Krina Modi

This is a very short book. But the words of this book means the huge lesson of reality. Till now, we all are kept away from reality because everyone has its own selfishness. We need a change in our mindset, we have to cultivate our mindset. Don't tell that the mindset will automatically cultivated , You are the only person who can cultivate your mindset. Don't tell that I will cultivate it tomorrow or overmorrow, the time to cultivate it , is now. Just take out 10 minutes from schedule and read this book. I am damn sure that it will change your whole mindset of living life. It's specially written for kids.

Spirituelles Alles öffentlich.

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Preface to this Book.

To you, this will be a very odd book because you are always kept away from the reality and created your world like the people around you wanted ho create. In this book you will find the different stages of life. In this book, I will show you that what is the right path at different ages.

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