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It's a story of an upright Christian man who fell in love with his house help not knowing that the house help was on a mission to blackmail him and destroy his home. It's a story as told by the man himself, full of romance, strange feelings, love, lust, deceitfulness and lot more to learn. If you start reading this book, you will not want to stop because you will learn how to handle men, understand when a partner is cheating and to what extent you can trust your house help. There's a lot to learn, written in simple and plain English words

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One Sunday afternoon after church service, I was in the dinning waiting for my wife Naomi to dish out the delicious rice she prepared all night long a day before but it appears it was taking forever. Sundays to me are usually well structured; from attending church service to lunch at home then a visit to some friends and family. Then evenings are for short hanging out with friends. As I waited in the dinning, the time for me to visit friends and family was encroached on. I couldn't wait any longer, I need to find out what was causing this delay.

It's really unlike Naomi, I stood up with a sense of mission and capriced into the kitchen then I met the shock of my life. Guess what I saw? My wife slept off in the kitchen, I was just so lucky that she managed to put off the gas."

Naomi!" I called her, out of surprised, she quickly jumped up like someone who had a nightmare. " Baby am sorry " she said while she hurried up to dish out the food. I looked firmly at her with a touch of patience. " I have been waiting for you to join me with the food" this I said as I moved towards her to help her carry the food to the dinning. As I stretched my hands to lift the tray pan she said to me " baby, we really need a house help" before now she has repeated this same words to me a countless times but this is the first time I have to consider it or let it settle as a thought. I have always thought that we don't have much work at home it's just the both us and kadiri and kadiri stays with her grandparents on weekends so we can have time to attend to other things. " Yeah! I responded, this house chores is really stressing you out. You can look out for one". After saying this little words you just read,she held my hand against the tray pan, tilted her body close to me and gave me a kiss. " Thank you so much, you don't know the weight you lifted off my shoulders by accepting this proposal of mine" she said with a wild smile.

" Don't worry, go back to the dinning let the wife of your youth serve you" she said. With this,I felt more like a man then I felt the day she told me that she was pregnant with kadiri.

On Monday morning after work I hurried down to pick up Naomi at her business place. As I got to the premises, I picked up my phone and called her line, " I am waiting for you at the car park" with the speed of light I saw her walking towards the car with two bags struggling to pull her to its side. She opened the car and packed the bags inside. Then she joined me in the front seat. " Good evening " she said. " Evening " I replied as I turned on the ignition and placed the car on reverse. " How was your day? You look so happy and in good spirit" I added as we moved out of the premises. She pushed out a simple sweet smile, arranged her hair and started talking. " I have finally gotten a house help, she would be coming to the house tomorrow. I already took her to the hospital to run some tests on her." I was amazed, I just accepted yesterday and today you already have someone. Is there something you are not telling me?" I enquired. She laughed, held her laughter to address the question I asked. " I have been making contact for a help, pending on your approval. So this morning I called the agent and she sent some one over. When I saw her I liked her and I know you will, so I fast forwarded everything before another person picks her up." I looked at her still amazed, not just that it took her less than 48 hours to get a help but the energy in her voice as she tries to sell this lady to me. I want her to be solely in charge of recruiting the house help and let the help answer to her. With this in mind I was set to ask her my last question. " How old is this girl coming into our house as a help? " I asked as I stopped the car at the sight of the red light from the traffic light. " She's just sixteen, she just finished writing her WAEC and wants to get busy before she figures out what to do with her life." " If that is okay by you so be it" I added. I just know that am not a hard husband and am not bad trying to be good. Apart from what happened last Sunday I have realised that am loosing the sweetness in my wife and having a house help of her choice would make her more relaxed in performing her duty especially in the bedroom because if peace rains in the kitchen and around the house, the bedroom would be a wonderful place to cuddle against cold in the night.


