at him with sadness.

I walked downstairs, closing the front door getting back into my car, sitting there for a few minutes; my brain was going over what had just happened, then I turned to look at the house, starting the vehicle and driving off. Thinking about what had happened,

Moments later, I was on the main road and noticed the coffee shop.

Driving back in ordering another coffee

I drove around to the window paying for the coffee; the cashier recognised me and said Your back- I see you found your wallet; Yeah, that will be 4.50 please; here you go, drive on to the next window, please, she said.

I thank her for grabbing my coffee as I took a sip placing it in the cup holder; I was back on the road heading towards work; when I wasn't up for work and motivated to work,

My mind is filled with unsettling thoughts as I move onto the highway; I couldn't control what I was thinking. Then, suddenly, A vehicle cuts in front of me, Slamming on my brakes coming to a complete stop; I stared at the other person when they had also stopped. What the hell do you think you're doing, I yelled. Other vehicles had stopped as well. I tried to look over the other cars but couldn't see anything.

Pulling on my handbrake, I opened the door stepping one leg outstanding, noticing there was a pile of vehicles up on the freeway, all banged up from a traffic jam, not even moving.

I had to wait at least thirty mins in the car until the traffic started moving again,

Oh boy, I was getting frustrated and annoyed by everything that's going on.

Swearing and cursing, I sat in the car waiting, and when that time came, the traffic was moving. It wasn't long when I spotted a sign that directed towards out of town towards the country.

I had to think quick do I go to work or leave the exit taking another path' So I just did that a sign saying Exit to meadow brook,

Take a scenic tour through the country.

Driving along, I can see my work building where I worked but decided to take the exit instead of d moving off the door, heading away from town, following the road towards the country; I didn't look back; I kept going for hours until I arrived into the country.

Along the way, I dropped in to fuel garage, filling up buying food and supplies to keep me going wherever I was going.

PART 2 coming soon,

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