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Rachel's High Start

"One more hit!" Brianna said as Rachel began to throw the basket ball. Brianna was Rachel's best friend. She was helping her with basketball practice on Rachel's yard. "Yes!" Rachel said after she made the ball in the hoop. She was getting good at this. They both practiced and practiced, but it was time for Brianna to go. The next day, Rachel had basketball practice. She got ready and ate breakfast. After that her mom took her to the court. "Hi Samantha!" Rachel said. "Hey Rachel!" Samantha said. "Come! I'm with Maclin and Katie!" She said. Samantha is Rachel's 2nd best friend. Rachel followed her as she saw the other basketball players playing on the court. "Hi Rachel!" Maclin and Katie said. Maclin and Katie were Rachel's friends. "Hey guys!" Rachel said. "Has Brianna came, yet?" Rachel asked. "Nope! Not yet!" Maclin said. "She will come, soon." Katie said. Someone was standing behind Rachel! Brianna! "Hi Bri!" The girls said. "Hi! Sorry I came late! Also I have to leave early I have a doctor's appointment, today. "Oh that's okay!" Rachel exclaimed. "Okay! Silent everyone! We're gonna begin practice!" Coach Ari said. "Amanda, Katie, and Maclin you are in team 1, and Lex (Alexa), Brianna, and Rachel you are in team 2. Everyone else can watch how we do it and then it should be your turn!" Coach Ari said. "We're sure gonna win losers!" Amanda turned and said to Team 2 with Rachel and her teamates. Amanda was a bully, she also plays basketball, she just wants to be the best. "Oh, your not sure about that! Amanda~!" Alexa said. "Okay teams! Starting in 3.. 2.. 1.. GO!" Coach Ari said. It's going to be 3 rounds. Who ever has the most points wins. Team 1 has the ball. Katie passes it to Maclin, Maclin passes it to Rachel by accident. Rachel got the ball and quickly passed it to Brianna. Alexa wasn't open and Brianna passed the ball to her. So instead Amanda got it. Rachel stealed the ball from Amanda and passed it to Alexa. Alexa throw it to the hoop. Team 2 scored a point! "Good round!" Rachel said. "Good round!" Brianna and Lex said. Maclin and Katie said good round too! But Amanda was stumped. Losing makes her mad and discouraged. "Ugh! You cheated!" Amanda said pointing at Rachel. Rachel was surprised. She never thought she was cheating and never wanted too. "She never cheated! Okay? No one did!" Alexa said. Rachel felt better. She was brave, now! After the game, everyone got a treat. Rachel and her team got treats, too. After that Rachel became the team captain and continued playing basketball.

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