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2 girls living in the woods in treehouse. Some of you may already know the feeling "Get's" it those who want to know why, well the world kind and beautiful, wonderful ever. there's so much to see, do, love. Sadly it's also dark and hateful, scary. These girls, there trauma. Read there story see for yourself, why they live in a treehouse. It's pretty awesome actually. These lost lonely girls runaway to the woods, because life was just to rough. It was a devastating earth shattering day that changed there life completely. Both running from grief, and trauma. They each have there own unique story. You see life has a strang way of doing things throwing u of course for some It's like fighting A wa. These girls dont know one another but life sent them down the same path. Life's funny like that ya know?

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Chapter 1. Story behind cici

there is this girl..

she was beautiful...she was kind ...she was humble... And oh so giving...such a big heart she had...she was extraordinarily unique... she was always good to her not so good neighbors,always good to the people in her not so greattown ... She'd never turn her cheak up at the week, Like the not so good people in this not so great town had did to her. She was always so grateful for the littlest of things not like all the other's.they took everything for granted.She’s been through so much Homless , addiction, verbally, physically, mentally..abused been a victim to acts of violence. So many storms in her life. But she always looked forward to the rainbow afterwards, because time after time storm after storm there was always that bright, colourful , beautiful. Rainbow She was loud, hyper, clumsy, even a space cadet somedays. She sskipped around and whistle like she had not a worrie in the world.People could/would say she was a mess. Most people avoided her , mocked her, some even used and abused her Kindness.She always felt so misunderstood . How could anyone understand herif no one would give her the time of day.

She prayed every day for herself and even the not so great people in her not so great town..She couldn’t understand why things were this way...they say everything happens for a reason.... what was the s the reason she layed alone at night wondering why?....

she often cried herself to sleep. on countless nights she cried just to release some let out the heaviness of the world that bore down on her fragile heart... her tired soul.

makes a person wonder ya know ? how a. girl could go through so much pain... much heart ake.... and witness much heartless acts of hatefulness... ....and stillBe so humble so kind so giving......She was weird she did things awkwardly... they didn’ know thT this girl was brilliantly fearless yet so timidly gentle ..those not so good people in her not so great town should have appreciated her, helped spread kindness instead of hate and judgment....

she had a strange ability to not care what others thought of ? This girl has been called horrible names.. she dont let it faze her and treated badly even after she helped them yet she still forgives so easily... why? how ? its makes a person wonder ya know. this girl who is so kind and humble and giving and caring..... ...this girl has been lost and alone and left by people she thought loved her ..... she didnt understand why ? She went threw such traumatic things. neither did or do I understand I don't think anyone does really. Bad things happen to good people alot more then u think.

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