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The first part of a short novel Blessing

In your world you think it's chaotic and terrible but ours..it's so much worse.

In our world we have blessings that help people or yourself. Like anything you touch turns into money or whenever you tell a truth someone in the world gets the help they need. We also have curses, curses are rare but everyone hates them. Everyone will stay away from them and in our history all people with curses were killed this just died down and now it's illegal to kill a curse just because their a curse. Blessings are called by their real names but curses are just called a curse. My mom, my brothers, and my sister all have blessings but me I am no blessing.You can't tell just by looking at someone if they are a blessing or a curse, but they do have a mark on their wrist. It is a long line across your wrist white for blessing and red for curse. Me? I am no blessing. I have a long red line down my wrist. As you would think everyone stayed away from me and would make rude comments but that is the easy part of the day.

I walk into the kitchen for breakfast, ¨Hey mom.¨, I say. She starts to speak ¨oh hi honey¨ she backs up a little bit,¨You know the rules right?¨. She asks me this every day ¨Yes mom¨, I say with an attitude.I walk to school every morning because curses aren't able to ride the bus. I walk into school and everyone immediately walks away. I'm the only curse in the school so now you know what i mean by rare. As I walk I hear more and more comments like oh my goodness it's that curse, gross, we have to get away, she'll kill me or something, and ew lets go. The teachers are even worse, they give me way more work than anyone else. Yet I have straight A´s, they keep on piling and piling assignments but I keep up with it. I am NOT giving them the satisfaction of winning. They throw the paper assignments at me instead of handing them to me like everyone else.I cant use history books or any type of books either. I even have to sit on the floor cause no one knows what my curse is so they don't make eye contact or touch me.They only judge me. Lastly I don't eat lunch there, they wont let me so i just starve.After that i go home and when i'm on my way home the bus passes me and everyone who's on the bus throws stuff at me through the window. One time they threw a calculator at me but it's usually paper balls. Then I go home and stay in my room. I can't hangout with my sister or my brothers because of my curse.In fact i've never had a friend.

The day starts off as my definition of normal. I sit down on the floor in my class when a girl walks in she has 2..marks. I've never seen this before, at first when she walks in everyone sees that she has a white mark but when she turns to the entire class you see it..there's a red mark too. Everyones looking at her, she is the only thing that everyone's paying attention to even the teachers. She's unfazed and everyone has their mouth hanging wide open”u-uh ahem um..class this is uh um Jess, uh int- introduce you-yourself J-Jess”, the teachers words are scattered its almost like he lost a few brain cells.¨Hi!¨ she speaks very loudly and ecstatically, ¨My name is Jess and umm lets see here, oh! My favorite food is..pie and my favorite animal is a Zebra. Oh and if you have any questions i got the answers!¨. I don't understand why she's so happy and over joyed, it makes absolutely no sense. Everyone looks confused on why she didnt say anything about her wrists. A kid in the back raises her hand. ¨Yes?¨, Jess asks. ¨Isn't it obvious like why are your wrists like that?!¨, She looks disgusted and confused at the same time. ¨Well that's an easy question, it's because I have a curse and a blessing!¨, she's still really happy and joyful. The girl doesnt even raise her hand this time and just speaks ¨Well what's your curse and your blessing then?¨. She has such an attitude. I don't understand how Jess can be so patient with her. ¨Well you should listen more often¨ she looks so much more sinister when she speaks like that,¨don't you remember the school rules? We can't tell each other that.¨ She gets kinda scary at this point. She pops back into the joyful self she was before, quicker than a blink. ¨So, Where do I sit?¨ ¨Uh umm wherever i guess¨, The teachers words are still jumbled. She looks around the room then sees me and starts walking towards me. ¨So what are you doing sitting here all by yourself?¨ I don't answer and she just sits down.¨Choose somewhere else¨ Her smile goes down. ¨what?¨, she tries to still look happy. ¨Go away!¨, I try to stay calm while being rude just to get her away. She doesn't budge. ¨ I'm a curse you idiot¨, I have to be rude to keep her away. I don't like attention and she definitely brings attention. ¨Ok¨, she's unfazed. What the heck is wrong with her she should be scared of me or disgusted. What is wrong with her!?