So on Tuesday evening I was watching a movie in the sitting room and kadiri was beside me playing with my phone. We were actually expecting Naomi to return with the house help. We came back from work together but she went out with the car to pick up the house help. While watching the movie I had a knock at the door, there's no need to wonder who is at the door. I was already expecting them, so I walked to the door with kadiri following behind. As I opened the door o beheld my wife with this beautiful Young girl, whose look actually doesn't tell same story with her age. " You are welcome" I said as I dragged the door to widen the entrance. Naomi and the help came in, as I locked the door I headed towards my seat and kadiri followed her mum as she shows the girl around the house.

After some time both of them entered the sitting room to meet with me. Sorry, I didn't tell you that my wife introduce her as favour. " Favour, I welcome you to my house. I want you to feel free with us, see me as your elder brother and my wife as your elder sister. We are a Christian family and we don't accept dressing and behaviours not befitting for God's children and as you are living with us, we will attend the same church. I know my wife must have told you your duty. Please and please, your work here is very simple to help her and not to fight or make life miserable for her." " Hope you have heard me " I asked Just to make sure that she heard me. " Yes sir" she said and affirmed with a nod.

This is how favour came into the house and started living with us. One thing I noticed about favour was that her name really followed her, the neighbours like her. My parents and that of my wife also likes her, kadiri wasn't left out. Every one of us liked her and she was behaving as expected, she cleans the house, washes my car, feeds my child, prepares food for the family. Infact, since she started living with us I have no need for laundry. She washes and iron my clothes, from my under wears to the shirts I wear to work. I don't know where she gets it, I mean a rare type of fragrance that flows from the cloth. At a time we Nicknamed the fragrance, favours touch and when she comes into our bedroom to pick up the clothes my wife will make a joke out of it saying " Please make sure you leave the clothes with a favours touch " in her normal soft voice she would reply yes ma and walk away.


I didn't tell you that my neighbours felt she was my sister or Naomi's younger sister. She blended with our family very fast. Whenever I travel with my wife, we are not worried about how kadiri would be doing because we are dead sure that favour will take care of her and give our house a " favours touch " upon our return.

To cut the long story short favour was more than a help. She's reliable,full of wisdom, beautiful, sound judgement skills, a good home maker and lots more. She's the type of girl I can recommend to someone who is starting life and needs a wife who is going to support and help him grow.

Did I tell you that favour later stopped being our house help?

Yes she later did, my wife became so relaxed with favour just like me and anyone else around us. Before favour came to live with us I usually pick her up on my way back from work but now things are no longer the same, she will encourage me to go home while she spends extra time with her business. Her profit increased remarkably and she was contributing more to the house upkeep than she has done before. She was solving financial problems both in my family and her family. To be honest, I wanted her around but I was happy she was growing in her business. Favours presence was bringing favour she said one day when we had to talk all through the night. She also draw my attention that she intentionally give favour more money for the running of the house and it's really showing in her. If you observe favour very well you will understand that both her dressing and body carriage have really changed. She's now more confident and out spoken since she started staying with us my wife pointed out. That was actually correct about favour.

One of the night I woke up in the middle of the night which was my usual routine. I go round to check the house, from the sitting room to dinning, kitchen toilets and the rooms. I intentionally don't enter favours room but that night I have to enter because the door was wide open, the light on. As I entered I saw an almost naked favour on bed. Wrapped in herself to protect herself from cold. I really felt for her but first my eyes caught her laps as though it was emitting radiations with the light. As I forced my eyes away from her her laps is quickly caught her breast dangling out from her transparent night wear. I have to quickly get a blanket and cover her, immediately she opened her eyes and said thank you. This thank you went deep into my heart, like it broke all my defence. " Please don't leave your door open" I said as I stepped out of the room. Physically I stepped out of that room but within me I know that I am still in that room as we speak now


I have to struggle with what I saw for days and any time I see her in the house this feeling triggers the more. At a point I wanted her to leave, but what will I tell my wife is the reason why I want her to leave, what will I tell my neighbours who now know her as part of my family. What will I tell our two parents? That I saw our house help half naked and suddenly developed feelings for her?

