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Just a short story of a girl who let her tear fall. Pain is the greatest weakness of them all.

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When She Lets Them Fall


Pain is the greatest weakness of them all.

That's why some people can't resist pain.

Do you want to hear a story?

There's this one girl who always hides her face with her long black hair.

She goes to school every day without a friend.

She always sits alone at lunch.

To pass the time she uses her smartphone and posts to her blog anonymously. Online, she's really popular.

Online, she's really popular.

But in reality, she's a nobody.

And nobody wants a nobody, right?

She is really tired of everything.

She can't take it anymore.

After school, she goes home and finds her parents are arguing again.

She ignores them and goes to the bedroom, seeing if anyone has followed.

Then she locks the door.

She cries on her bed.

No one wants her.

Her parents are putting her up for adoption.

Her classmates ignore her.

Her online friends don't know her.

Her tears.

Her heart.

Her love.

They are all her weakness.

Weakness is her downfall.

Pain can take that away.

So she goes to the bathroom that's connected to her bedroom and locks the door.

Then she looks at herself in the mirror and starts to think depressing thoughts about herself.

Then she takes out a knife.

We all know what's going to happen next.

She cuts once.



That's all that takes for the blood to drip from her wrist to the floor.

She falls to the bloody floor, she feels weak and she starting to lose her consciousness.


Her parents start wondering where she went, she's been long for a long time now.

They look, seeing that two doors are locked.

Dad breaks down the doors.

They see what has happened.

They see their daughter, laying on the ground.

They feel for a pulse.


She's dead.

She's gone for good.

Mom starts crying.

She picks up her little girl and starts hugging the body.

I'm so sorry, she says. So sorry.

Dad is in pain. He's throwing everything down onto the floor.

He breaks a mirror.

His daughter's happy face falls to the floor.

He picks up the photo.

He breaks and cries.

He goes back to Mom and dead daughter.

Mom is holding their daughter's phone.

There is a video of the girl.

They see it, hearing her words, hearing her pain.

They are ashamed of causing her pain.

They know they should've stopped, and not let it go on.

It's too late now to regret.

Mom and Dad are in pain.

The girl was in pain, but not anymore.

Pain is the greatest weakness of them all.

That's why some people can't resist pain.

Do you want to hear the story again?




...When she lets them fall.

-When She Lets Them Fall (Oneshot) end-

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