She never moved from that day on and I was stuck with her. Everyday I thought to myself ¨WHY?!¨. I hated her but she loved to hangout with me. Why does she torture me like this. She had the same classes as me and walked with me in the hallway everyday. This brung too much attention, a LOT of attention. At first people glared and whispered but now it's much worse and she knows it. At this point i've come up with the conclusion that she hates me and just wants to make my life worse but she's also torturing herself. It wasn't just me. She had stuff get thrown at her or being pushed around. Why is she doing this? Everyday she would wait at my door and wait for me to start walking to school. We get to school early one day and some kid pushes Jess, I walk past her ¨Hey! Where do you think you're going?!¨. ¨You can't touch me you idiot¨, I'm annoyed. ¨Dude she's right remember her curse, you can't touch her!¨ Jess looks sinister again it freaks me out ¨Ha ha hahahahaha¨, her laugh is scary too. ¨What are you laughing at?!¨,They don't look too happy. ¨You idiots, did you forget?¨, she looks like she's from a horror anime, it's scary.¨Dude she has a curse too¨, they both look frightened, they don't know her curse yet.She looks them straight in the eyes and says ¨You idiots now it's just a matter of time¨. She giggles. It's funny just watching them run around and I can't help but let out a laugh. One of them turns to me and forgets everything and the only thing that's in his head is me laughing. He comes closer to me, ¨You don't deserve to be happy you idiot curse!¨ He pushes me...Right as he touches me he collapses. My curse. No...no….no. This is his fault right..his. ¨Your curse did that right?¨, Jess is unfazed. ¨yeah¨, i say it as quietly as i can. ¨Did it kill him?¨, for once she looks serious and not so happy. ¨No¨, I'm glad that it didn't but still. ¨I-I didn't mean to, you know that right¨, my voice is trembling. ¨I know¨, she's not scared, not a single part of her. His friend is still there but that didn't cross my mind for a second. ¨Y-you- YOU KILLED HIM!¨, he's trembling now. ¨N-No I didn't¨,I can barely breathe or speak. My world is spinning. I'm going crazy. The Boy picks up a rock...and the next thing i know i see blood dripping from my head. I pass out to the sight of blood. I wake up in a hospital bed and a boy is sobbing. When he sees that I'm awake he lights up with joy and stops crying.He realized that he didn't kill me.He stands up and walks away to another room my guess is that he went to the other boys room. When I was little I was walking by a girl and she tripped and fell. There was some blood and I thought that I did it. I started crying thinking I hurt the girl. Turns out she was fine but it still scared me to death. From then on I passed out to the sight of blood. I have a bandage on my head and I realize exactly what's about to happen. My mom came running into the room,¨Oh my goodness. Are you ok?You don't seem fine. What happened?¨She's flooding me with questions. ¨Mom can you not see the boy throw a rock at me!¨, I'm scared to tell her why but I know I'll have too.¨Why!?¨I don't want to answer this,¨He thought I killed his friend¨. ¨You touched him!¨, she's angry. I don't like it when she's angry. ¨He pushed me, it's not my fault!¨ She lifts her hand up...SLAP! I saw that coming. I can't say anything now or she will get even more angry and I can't have that. When she forgets that I'm a curse she's sweet but right when she remembers she sees me as a disgrace to humanity.She doesn't faint like everyone else because she's got used to it and can stand through it but she won't touch me unless she's angry. It's sad but I pull through. She leaves without saying a word but she knows that she just took another year off of her life. So far it's been about 10 years that she's taken, but most of the time she will hit me with a stick or something close by. My curse..every time someone touches me they go through unbearable pain and they take a year off their life and now everyone in the school will know that. They'll know how to mess with me and make me angry. This is going to be terrible. A nurse walks into my room ¨Uh hi, you'll have to um stay for another week just so we can observe you and see if you'll be fine¨, she looks scared. Atleast i get to stay away from school for a week though. About 2 days later I'm still recovering but Jess walks in ¨Hey¨, she looks sad,¨Look I'm sorry for not coming earlier but I was busy, I bought some chocolates.¨She looks happier which makes me a little happy. ¨I know it's not your fault but now I know your curse¨, she's still joyful. ¨Thanks for the chocolates and coming, no one's ever came before.¨ I'm genuinely happy I think we're gonna actually be friends now. ¨Wow you're actually talking ha that's great and it's not a problem at all.” It's still hard to trust her but I finally have someone to talk to. I have to try to trust her. It's hard but i'll try.The weeks over I can't wait to have to play ketchup. I'm walking to school with Jess and i don't know why but i just had to ask,¨Since you know my curse can i know yours or at least your blessing?¨ She looks a little frightened ¨Umm sorry i really can't tell you my curse.¨ I'm a little confused but I give her privacy,¨What about your blessing?¨ she calmed down ¨Oh my blessing, uh every time someone does a certain thing they get 1 wish and I'm not gonna tell you that certain thing.