I didn't tell you that my parents are ministers. My dad a Reverend and Mum an Evangelist. And in the church I am moving very fast to becoming a part time pastor and at home I have raised the banner of Jesus so high that I can't even tell someone that something like this can pass through my mind. Am not a pastor oh, but people hold me at a very high regard. I have to tell you this, my wife was the first lady I had sex with and that happened during our honeymoon. You can see the type of person I am. I over came the temptation of fornication on campus and now I am faced with temptation of favour in my own home and my wife beside me. Do you know that, after sometime my wife became unattractive to me. Her dress sense doesn't make meaning again, her suggestions were nothing to write home about. It came to a point I no longer care if she's at home, Church or work. I forgot to tell you, all of us go to church in our car as a family. As the feeling for favour burnt in me, hatred for my wife grew. I have to suppress the feeling in me but it was like fire in my bossom. If Naomi delays from joining us in the car, I move once favour was in the car. Favour would be pleading with me to let my wife in but who cares. Once she's in and kadiri is in nothing else matters.

I can't continue this way, one thing need to happen. I have to pray about this feeling, it's strange and not befitting for a child of God. For the first time I called my wife and family I told them I will be going for a personal prayer retreat and will come back after three days. I was happy in my my mind, I believe I have found the solution. After all prayer answers all things. Even my feelings must answer to this prayer. Was I right? I don't even know the answer but what I know is that I went to the prayer mountain to fast and pray against my feelings


Finally I got to the prayer mountain with a strong sense of prayer. I knelt down to pray and all I could see right before me was that night in favours room as my eyes searched through her edges. Lord take away this memory I said with my lips but my mind was still wondering in her room. Coming to mountain was like adding more fuel to the fire. At a point I stopped praying and sat on the floor brought out my phone and went through her pictures in phone. I was in the mountain for prayers but my spirit was at home.

The time stopped, one day looks like ages. The urge to go back home was more than the urge to stay in the mountain. After all nobody sent me here. I came here on my own and I can go back at will.

As I was pondering on this, I fell asleep. And in my dreams I was at home with favour, my wife was at work so we discussed as usual in the kitchen and she made advances towards me with a kiss. Me that have been longing for that moment reciprocated, we kissed and I accessed her body with my hands from her lovely laps buttocks, I slided to the back and to the shoulders immersing her into my arms. As the escapades intensified, I was tapped by a total stranger who woke me up from sleep. It was around 3am in the morning and people have retired into the hostel to come out the next day. As I sat to recall my dream, my face and appetite was drenched in emotions. I stood and moved to my room like a wounded soldier.

I was just wishing for my dreams to come pass, in the other hand the consequences of doing that was already hunting me. I have preached against it. I have told people who cared to listen that Christian couples don't cheat and if they cheat at all they were never a Christian. I am faced with what I teach in my own home. Right now, you don't have to think of what would be going on in my mind. Let me just tell you. I was waiting for day to break let me carry my bag and go home. If I fall for favour, I fall for her. I am ready to go before her like a lamb going to the alter to be offered as sacrifice. I don't know how best to tell you that I have been swept off my feet. The teaching I have received and the ones I gave I try to suppress them. This is time for action.


To cut the long story short that morning I drove back to my house, I was very much convinced that my wife would have gone to work and kadiri would have been taken to the day care centre. I was so sure that favour would be at home. As I stepped out from my car, I was ready to unleash my emotions no matter what the outcome would be. I moved with that speed to the door, pressed the door bell and it rang. Guess whose voice I heard? It was the sweet soft voice of favour. " Please exercise a little patience I will be at the door soon " she said. As I stood at the door waiting for favour to open the door, I sensed a strong pressure in between my legs. It was hard, it's was piercing, it was obvious. The tension was high, I was breathing fast because I know that everything I represented was at risk but at this point it didn't mean anything to me. She opened the door finally, she was shocked at seeing me. That smiles and tension was all over me. She just came out of the bathroom to open the door for whoever it was with the towel tied round her body. As I entered, she greeted and was moving away immediately. I called her back as I carefully closed the door behind me. I walked closer to her, very close and I wrapped my hands around her waist. I told her that am sorry but I can't help it, that I have been boiling with this emotions. I was stammering, words were no longer coming so I held her body against mine. I felt her breast against my chest, I kissed her. She couldn't resist me as I was all over her. She reciprocated the kiss, by this time her arms were curled around my shoulders. The next thing I noticed was that the towel fell off from her body and everything was mine. A little touch on her buttocks, she landed on the sofa already groaning beckoning on me to do it. To tell you the truth at this point I wasn't thinking about my reputation , family , the church or anything. I want to grab all she has. Her hands were already in between my laps, she lifted it up. Yes she lifted my penis out from my pants and directed it towards her vulva. At this point, I felt like I stopped breathing. I took my penis from her hands to slide into her vagina only to meet a resistance. alas, favour was a virgin. I was shocked at the revelation. I wanted to pull back but she pleaded, " please do it, I have been waiting for this opportunity " she added. Sweat was already running down my face so I had to stock my penis in with speed and I heard a sound which she accompanied with a screem. Finally, the hymen has given way and after a few throsh I reached orgasm and slept on her.

My dear, when I woke up from that sleep. The narration changed, it heralded a new phase for my family and home


Now, favour is more than a house help to me. How would I describe her to you? She's now my assistant wife or let's call it a side chic according to Nigeria English.—

I still loved my wife but my feelings was in favours room. I felt I would hate favour after all but the feeling intensified. There was this thing about her sexual aura that wasn't in my wife. Her youthfulness, the strength, her desire and the padded ruggae in her body.

At this point, I needed to pay close attention to my new found lover. With my wife on the bed, I still wish it was favour. Naomi comes back home to meet a sleeping kadiri, a husband sitting in front of the television or half asleep. She trusted me and was so Confident that anything like that would happen. She was making so much money now, we have more than we needed at a time. House rent was not an issue, kadiri school fees was adequately taken care of and she has someone who takes care of the house chores. What else should she worry about, above all she has a caring and supportive husband.

To her our home was perfect and to me yes it is perfect but there's this emptiness that is being fulfilled by a side chic which is not supposed to heard of in a Christian family. I have already told favour to keep our relationship a secret and that I will train her to any level of education she wants. I have promised her heaven on earth but I have not promised her marriage. This leads me to the question she will always ask each time we have sexual intercourse, " when will all this end? When you you stop loving me? Hope you will not leave when your wife finds out? " Do you know my reply? I usually don't have a reply, I will just kiss her to end the questions but the truth is that those questions keep hunting me. " Why explore this young girl, after all you will not marry her. You have taken her virginity" I say to myself.

Some times I even regret making that first move on that faithful day. Only if I have known that she's a virgin. I remember that the Bible said that who so ever that disvirgined a lady should marry her but the problem here is that I am married to Naomi and I can't have a second wife. It's either I throw Naomi out and make favour my wife or I end the relationship with favour. But right now, ending the relationship with favour was like ending my life. How long will this happen before my wife finds out. Me, i don't know but when that time comes we will know how to handle it but for the main time I have to keep this secret as intact as possible.

Hope you remember that I and my wife make use of one car and that brings her home often or make her leave some meetings to a later date.

I want her to be independent, I want her to be able to move around and get more busy so she can't find out what was happening in the house so I emptied my account and bought her an SUV. That alone was a romance for her, she was happy for receiving that gift on her birthday. The church people hyped the whole thing, we were an example of a perfect couple for so many. My wife would boldly tell me that she's so proud of me. She tells her friends that I am, caring, supportive, enduring, faithful and lots more. To her we are perfect. To me I know I am a danger waiting to happen, I can't go back because that alone would be dangerous. So I have to calm down and play cool as much as possible.


For real, I was happy with the progress of my wife's business. It moved from a retail store to a warehouse and she does distributions around the state. She was later invited by the company she buys goods from for an interview. Among the 20 persons that came for the interview she passed and was made the sole distributor of that product in our state. The car I bought for her was more useful now, the company gave her vans and a truck but most times she would have to move round to supervise her workers and the distribution of goods. I encouraged her to follow her passion in the business. And for having another baby, it will come at God's own time. I assured her that I will be watching her back and I did.

I occasionally go around with her to do the supervision, I was always available to advice her to avoid making business mistakes. Infact, I was her back bone both in prayers and other wise. My loyalty and faithfulness was never in question and for me I trusted her more than I can trust myself, after all I am the cheating partner.

All this things I did was to cover the ground so she'll not suspect that anything is going on. Most of the time she comes back home very tired and during those nights I still move around the house and do my routine checks but this time with a mission. I will enter favours room for what we call a quickie. Favour is sweet I sware. There's something magical about her body which is different from my wife. At a point I started seeing my wife as just a partner in the house, no matter how hard I try to be intimate with her , the vibe, the drive and all is no longer there. Do you know we went on for complete 6 months without sexual intercourse. Yes! We did and we were living in the same house, roommates but no longer lovers. One of the day she called my attention to it and I made an excuse that even you would believe. She's always coming home tired and hoping to have another stressful day the next day, so what is the need to increase her stress by not allowing her have enough rest. She believed me and apologized. For the first time she felt that the business is shifting her focus from the family. At this point I don't even need her attention. She should enjoy work and I will provide her all she needs to enjoy work.

Now, she begs for sex but am not willing because I no longer find her attractive to me. She wanted us to start making babies again but me I have favour to satisfy. Favours energy was already out of this world and by the time we are done with each other, I don't even have strength to look at Naomi.

This was the reality and things were no longer as it use to be. Tension was building, everywhere was tensed and only three persons knows the truth of what is happening. You, me and favour.


I already told you that my wife have started complaining about our lack of bedroom life. Our conversation has become very formal like colleagues at work or the relationship between mentor and Mente. She's frowning at our lack of intimate moments like we use to have months back. I knew that I have missed it somewhere and I am not willing to correct this mistake. All that came to my mind was how to make it up to her so that our relationship will still look nice to her and people around. She suggested we travel over the weekend and stay in a hotel just the two of us from Friday to Sunday evening. I accepted but ensured that we don't travel so long outside out our vicinity.

I also told her for the need for favour to start attending lessons ahead of her JAMB exam since we have promised to take care of here education at least till the completion of her first degree. One of the strong point I gave my wife was that an idle mind is the Devils work shop. If she continues staying at home she might become polluted by idleness and the things that comes with it. With this suggestion I was able to take away my wife's mind that the problem of our intimacy may be around the house.

During the week, I ensured that we had sex but she complained that it was empty without emotions and passion. I attributed it to the six months abstinence we have had, trust me she believed what I said. I was actually in charge, I felt like a senior player but how long will this last?

So we said Thank God it's Friday and we checked into a nearby hotel. Meanwhile I have told my side chic that I will be visiting to know how she's doing from time to time. I assured her that she is the one I want to be with.

So we lodged in the hotel, beautiful interiors and nice room service. Bed was well made and extremely comfortable but I couldn't find pleasure in them. Naomi came close for cuddling, I held her to fulfill all Righteousness but within us we know it was empty. Naomi complained that it was too early for me to loose interest in her body. Me I was like how? " How will I loose interest in you and we are having sex and I came here with you. You have started nagging I told her and this is the same attitude I have always told you I don't want. As she adjust to tell me how she feels I know her points must be real. I left the room and took a public transport home. When I got home, my food was neatly passed on the table. The food on the table was ready and favour was fully ready to be eaten. As a picked up the piece of food on the plat I saw her strong inviting gaze at me. I perceived the scent from her perfumes, it's like something was going through my head. I didn't know if I should finish up with the food before I eat her up. I was also aware that I have limited time so I need to get straight to the point.

I shifted my chair away from the table and she stood up from her chair and walked towards me like a lion would do to its prey. She layed forward, kissed my lips and sat on my laps. As I tried to gain control of the moment my penis was already plugged into her vagina and it was that. The screaming, the groaning. It was all outside the world experience for me as we continued till we where satisfied with ourselves. She slept on me. After some time I have to carry her to her room. Kissed her good bye as I rushed back to the hotel to be with Naomi.


