Gina Jones is a devoted young educated lady whose life is not left un touched by misfortune especially when she is forgotten on her wedding before her family and relatives by the love of her life Timie Blake with whom she had been in a relationship for more than 5 years. The latter in her attempt to recover from the emotional trauma vows never to love again but what will happen when Willy Brown the billionaire appears in her life ?

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After spending more than 5years together in a relationship with Blake, he finally decided to marry me after I feinted to kill myself. Timie and I knew each other ever since we were kids but when we graduated from high school, we decided to further our relationship.

at the beginning of our relationship, things were very fine. We were very young and wanted to enjoy life together. I wasn't bothered at all by that because I was still a child. I had no idea about the realities of life.

Time passed by and I realized that I wanted to settle down and get a cool life style. I admired my grand parents who had been married for more than 50years and who were still living together loving and sustaining themselves despite their old age. I similarly saw my mom and dad who were celebrating their 30th mariage anniversary and they just like my grand parents loved themselves very much. I can testify that as time passed, they loved themselves more. I wanted same so I started contemplating on my relationship with Tim.

Don't misunderstand me, I love Tim very much. I think I could give him my whole life if it was necessary but by then I was contemplating. I was not getting any younger as a lady. By the time we were celebrating our 5th birthday of love relationship, we were both graduating from college.

That night when the party organised to us by our parents, the celebration and rejoicing were over, it was time for us to talk about and decide on a future together. I was determined to let him understand that I wanted our relationship to be more serious than it had been all this while. I wanted to be by his side the rest of my life and be happy just like my grand parents and parents were. So we had a tremendous discussion together.

"Tim all my life I had known you. For the past 5 years I have been your girlfriend. You call me your baby and I love you very much but I want things to become more serious between the both of us" I could see the suprise on his face and he was so confused I guess that it is because ever since we knew each other, I had never been so serious.

Before Tim could say anything, I made sure I finished what I had to tell him so I continued. “I think it is time for us to take our lives at hand. We just graduated from college and we are now old enough to keep spending our time in parties, clubs, and other futilities without thinking about our future" I took a deep breath and finally said “Tim I think we should get married”

I was not done speaking that Tim almost choked when he heard "getting married”. His reaction did not suprise me at all because he had the same reaction whenever we talked about mariage. I could understand because his family was really wired and mariage had no other choice than to be a stranger in their home.

Tim came from a very rich home. His mother was one of the most successful women in politics. She was the mayor of our community, and had a political party. She was not only that successful in politics, she also had a successful career inasmuch as business is concerned. She had many lucrative companies.

Tim was her only son. She was never married. Tim once told me that he knows neither his father nor grand father because his grand mother was also a single mother. This is really surprising to you how I could fall in love with him.

As I said in the beginning, we knew each other from childhood but more to that is the fact that our parents were very good friends and business partners. My dad was one of the managers of Miss Blake's companies and so their relationship was strong. That is why ever since we were young, they purposed that we both married.

Ever since Blake was a kid, despite the fact that he had neither father nor grand father, he had all his material needs fulfilled so he cared less about the emotional ones.

Contrary to me, I was not that lucky inasmuch as my financial needs were concerned. It was not easy for my parents to take care of me and my three sisters. They did their best to sponsor my educational course to the most expensive schools in the city to ensure a good training for me and most importantly for Tim and I to be together always. That was high enough and I could not dream of something better.

You understand Tim's reaction. I said what I had to say and I was really serious about it. I wanted to get married and to be as happy as my parents and grandparents.

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