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Wounded birds

I have flown free making the sky fill with colors and my tail extends moving to the rhythm of the wind, I knew every corner at the top of those treetops in the jungle, I still remember when all the birds could be quiet without being disturbed until that day.

My dreams were ripped off that sad morning, I left the nest to be able to fly over and take the draft that took me to the top and get food for my macaws, they had a few days to have hatched, they needed to eat, I collected seeds and plants that they would like, when I returned I could not find my tree or the nest anywhere , humans had arrived felling hundreds of trees and hunted most of the birds, many parrots, toucans and macaws flew for refuge while the rest were captured.

Desperation invaded me, I had to do something to rescue mine or they wouldn't survive, I didn't stay on the wings so I decided to go down and face them, I took all the seeds that came into my beak and flew as fast as I could in the direction of the hunters to shoot them, but it was all in vain , a net caught my wings and threw me to the ground. I lost track for a moment and when I woke up, I had my beak tied with a wire that hurt me, my wings were covered with plastic immobilizing me completely.

I couldn't open the beak, but I made noises to see if my macaws listened to me, all my attempts failed, I had lost them forever, in the same way I lost my parents years before.

My tears drained non-stop when suddenly human hands took me and put me in a dark place like night, I could only see-through small dimples that made my uncertainty increase.

The pain I felt in the wings was unbearable, the further we went in that car, the smell of the jungle and fresh air disappeared, I was very thirsty and the heat inside the box was suffocating, I felt too much anguish to stop breathing until I fell asleep.

The box was opened, and sunlight penetrated my eyes waking me up immediately, I didn't know where I was until I saw some toucans in the same condition as me.

- What's going on? - I asked one of them.

"We are in the animal market, we will be sold," he replied.

I didn't know what that meant, I knew freedom, wind, nature, and none of that had a price, but it seemed like they didn't care.

In the distance I could see a line of parrots waiting for their turn to have their wings cut off so as not to escape.

Their pain was inevitable and as much as they tried to bite them to save themselves, they failed.

Again, a person took me in his hands and started checking my plumage, removed the wire and finally opened the beak after several days.

- How much does it cost? - he asked.

"That's worth 30 thousand pesos," the seller replied.

- Why was it priced? - I'm not an object, I didn't even want to get out of the jungle or lose my young and friends, but I had no voice because I was a bird, they wouldn't hear me no matter how loud I made. And yes, I was sold, that person took me straight to his house, when we arrived, I could see more macaws trapped in a huge steel cage.

That man "freed" me inside that prison, the expressions and the smile on his face made me feel that he was happy for his new acquisition, I looked around and those macaws were sad and frightened, some had been in these conditions for years.

All I thought about was the day I lost everything, my tree, my nest, and my family.

at what point do birds cease to be free and glow in the sky? at what point do we harm humans?

It's been several months since I was caught and sold, my wings have not felt the plumage shining with the glow of the sky again, every day I lose more hope, I don't know how much I can resist in this prison, I just want to fly again, free as the wind.

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