¨she's holding her finger up to her lip¨It's a secret.¨ ¨A secret?¨ I'm very confused but I guess she just wants some privacy.¨Ok well you're gonna have to tell me at some point.¨ ¨I know¨, she's still very joyful. We get to school and right as I walk in I see a lot of people with sticks in their hands. Jess´s smile goes down,¨Oh no¨. As I walk in they all give their attention to me they all have a smirk. They watch me as I walk down the hall and they lift their sticks. I know exactly what's about to happen. It's in slow motion. BAM….BAM…..BAM! One hit after another no blood but it hurt. I hear the rude words flooding to me. You deserve this, finally this curse can learn, you don't belong here, go away, this should teach her, and curses don't belong here. They are hitting harder and harder. The teacher is watching and laughing. I try not to give them a reaction but it hurts it hurts. I can't catch my breath, I can't take it. I do the first thing that comes to mind. I stand up and charge at them. I reach my hands towards them. I don't actually want to touch them but I have to act like I do. ¨Leave me alone!¨,their backing up and their smirk goes away they look scared. I keep running. They try to keep me away with their sticks. I grab one of their sticks and hit them. All of my anger is finally being released. I'm yelling everything I've ever wanted to say.Deep inside of me i know this won't do anything but it feels nice. I back away and look at them,”Do you really want to do this, well I've gone through worse so bring it on you idiots!” I'm yelling as loud as I can. All the teachers stop laughing and go back into their rooms. The kids get bummed out and leave. Jess comes running up to me”Are you ok?”,she sounds worried. “Im fine”, i know i'm not but she can't know that. I'm bleeding , I can tell but I don't want to faint. I go into the bathroom and wash my face. Jess comes in “You did good, you know keeping them away.”, she sounds guilty and sincere at the same time. “How could they not stay away from a freak!” “So I'm a freak?”She's trying to make me not hate myself but it's not working. “Stop, it's not working.”, I give her attitude making sure she knows it's not working. I walk out of the bathroom and go to my class. I sit on the floor and the teacher comes up. He places a pile of papers on the floor in front of me, my homework. The school day goes by kinda like the usual but I still get hit time to time and a lot of rude comments. Jess was by me the entire time. “This is terrible, I'm so sorry”, she's scared I'm gonna say something. This is her fault,”If you just left me alone.” She looks guilty and walks away. I think nothing of it. Finally it's time to go home. Jess still isn't here. The next day I wake up and Jess is there. “Don't betray me!”, she looks more desperate than scary. “Please dont you know what will happen to you” I woke up. It felt so real, but why would I have that dream? I get ready and see my mom “I heard about what happened at school” her face is expressionless,” You deserved it” Im not surprised at all. Without any words I start to walk out the door.” you're just gonna walk out?”She has a smirk and a blood curdling voice. She hit me with the cane that she always hits me with, “You don't treat your mother like that!” “Sorry”, I walk out the door. Jess is standing there, “Heyoo!” She's still as joyful as ever. “What did I tell you”, can't she just leave me alone.“Well let's get going huh?”I'm done with her already.”Yeah yeah lets just go” We're walking to school when some kids walk up to us, two girls. A blonde and a brunette the blonde walks up,”Wow I can't believe you survived yesterday, its sad ya know..being hpm you.” The burnette snickers”Ha yeah is so sad being you just give up there's literally no point, go home.” I'm too tired to deal with them and keep on walking. They looked annoyed,”Umm, What did I say?” She's staring dead into my eyes, “Go back to your dumb house you ungrateful curse.” I try to walk by,”Stop walking if you want your dad to come back.”, she's got a smirk on her face. I stop dead in my tracks and one million thoughts flooding through. I calm myself down,”Get out of my face and stop” She smirks, “My blessing is if you do what I say you get granted one wish” There's something that she's not telling me i can tell,”What aren't you telling me?” She laughs and walks away. Jess looks more angry than me and she starts running after them. I don't know what's going on but it's not good. “How could you!”, she's running at them full speed. She gets closer and pulls the blonde girl's hair,”Ow what the heck!” The blonde goes tumbling down to the ground and starts crying. Jess stomps on her over and over again, not enough to break anything or start bleeding but I bet it hurts. I'm just standing there doing nothing, just watching. I can't watch any longer, “STOP!“ The girl did say that but she doesn't deserve this. Jess gets off and the girl crawls away trembling. At this point the brunette has already ran far away. I grab Jess´s wrist, “What are you doing!? Stop!”Don't do that again.“ Her wrist feels weird. I can feel it sweating but there's something else. I look at her wrist and her long white line is smeared, “Y-your wrist“ . I'm confused and scared at the same time. She grabs her other wrist and smears the red line off, “Im a normal human Aliza“

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