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Nico Mazepin is an average 13 - year old kid. He seems to lead a pretty normal and boring life. So, when he suddenly gets a free plane ride with his brother Jeffy and his classmates, including someone special, he seizes the opportunity. Little does he know, it won't be a normal trip . . . EDIT: Thank you so much for around 3K viewers. Please consider following the book; it just got verified and I would genuinely appreciate it.

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Chapter 1: The Beginning

Ok, imagine yourself in danger on a plane that your dad was flying, because it caught on fire from some dude named Ronald. Well, that's exactly what happened 2 decades ago. At least, that's what my book says. I'm reading a book called "Shooting Star". Which, if you think about it, is a pretty dark but fitting name, hence the plane on fire. My name's Nico Mazepin, and I'm Indian-American. I'm 13 years old and I live in Miami, Florida with my step-family: 2 guardians (husband and wife, obviously) and my 16-year old brother, Jeffery Francois. (We nickname him Jeffy.) Now, you're wondering why I'm telling you this. Well, it's just that I lead a boring life. Nothing interesting seems to happen, and I'm never really recognized. I just wish something would happen so I could feel extraordinary. Ok, back to the book I'm reading. I think this Keily Boston girl might be making this whole thing up. I mean, I've seen planes on fire before, but then it says that a TALKING SKELETON was in front of the plane. A TALKING SKELETON. What kind of witchcraft does this planet possess? I'm making my word. If I ever see a talking skeleton on my life, I want you to take a pretzel and shove it up my nosehole. I have 2 of them anyway. "Nico, time to go to school!" Marvin (aka my stepdad) yells as I put a bookmark in my novel. I forgot to read the last few pages of my book for my report I will spend the whole day working on in school. That usually doesn't happen. I hop in the car with Jeffy, and we ride to Mammoth Galaxy. If you're wondering why it's called a galaxy, it's because it combines an elementary school, middle school, and high school all in 1 building! It gets to be much, but I'm not complaining. As I walk into my classroom, room 7-4, I realize everyone doesn't have their books with them. Not even Cody, and he always has a book prepared! He literally aces all of his tests. I ask, "Why don't you have your books?" Ben (who everyone else calls Junior) says, "Didn't you get the email from Principal Steinbeck?" And I said, "No? Why?" Joseph says, "The printer broke, so it's not gonna be for another week." At that point, I didn't know how I felt. I was angry I studied hard for the test and it won't be until later, but I was happy because now we actually get to eat lunch. I just said, "I'm not gonna react to that." And I sat down next to Penelope, who was sucking Ben's face while Ben sucked hers. They were kissing, is what I'm saying. Mr. Chu walked into the room and said, "Alright class, the principal has another announcement." Some kid named Billy (who we all call bully, you can guess why) said, "So why didn't he say it over the intercom?" Mr. Chu said, "The printer affected the intercom too. Anyway, the school has reached not only enough money to give to charity, but we also have enough left over to send 16 students on a plane trip!" Immediately, the whole class starts cheering. Me, I'm still pinching myself. This is a golden opportunity. If I could get on that plane, I can make my mark in history. I won't ever have to worry about wanting to be in the spotlight ever again, because I will get more attention than everyone else! But in the whole madness, I yell, "WAIT!" and everyone stops. Then I say, "How will the 16 students be decided?" Mr. Chu explains the whole process to me and the class. I go over it one more time. "Ok, so we have to get a signature to enter a contest so we can board the plane?" And everyone says yes. But I still realize: Where does the plane go? And more importantly, will I be able to board it?

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