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It's been a month since the great white King Namath was dethroned, since then it's been pretty quiet. Stacey hangs out in the nursery with Stripe, the tiger shark, and other sharks. Gorge and Gabey the crabs have been taking care of the feeding preparations, which for the most part has been good. King Onyx the great white and Queen Ava the blue-ringed octopus make a wonderfully powerful team.

All and all it's been pretty peaceful, even though they know every day could be the day they get ambushed, but they are prepared. Queen Ava tried to open the portal to send Sarah and Stacey back but it wouldn't work, she said it had to be the Scepter that brought them here. Sarah on the other hand is missing earth, she's tired of the ocean life, sick of the water, and this world. She spends most of her time in the war room thinking of how she can get the last six scepters. She knows the U.S.K. have two and so does the deep blue crocs. She's also pretty sure the merfolk has one too. She is looking at some of the crazy weapons on the wall when the door opens, in walks Scab, he's a new shark, a Lemon shark to be exact, he's one of the little ones but he's really good. Scab says, "should have figured you would be in here." Sarah replies, yeah well where else would I be?" Scab laughs and says, "well you better get down to the main hall some nasty Goblin shark just showed up wanting to see the King." So Sarah and Scab walked into the main hall and of course, it was none other than Dice. "Yeah, I'm back where is Namath?" Dice demanded. Sarah spoke up, "where is Slice? You expect us to believe you're just getting back and knew nothing about the King!" Dice walked right up to Sarah, he's an 8-foot tall goblin shark-man so he's really scary. He says, "I don't answer to no human, mind your business girl!" Zuni entered the room with Stripe, Zuni was a new addition she is another mako shark, seeing her makes Sarah Think of Zipper. "Follow me, Dice I'll take you to the King." Said, Stripe. Dice walked away from Sarah giving her that dead-eye shark stare, what he doesn't know is she's used to that. Scab asks her, "who was that?" Sarah answers, "that was Dice, he was an assassin for the old King, nobody important." Sarah doesn't trust Dice at all.

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