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Ivy's been dating Drake for two years. They both decided to celebrate with a nice, simple dinner at their favorite restaurant. What she didn't expect was to be surprised with some wonderful news. One that would cause her to fall much more in love with the man of her dreams. That way Ivy and Drake will have a sweet dream night.

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A Dream Night

Drake, Drake, Drake.

The years go by and my love for him has not diminished one bit. On the contrary, it simply grows incredibly fast, like a flower being fed with an abundance of affection and dedication. Cheesy, I know. Don't judge me, I can't help it.

I try to keep moving my fingers on the keyboard, commanding my brain to focus on the summary of the new story I had to review, but it's hard for my thoughts not to end up being diverted back to him.

The sweet kisses he gives me, the way he holds me in his strong arms so that the warmth of our bodies connects in perfect harmony, the deep and loving way his beautiful brown eyes transmit to me.

I fell at his feet from the first moment I saw him. I was barely entering my adulthood, leaving the childish attitudes behind, and yet, every particle of my being and every bit of my soul belonged to him the moment his attention fell on me.

If my body were not a mass of muscles, I could swear that I melted in a huge pool of slime, totally captivated. He held my heart in his hands instantly, and I lasted a while uncertain and fearful of what would happen to it if I neglected, but he showed me that he was worthy of having it. Even today, after three years together, he still is.

"Ivy! " a hand is waved in front of my face, pulling me completely out of my daydream ". You are needed here on earth. In what universe were you?" We both laugh, though I feel the blush of shame on my cheeks.

"I'm sorry, Jannet. I got distracted.”

"Aha, I can see that." Rolling her eyes. “Thinking about that sweet little hottie you have for a boyfriend?" With a mischievous smile and raising her eyebrows repeatedly.

"My Hottie, just in case you need me to remind you," I warned her, though I couldn't possibly be jealous of Jannet.

It's not because she's not attractive. She has a classic beauty, with her long black hair down the back, high cheekbones, and thin red lips, like those vintage actresses. It's because she's this flirty with everyone.

Many fall at her feet, but she is unable to keep them around for long, I think she has something of a commitment phobia. And my boyfriend only has eyes for me. I may be small and nothing special, but I am the only one capable of attracting his full attention and I am always proud of that.

"Yes, yes," she says with a half-smile. "Do you have anything planned for your anniversary?" Yep, today Drake and I are two years into our wonderful relationship.

It's been a rocky road full of ups and downs, just like any other relationship, and I wouldn't change a thing. I'm happy no matter if the days are rainy, hot, and perfectly sunny. By his side, everything bad is overshadowed and I see rainbows above my head.

I know, maybe I'm just too stunned—and his incredible appeal doesn't make things any easier for me—but I couldn't be any other way if I went through brainwashing or someone hypnotized me to supplant my memories. My love for him is too intense.

"He invited me to dinner at my favorite restaurant." I organize the pile of folders that occupy too much space on my desk and put them in the file cabinet.

"That's all?" She snorts. “He should be more creative, going to the same restaurant as always is boring." Laughing. “Not to mention that eating burritos with raspberry soda is not romantic at all.”

"Don't go where nobody called you." I stick out my tongue and try to focus again on the sentences of the story highlighting on the screen. “I like burritos, there's nothing wrong with that.”

"The moment it melts in your mouth, I'm certain there's nothing wrong," she gives me a judgmental look and I shrink back into my seat. “But I'm sure those rolls of yours are a real problem.”

"Shut up, stupid!" My cheeks are burning and because of the shame, I throw the first thing I find at her head. My projectile ended up being my hole puncher and she managed to dodge it without any problem. “I don't have any rolls!”

"Tell that to the mirror, princess," and just like that, she's gone. Leaving me red-faced with anger and humiliation.

"At least I have a boyfriend," I whisper to no one in particular since my best friend is too far away to hear me.

Hours go by in a blur of work that, when the time comes to leave, I'm surprised at how much I managed to advance. Thank the gods I could finally concentrate and stop thinking about Drake. Though not completely, of course.

Now and then I looked at the picture of us in the wooden frame on the side of my desk and sighed like a teenager looking at his crush in the distance. My phone vibrates when I get a message and I smile when I see the person who sent it. Speaking of the devil.

"My sweet candy, I hope you're ready for our date."

"Hi, honey. Just getting off work, I'm going home right now to take a quick shower and get ready."

"Okay, I'll pick you up in an hour."

"Aren't you there? I thought we were going to leave together."

"Dad needed help with something at the store, so I gave him a hand."

"Oh, I see. Well, I'm on my way out now. See you in an hour."

"All right, love you."

"I love you more."

I quickly stuff it in my wallet and rush to catch a cab. At this hour, the traffic is terrible and people are fighting furiously to get one. I consider this my lucky day as, in just two attempts, one stops. I point the way and try not to lose my head, it's taking too long. Fucking too long! After fifteen minutes, I can see our apartment in the distance and sigh of relief. The taxi is stuck in the middle of a long line of cars.

I thought about waiting but then I lost my patience, gave the driver a couple of bucks, and got off, running the rest of the way with some difficulty because of my heels. I get in the elevator and, once the doors open, I rush into what has been our home since last year. It's not very big, it only has two rooms and a bathroom.

But the dining room and living room are spacious, plus the huge window right on the wall in front of the entrance is a perfect source of light in the morning. I take my clothes off and leave them in the hallway, I'll pick them up later. Now, I need to be ready as soon as possible, I barely have half an hour available.

The shower is the fastest I have ever taken in my entire life and when I go out, I still have drops of water running down my skin. I rub the towel until I am dry enough and open the closet wide. The night probably ends in sweaty bodies, hot stares, and Drake's beautiful cock shining and swollen for me, so I choose a cute yet seductive set of red underwear with subtle lace.

I'm a little undecided about what I should wear next. Jannet was right, after all. My favorite restaurant isn't very fancy. Instead of expensive wines and tiny appetizers, they serve beer in long glasses next to a bowl of almonds of dubious origins. Sometimes I think the napkins are recycled.

But the atmosphere is familiar and full of life, that's why I love it. I'm a simple girl, being surrounded by overbearing old ladies with exaggeratedly loud and spoiled dogs is not my thing. I guess that's why I never got along with Drake's mom.

I shake my head and turn my attention back to the most important thing: my clothes. I don't have much, but at times like this, the options seem endless. I have worn them too many times, some need minor repairs and others that have lost color through washing.

Jesus, I really need to renew my wardrobe. I'm about to cry out of frustration when something catches my attention from the corner of my eye. In the end, almost out of the way, it is the most beautiful white dress I've ever seen. It's not very eye-catching, but it's not completely simple either.

The top is decorated with some rhinestones of different colors, simulating a necklace. The lower part opens delicately giving the skirt a little volume, which reaches a little above knee level, just the way I like it. I have no idea where it came from and I must be really stupid or have a terrible memory to have forgotten buying such a jewel. Besides, it's still wrapped in protective plastic, which I have to nail down a bit to get it off in record time.

Its texture is soft, which is a relief. It would be really uncomfortable if I was constantly worried about an itch in some compromising place. I zip it up, struggling a little bit since it's on my back, and I rush to check myself in the mirror. Fuck, it fits like a glove.

My mother has always said, "Any dress, no matter how simple or cheap it looks, can be worn with class if you wear the right accessories. I am very grateful for her advice—although, when I was thirteen, I found it useless. I sit down on my dresser and open my jewelry box. It takes me a good five minutes until I decide on some simple flower earrings, a thin gold bracelet that Dad gave me for my last birthday, and a ring on my right thumb.

Simple, but elegant. Mom will be proud when she sees the picture I'll upload to Instagram as soon as I get the chance. The tones I use for makeup are subdued, giving my appearance a natural, youthful touch.

I'm more of a smoky-eyed, red-lipped kind of girl, but I doubt it'll look good with the whole outfit. I curl my hair a little and place two tiny flowers to hold my bangs out of my forehead. I think I'm ready. Oh, shoot. I forgot my shoes. My phone rings and I take it out of my purse to check the new notification. As I expected, it's a message from Drake.

"Ready, honey?"

"Are you here yet?"

"Yeah, I just parked."

"Okay. I'll be right down."

I put it aside and ran to the closet again. As I don't have enough time to choose, I decided on some simple white sandals that fortunately fit very well with the dress. I make sure I put them on properly so I don't end up waving at the floor up close, take my phone, and leave our apartment.

I bump into the next-door neighbor in my career, apologize as best I can, and get back in the elevator. I pray to all heavenly forces that I don't start sweating and the dark spots under my armpits ruin my look. It's hopeless, once I get nervous my sweat can fight off a downpour. It is horrible and I hate it. It hurts that there is no magic serum or disgusting green drink that can cure me of my shameful illness.

True to his word, my handsome boyfriend is waiting for me inside the car. I wave at him as I walk in his direction, a silly smile stretching my lips. He opens the door for me and I hold up the skirt of the dress so my soul doesn't show while I'm climbing up, in the worst Britney Spears style. Drake greets me with a soft kiss and then he runs the tongue over the lips to remove the remains of my lip balm. Lucky for him, it tastes like cherry.

"There's been a slight change of plans," announces as he starts the engine and begins to slide into traffic.

"Huh?" I wonder, confused. “Are we not going to Thick Rubber anymore?" Well, yes, my favorite restaurant is called 'Thick Rubber'.

"No, I've got a better idea," smiles, I can see he's up to something.

"Well, where are you going to take me?”

"I bet you can't guess," his smile widens and I roll my eyes.

"It’s a surprise?" I hate it when people do that.

"Aha, so just relax and let me drive. Oh, and by the way..." He stops me after noticing I'm going to reply. “You look beautiful.”

"Well, thank you. I found this dress in our closet." I smooth the soft fabric with my fingers. “You wouldn't happen to have anything to do with it, would you?”

"Me?" His act is so fake that even a two-year-old could tell. “I have no idea what you're talking about, honey.”

"Yes, of course." The sound of his laughter is music to my ears.

"I've got a good eye, huh?" He reaches out with one hand to hold mine and crosses our fingers.

"Well, yes. Your good choice extends not only to the clothes, but also to the wonderful girlfriend sitting next to you." I raise my chin, proud.

"I can't argue against that logic.”

The minutes continue to pass and the journey is extended, while we listen to music and talk about trivial things. The sunset is soon gone and its colors are replaced by the dark blue, black, and white of the few clouds that appear scattered across the sky.

It was a very smart idea to go to the bathroom before going out, or else I would be in a lot of trouble now, my bladder always finds the most inopportune and unexpected moments to interfere. One hour later, the city buildings are replaced by large trees and extensive grasslands. At some point, I can see cows and sheep devouring the green grass under their hooves. Curiosity has me biting my thumbnail with impatience.

Drake removes it from my mouth several times, but I finish chewing it again in the end. It's a pretty hard habit to break. After what felt like an eternity of traveling, I manage to spot many lights in the distance, in what seems to be a private property. Drake has to pass through a gate guarded by a tough, rigid-faced guard to gain access inside the rocky boundaries, things in the car jumping around due to the difficult road.

"You've been here before?”

"Sure, honey. I had to come here to decide whether it was worth renting it or not." He brings my hand to his lips and leaves a soft kiss on the back.

"Is this like some kind of farm or something?" In terms of fields and everything related, my score is zero out of zero.

"It's a wine plantation." He points to long columns of bushes in the distance, perfectly maintained, although the night doesn't let me appreciate them well.

"Seriously?" He nods, looking pleased with my amazement. “Well, that's great. I've never been to one before.”

"Being aware that you prefer chips to caviar, I'm sure." I shrink my eyes and stick out my tongue in a childish tantrum. He just laughs.

"I can't help but be drawn to a good, refreshing beer instead of boring, spicy champagne.”

"Don't worry, beautiful." Winking at me. “That gives you more charm, that's why I fell in love with you.”

"Aww," I put a hand on my chest and blew him a kiss. “All right, with that, you managed to get your foot out of the mud.”

"Perfect, because otherwise, we'd be starting this night badly." We laugh as he slowly parks the car and turns off the engine.

The fresh night breeze blows on my face when I step out, and the fresh scent of the plants and bushes around is incredibly pleasant. The property is very beautiful too. Its polished wooden walls glow under the moonbeams and the large windows are sure to provide an enviable view every day. Everything is suspiciously quiet around us, except some insects and frogs hiding in the shadows.

"Shall we?" He puts one arm around my waist and leads me up the stairs.

"Will it just be us?" I take a brief look around, feeling a sudden chill. “It's a bit scary, don't you think?”

"Relax, you'll be perfectly safe." I'm about to open my mouth again to argue, but he opens the door and I'm immediately startled by the great noise that greets us.

"Surprise!" The many guests shout in unison, among family members and friends, all mixed up and united in a great crowd.

"Oh, my God!" A rain of congratulations and tight hugs surrounds me immediately. Everything passes so quickly that I am stunned and, by the time it is over, I have completely forgotten about half of them. The last ones to approach are my parents. Mom with little tears in her eyes and dad looking at me with pride and love. “Hi, mom." I gladly receive her kisses and then jump into my dad's arms. “I missed you so much.”

"It's been a long time, Beverly." Drake holds her hand to leave a gentle kiss on the back of it, and mom blushes. “It's so nice to see you again, Jonathan.”

"When we received the invitation, we jumped with joy." Dad shakes his hand in a tight grip and smiles. “I couldn't miss the chance to see my baby again.”

"I'm not a baby, Dad." I am, but I'll die before admitting it. Instead, I roll my eyes and he squeezes me harder into his embrace.

"You'll always be my little girl even if you're fifty years old and have thirteen children.”

"Thirteen?!" I scream in dismay and they laugh. Hell, I couldn't even handle two. Let alone thirteen.

"One, I think, will be more than enough." Drake is quick to add.

"Just one?" Mom wrinkles the nose and curls a lock of her hair on a finger. “I was thinking more. You're young, don't put the cherry on the cake yet.”

"Mom, I can barely take care of myself." I sigh. “If it wasn't for Drake, I probably wouldn't be able to find my toothbrush.”

"Not to add fuel to the fire, but once I don't know how he managed to add shampoo into the conditioner container." I look at my feet in shame. Honestly? I have no idea either.

That day, Drake came out all wet and soapy, screaming at the top of his lungs that he had spent more than twenty minutes trying to wash off the shampoo foam, which didn't make sense since he was using the conditioner bottle. I had to give him a very enthusiastic blow job as an apology... Although, that was no torture for me.

"Believe me, as a child, she was much worse.”

"Okay, it's time we found a nice table to sit at." I'm pushing Drake in the opposite direction before a new embarrassing story about my carelessness and mischief comes out.

I'm really happy to have my parents here. They live in another city and I rarely get to see them because of my job or some unforeseen situation when I plan to visit them. I was always a little closer to my dad, helping him in the motorcycle shop until I was covered from my toes to the tips of my hair in motor oil and my mom would throw improvised projectiles at him for allowing me to get so dirty.

My childhood was very nice, I never had difficulty getting into trouble and unfavorable situations, but the love of my parents and great friends never lacked. It all got better when I met Drake in college and from then on, the rest is history. He leads me to a small table with a beautiful tablecloth and a huge, vibrant daisies centerpiece. My favorite. I pick one up and play with the soft petals when suddenly music starts playing through the huge speakers and people get up to dance.

