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A Master/Slave couple enjoying their especial relationship in a small town on a Saturday. The Master decides to show in public how obedient is his slave.

Erotik Nur für über 21-Jährige (Erwachsene).

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Part 1 – Exploring the men’s shops in the town.

It was winter in North hemisphere, very cold, difficult to live a sexual fantasy outside, but Master Z managed it with his submissive girlfriend, Amara, with whom he had a special relationship. He liked to see her as if she was his cow. Amara had big breasts, which he loved and felt proud when he could expose his girlfriend in tight tops. Once she accepted her humiliating position as a cow in their relationship, he decided to give her a cow name. He chose it: Olga. He said Amara, that as a cow, she should have a short name to quickly understand his commands. If he had to talk something serious to her, he would address her as Amara. If he wanted her to be simply his stupid cow, he would call her either Olga or “my cow”. The woman in love, accepted it with a short answer, “yes, Master”.

Master Z arrived at his girlfriend’s place and expressed, he wanted to go out the next day, to know a different town in Germany not so far from them, where it should have a commercial centre with several shops and some bars and restaurants. He said, he wanted to look for some things for him, and proposed Olga, or Amara, to spend the afternoon walking and checking some men’s shops. From there they should go to a bar to have some wine and later go for a nice dinner. Olga suggested Fussen, a pretty, small town but still with some good shops. Z agreed immediately. It should be not so big, but also not so small town. Amara liked the idea very much, since lately she felt, she was not going out so much. Master Z realized that and added:

- ‘Good! Then we will have a different day tomorrow. I want you to choose some of your very tight and thin tops to go out tomorrow, try then one by one and show me. Of course, you will not be allowed to use a bra. I will choose among your selection of tops, which one you will use.

- ‘But it’s super cold to use just a thin top!

- Don’t worry, you will be allowed to use a scarf, a cardigan open over the top and a jacket. You will not feel cold. And inside the shops there is always heating, and you can remove everything and be only with the top. Or if you keep the cardigan you must keep it open. I want tomorrow to go out with my cow Olga. And as it is very cold, I will even allow you to use gloves, but only if you have sky gloves with just the thumb and a unique part for the rest of the hand. They should be preferably black as a symbol of your cow toes or hoofs. And please, separate only one colour tops, so that your udders tomorrow can be more visible.

Olga obeyed her master and selected four different thin tops, tried one after the other and let Master Z choose one. From there, she chose the rest of her clothes to fit with this top for the next day. Following his wish, she went to the deposit room to look for some seldom used sky gloves without fingers. By chance she had one black.

Half an hour before they leave, Master Z said, he wanted first to prepare her nipples and pump them. Olga was not really in the mood for that, she was excited to go out, but she had to accept it. First Z sucked a while her nipples to warm them up and after he put some rubber pumps on them for some minutes. When they got bigger, Z linked both swollen nipples with an especial string, which he pulled on both sides to grant that the nipples would remain hard for longer.

- Now you can dress again your top Olga. As we must use a mask everywhere, we enter because of this virus, I bought a special mask for you and you should use it as soon as we arrive in Fussen.

The mask had printed a photo of a cow mouth with a big tong hanging. When Z asked her to try, he loved it and thought it was perfect to her. He would make sure that day, she would not forget she was his cow. When Olga asked to see her in the mirror, she thought, she was totally ridiculous. It was humiliating. She complained, but Master Z ignored her complains and said, that was a great opportunity for her to show her devotion as a cow. And he would feel immensely proud of entering in the public places with his cow, looking really like one with a long hanging tong, big udders, long pointed teats, hoofs and showing everyone how obedient she is. