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I woke up early and got ready for school. We ate breakfast. My dad dropped me to school. Everyone was wearing SCHOOL mask. The teacher gave her an introduction and asked the children to give their introduction one by one. During the break it was announced that our school was planning a trip. The news breaked In the school. Everyone wanted to know where the school was taking for the trip. The teacher said that it will be announced tomorrow. When I went back home I took a nap. Then the same routine followed on. I didn't sleep well that night.

The next day we got to know that the trip had been postponed and our school had arranged a project making competition. We had to go to a forest to do the project. The project was to take photographs of different and rare insects. It was a very difficult task for me as I am very scared of insects. Me and my two other friends were a team. We decided to go to the nearest forest in the morning tomorrow. We got ready and headed towards the forest in my car. My dad drove us to the forest. When I reached there i was surprised that we were the first one to reach there.

It was a very quiet place. We took pictures of a lot of insects. I was very satisfied with the pictures. I suddenly heard the roar of a lion. I just panicked. I called my father on the phone and asked him to come and pick us up as quickly as he can. When I concentrated a little bit I saw someone hiding in the trees. It was the other group of our classmates. They made us fool. By the time my father had reached the forest. Our pictures were done so we decided to head back to our homes. It was lunch time and I ate lunch and then took a nap. I woke up late and then played games with my brothers. After eating dinner I slept.

We got first position in making of the projects but I would never forget that roar of the lion. As we reached the forest at first too so we had a lot of pictures and the school had said that no one is allowed to cheat others pictures so other students had just two three pictures left.


Work today and you can reap the benefits tomorrow!!!

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Mohammad Hasnain-ul-Islam i am a 12 years old kid

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