The huge hall has a circular central area that works perfectly as an informal dance floor. The decorations of balloons and garlands hanging from the ceiling give it the extra touch to look magnificent. I jump up and down on the chair and move my feet to the rhythm, bringing to my mouth the food appetizers that are arranged for us. All I need is a good beer.

"Would you like to dance, honey?" Half screams in my ear so I can hear him over the music.

"No, no, no." I frantically deny. “You know I have two left feet. I'd better stay here where everyone can be safe from my incompetence.”

"Oh, come on." He gets up and grabs my arm, pulling me up even against my will. “Don't exaggerate, it'll be fun.”

Ten minutes later, and almost the same number of stomps I've given him with my nice sandals, he's not so convinced anymore. Even his smile seems to be forced and I'm terribly embarrassed. I'm about to run away and hide under the table when he signals for the music to stop.

The silence falls immediately and I watch him confused, not knowing very well if I should stay here by his side or look for that beer I want so much. My hand is taken and our fingers are intertwined, which gives me the answer I needed. It seems that now I must support a speech of which I had no idea. I just hope I don't screw up.

"Dear family and friends, thank you very much for having attended this pleasant evening." His voice is high and firm, looking between the tables with a soft smile on his lips. I nod and smile too, already creating some phrases in my mind, in case I have to intervene. “It is a pleasure and a joy to be surrounded by all the people who have meant something to us at some point in our lives." His eyes fall briefly on me.

«Uh... What's going on?» The uncomfortable thought flashes through my mind, but Drake doesn't allow me a chance to overthink things when he continues.

"As you know, today Ivy and I are celebrating our second year of dating." He glances at me again and his smile widens. “Two wonderful years.”

Many "Aww" and "How cute!" can be heard in the crowd, but I'm so captivated by his chestnut depths that I don't pay any attention to them.

"We've had a lot of trouble, of course. But it's all been a great adventure, full of surprises. Especially when you wake up one morning to find out too late that in the coffee pot, instead of coffee and sugar, someone who was too sleepy added flour with salt, and you ended up running to the bathroom to throw up your guts.”

I cover half my face with my free hand and successfully avoid groaning in humiliation. Oh, my God, this man never tires of embarrassing me. How could he possibly remember? It happened practically a few weeks after we moved in together. I was very tired because, the previous day, I stayed up all night reviewing a rather long story with very complicated terms that I had to check constantly in the dictionary.

Until I fell asleep unintentionally on the couch, drooling on the pile of papers and catching a cold the next day from not having covered myself with a blanket from the cold of the night. I was very sleepy, my eyes could hardly open. It was just a miscalculation on my part taking the ingredients to make my morning coffee.

I felt very bad at that moment to hear him gagging while throwing the contents of his stomach on his knees in front of the toilet. But that guilt sting disappeared the instant he dared to open his mouth to let out that embarrassing secret. I am going to make him pay for every story he has screamed at the top of his lungs, at the end, he is going to beg me to have mercy on his poor mortal soul. The laughter of the people around us only makes me feel worse. I want to run back to the car and drive to China.

"But," he pauses briefly and squeezes my hand a little tighter between his larger, more masculine hand. “I wouldn't change a thing, not even for a cute newborn puppy. And you know how much I love puppies." A chuckle escapes me because of his ridiculous joke. “On the contrary. I wish the days, weeks, months, and years were longer, so that I could enjoy the company of this lovely woman much more.”

Okay, now I'm about to cry. Damn hormones. But his words create a heat in my body and inflate my heart so much, it's impossible to ignore.

"That's why today... " His other hand slips into the coat pocket and…

Oh. Is that…

Oh, fucking hell! Yes, it is!

And if I was still in doubt because of the little red velvet box resting on his palm, they all dissolved faster than cotton candy in water when he kneels in front of me.

