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homunculus war is getting bad but Edward will stop tham

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Episodes 1 homunculus

this story talking about my life after the war homunculus vs human here the story if the homunculus wins so here story. ed: here sill go. envy: yes and I go to kill you ed ya sure my shit will kill you envy: ok I like see you try to kill me meanwhile Roy mustang: ok now stop wrath: ha come if you going to stop me oh shit it you Pride: yes it's me now let stop Fullmetal wrath: is that father side Pride: yes now stop ???: green fire wrath: shit that bure PElricride: who there ???: it's me Metal the green fire alchemist Roy: who Metal: aka vincent but you call me Metal. Roy: ok can you stop them idiot Metal: yes the homunculus hates cobalt and I use it as fire know green fire. Roy: ok now stop Metal: but Pride can't bure in the green hell Roy: why not Metal: because he is hell Roy: what Metal: yes this idiot is hell but he only 1 sin now let stop. Wrath: no you piece shit so you die! Metal: oh ya so when did you come god. Wrath: you, not god Metal: are sure that my god maybe I am a homunculus Wrath: no wad you are homunculus what the hell is that Metal: pride hell Wrath: power shield Metal: are sure that will work Wrath: powerbomb Metal: Ultimate shield Wrath: but how Metal: I am greed 03 Wrath: you go to hell! bastard Metal: no you go hell. now Edward Elric and Envy. Edward: now die Envy: no die copy Edward: fire god sword Envy: but alchemy is gone Edward: yes and no my alchemy is gone but fine this sword and now stop you Envy: oh ya come I like to see to try Edward: you regret it ???: blood nail Edward: what the hell who their Lust: me Lust one of the seven deadly now you die bastard Edward: die in hell Envy: hell no now go to hell where you belong, Edward: fire in hell Lust: shit what the hell is that Scar: it now dies you bastard.

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