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Ina ended up having an all sex no love relationship with her stepbrother but she slowly drew in and started to fall for him little did she know to Aron she was nothing more than a bedmate and little did Aron know that she was far more than a bedmate

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You are hot

"Aron we are leaving for work now do not forget to clean up ok." Aron heard his parents say as he came down from the stairs he said goodbye and sat down.

Ina came down the room and found Aron there he wore black jeans with a white long tshirt he looked hot ina slapped herself for thinking of Aron like that."Good morning Ina." he said without even looking at her "morning." i replied as i went down the stairs mom and dad must have left because the house looks just like how it did last night so i headed infront to start cleaning.i've not known Aron for a long time since we just knew each other last week when he came back from his studies i just heard he studies in Mexico and he is twenty years old making it four years older than me when i saw him last week he looked so handsome a black jacket a portion of his hair put in his forehead white sneakers he looked cute but then again he is now my stepbrother so.. It gets risky .

"You should have cleaned Aron should i clean all this by myself?" i asked joking as i started to clean he did not respond but later he stood and said"You are hot you know that."he asked 'ok where did that come from?'i asked myself "You are so hot and sexy i looked at him to see if he was joking but he was standing and looking at me i was shocked "what do you?" he came to me and kissed my nose before i could say anything he turned me around and touched my hips and pulled me close to his shaft 'wait what is going o' my thoughts were interupted when i felt a kiss on my neck his mouth felt so warm and "mmmh,' i moaned as i felt him lick on my earlobe and say " You are so damn hot."he lifted my shirt up and touched my breast i bit my lip to avoid a raging moan from my mouth he touched my breasts as he licked and kissed my neck "mmhh," my loud enough moan took me to half heaven and then dragged me straight to hell when i remenbered that the man right here was her stepbrother "Aron st.. Mmhh,sto..p." she said Aron looked at her and a smirk form on his face "stop what." he asked "you ." he took off my shirt and left me in a bra top as he started grinding his shaft in me in slow motion"i want you Ina you are so fucking gorgeous." he turned me around again and lifted me and made me put my legs around his waist then made me sit on the table then he took my lower lip and sucked on it "mmmhh.".a moan came out of my mouth and suddenly he stopped i had closed my eyes so immediately opened only to see him looking at me so calmly " You really want this dont you?"he asked what should i answer did i really want this the moans the liquid in my legs i look like a mess and he looked so calm"i'll help you clean you should go change."wait was he joking what fucking joke is that is he mad i stood and dragged my ass to the room i hate myself now for moaning like that i must have looked so cheap i locked the room and looked at myself in the mirror i looked horrible my hair all messy i mean he said i am sexy and now i feel like such a fool for being fooled like that

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