Naomi that use to be a sweet loving and caring wife has now become a nagging and suspicious wife. This attitude alone drew me further apart from her. I hate nagging, I have already told her before we got married. We have discussed on how to settle our differences and she has utilised all of our dispute resolution methodology except one. All others have failed and it's remaining this one golden methodology which we reserve for extreme concerns that we can't settle readily.

I don't want to bore you with our methodologies because all the ones she used failed. I just want you to know that she didn't find out about my leaving the hotel to the house to have sex with favour and return to her. This happened every day until we came back home.

She wasn't satisfied with the quality of time we spent over the weekend. She keeps complaining and telling me that something is not just right. I made her know that she needs time off from work and even family so she can think clearly. Finally I have a point and I forced this point down to her throat. As she refused it, I have to involve the pastor she listens to and he bought my idea. Let me say finally again, she has to travel out of the country for alone for a two weeks vacation. I made her believe she was the problem while deep in my heart I know and I know very well that I am the problem and repentance is far from me.

My wife traveled for two weeks leaving the house for me and my side chic. That two weeks were more difficult to handle than the times when she was around. I thought I knew favour, now I am seeing another part of her.


like I said earlier, I felt I knew favour very well from the little stories she told me and her continue stay at our home. I told you favour changed, yes she did and that was so drastic. I don't want to keep you in suspense, I want to go ahead and tell you what happened.

I caught favour in my sitting room having sex with a guy in front of my daughter. I was very mad at that I rushed to give her a hit, she held my hand in the air and spoke with a voice entirely different from the one I have been hearing. " Don't you ever think you can hit me in your entire life. I am Sandra the Queen of the jungle" she said. I closed my eyes and opened it again, I wanted to convince myself that this was a dream but no way. I withdrew my hand from where she suspended it and turned to the guy, " who are you and what are you doing in my house? This barbaric in front of my little daughter? " I pulled my hand into my pocket to bring out my phone and the guy started laughing. To be sincere with you, I couldn't place what was going on. The guy called my name, my home address, church and the school I graduated from. He told me I have a reputation that is at stake right now and I have from now till 13 days time to change the narrative. " She told me about you both, you have been having sex with your house help something I have heard you preach about." At this point I know that there was fire in the mountain. I looked at favour and I looked at this other guy, I was wondering when they knew each other and what they were upto. He stood up from the chair and handed over to me pictures of I and favour having sex. That was the shock of my life, how, how and how. The first day and everything, almost everything was captured. He told me that he also has the video. Then he moved to the place where they placed a secret camera and brought it out. I was tensed, I hated favour immediately. I regretted why I didn't ask her to go first. I regretted that first day I worked into her room. I should have known, I should have gotten the idea. I didn't know that this affair was way too big for me.

The guy cleared his throat and told me that,he is going to take it easy with me and that he is going to be around until everything is done properly. He also informed me that his guys are around in case I think they are all alone. That I have to cooperate with them if not I will be all over the news and internet and the pornographic sites on the internet will pay heavily to have your performance on its site. " What do you want? " I asked. I want you to buy off your sex tapes and pictures from me and my colleagues or find your picture and videos all over the social media.

I just knew, when I inquired about how much he wants. He said 10 million Naira. " 10 million what?" Favour stood up and brought out a gun from her pocket. " Favour! " " You mean you have gun? You can handle it?" I said anxiously, " I am Sandra not favour, right now I will want you to address me properly. I am a graduate of zoology and I have been stranded since after my youth service. I have tried to start decent businesses to take care of myself and family but the government frustrated the hell out of me with tax and tickets. The people patronising me will owe me and when I ask them for my money they will either fight me or call police for me. I have no body to help, so I saw this business opportunity and I grabbed the opportunity whole heartedly. I allowed you sleep with me unprotected, I know you where sure that I am free from HIV and other sexually transmitted disease as selfish as you are you never asked yourself what if I get pregnant. I am not here for too much talk, we are here for the ten million Naira and will only leave when you complete the transaction. I know you have the money, I will give you time to make your mind.

I was undergoing this gale of emotional trauma in my own house. I made one short prayer, God if you save me from this I will worship you in spirit and in truth.


At this point I have to tell you this, in other to protect my integrity and my family I have to do a transfer of 10m in three different transactions to my blackmailers. Under that tension I wasn't thinking properly, my account was actually a joint account with my wife. She called immediately to know what happened " I told her not to worry that there was no problem. She demanded an explanation over the phone and I stood my ground that it would be better when she comes back and at the main time she should enjoy her vacation.

Favour and her boyfriend has left my home, so in that deep confusion I went into favours room. That room that use to give me joy, or call it my fun room has become my nightmare. All that was going on through my mind as I moved around the room was how I managed to find myself in this mess. I should have known that this was a set up, favour looks older than 16. She was too good to be real, easy going. Our first sex was without conversation or resistance, she never complained about not using condoms and wasn't scarred of pregnancy. I should have known better,I wasn't smart enough and now am in a big mess.

To keep it short I have to come up with a serious plan to cover my track. If not I will loose everything I have, everything i have worked for. It will be loosing not just my wife but my life. God help me.


After taking kadiri to her day care centre the next day after that awful event in my house. I was all alone and still in thought. Anyway you should know that that experience would not go out over night. A lover turned to a devil and my life savings gone within a twinkling of an eyes. I don't know how save I am with the information favour and her boyfriend have about me. And above all I have to explain to the wife of my youth how I spent that huge amount in 24 hours. I have to explain where our house help went to. You see the condition I have before me right now? Do you have any suggestion on how I can come out clean from this problem?

Before you give me your advice see what happened next. My wife was at the door, she terminated her vacation Just to come back to ask me questions. Yes she entered the house unannounced and what followed was questions upon questions. " Mr man, you moved 10 million Naira out of our joint account without my consent, we both worked hard for this money" she said angrily. I didn't anticipate her return this soon, I was thinking maybe she would just stay for a week so I can figure out what to tell her. " I saw an opportunity that is mouth watering in real estate and I took advantage of it, infact when the land appreciates we are going to make over 100 million Naira from it. You don't have to fold your face in this manner, God is answering our prayers gradually." With this I was able to puncture her anger about the movement of the money. If not for anything but at the moment. She, enquired why I didn't discuss with her at first before taking such decisions. Guess my reply, you were on vacation and I didn't want to border you with that. Alas, you ran down to this place because of the alert. Naomi, you have finally defeated your aim of traveling. I have to tell her something quickly about favour before she finds out. My dear, I said to her. " Do you know I came back from work and met only kadiri at home. Favour packed her load and left till tomorrow without a word to us, I felt so bad. Look at someone we took as our own look at the way she treated us. This is the reason I never subscribed to having a house help but you insisted. I am just trying to be sure that none of the documents we have here is missing" After saying this, to me it sounded so convincing and I know she will believe me. No need to suspect me. She felt disappointed but I encouraged her that everything would be fine. I held her by hand and we walked in to the room.

I have never told a lie before but this my lie appeared so perfect. I just hope that this lie saves the situation forever but I know Naomi and what she can do. She's smart and intelligent especially when it comes to money but let's see how she will solve this one this time because I am committed to protecting my reputation.

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Lilian Nwokorie Lilian Nwokorie
Indiscipline and lack of commitment is not a general anatomy in human. Not all men lie and if a man lies, its never the fault of the wives. A principled man should know how to live his life weather influenced or not.
June 04, 2021, 19:21

  • Onovo Victory Onovo Victory
    You have a point. What do you have to say about trusting too much. I believe Naomi trusted do much and she paid by sharing her husband with another woman under her root June 05, 2021, 22:46
Onovo Victory Onovo Victory
My friends love this story. Someone said all men are liers but another said it's the wives fault. What do you have to say?
May 17, 2021, 15:17