rhonda chambers

She finds out her moms dirty secret and gets even

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The Story Of Everything Wrong

Hi my name is azzy and my mom used to have the worst days everday

The day my dad died was the hardest day of my life I remember it a little it was the day he moved out because him and my mom got a divorce then we got a call that he died in a car crash and that it was suicide I cried for days it was so sad I really wanted to ask why he left because few days later a man showed up to oir house she told me to go upstairs but I heard everything she hired him to kill my dad I was so surprised so I called the police and later find out they FAKED the accident so they would admit it I was so happy I ran into my dad' s arms while crying I was so happy I got my happily ever after and so did my dad

Thank you for listening to my story

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