"Drake," I murmured almost breathlessly, he let go of my hand to open the box and reveal the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. It is silver, with a large diamond in the center and two smaller ones on either side. It is not completely flat, the ring has elegant undulations that give it the appearance of a tiny tiara.

Okay, now I'm really crying. Screw the makeup, I can't hold back the tears that are starting to run down my cheeks anymore. Jesus Christ, I'm gonna look terrible in the pictures.

"Honey, I'm not perfect." his lower lip quivers a bit and I want to kiss him desperately. “Sometimes I think I have more flaws than the Walkie Talkie Building*." We both laugh. “But you're not perfect either." I'm in complete agreement. He more than anyone else knows that. “And I think that's what makes us perfect for each other.”

I'm sure that with the number of salty drops coming out of my eyes without control, I'll be able to fill an entire bathtub.

"That's why, if you'll allow me..." He extends a hand and I give him mine without hesitation. I hope it's really the left one where the ring should go because I'll be making a fool of myself otherwise. “You'd really make me very happy if you agreed to marry me.”

"Of course I do." I sob, my shoulders shaking with tears. “Today, tomorrow, or any day you want. I'll be incredibly happy if I become your wife.”

He takes the ring out of the box and throws it over his shoulder, the little thing disappearing inside a flower pot. I laugh as he gently slips the ring on my finger. Fuck, it fits perfectly. He must have taken my measurement when I was asleep or something.

Soon the clapping comes and I hold him by his jacket to lift him and hug him so tightly that I doubt the oxygen will reach his lungs. I fill his face with kisses and he pushes the moisture away from my cheeks as best he can. Hell if I can remember if my mascara is waterproof.

The music begins to play again, a slow and soft melody that doesn't need much of my effort to follow his steps. Drake surrounds my waist with his arms and I wrap mine around his neck.

I have a silly smile that seems to be permanently on my lips, and I enjoy the warmth and immense love that his bright brown eyes return to me. We lasted a long time like this, without saying anything and moving in circles around the round platform. The ring feels cold and heavy on my finger and is wonderful.

"Are you happy?" I look at him like he's suddenly grown a second head... Or third, considering the one on his dick.

"Of course, I am." I caress his hair, placing a rebellious tuft behind his ear. “But because you make me happy.”

"Well, I just want you to promise me one thing." He gets serious all of a sudden and my eyebrows arch in confusion.

"What's that?" My voice is shaking a little from the nerves.

"That you will never, under any circumstances, pour flour instead of coffee again." I tilt my head back as I laugh with all my might. “I'm serious, Ivy. It's the most horrible thing I've ever tasted.”

"All right, honey." I patted him on the chest a couple of times. “I promise I'll stay out of the kitchen when I'm too exhausted to even breathe.”

"You better." He warns, but he's smiling as he says the words.

"Now, I'm really curious to know what you'll do if it happens again." I move my eyelashes in a flirty way, or at least I hope so if the crying didn't ruin my makeup.

"Stop looking at me like that." He grumbles discouragingly. “Sex is not a good way to punish someone. If it happens again, I assure you, it won't be pleasant at all.”

"We'll see," I say in a singing voice and he laughs.

"You're impossible." He kisses the tip of my nose and I sigh with joy.

"But that's how you love me.”

"Obviously, darling." He kisses my eyelids, then my cheekbones until he finally reaches my lips. “I love you." Whispers in my ear.

"And I love you." If I were a kitten, I'd be purring. “Today, tomorrow, and forever.”

Especially now that he turned a simple evening into a dream night.

*It's a 100-foot-tall, 36-story tower, located in the City of London. Its concave design makes the window panels act like huge magnifying glasses, increasing by more than 20 degrees the temperature of the place where it points. This design has been prejudicial to several premises and establishments. In 2013, some people fried eggs in a nearby street and also partially melted a Jaguar car.

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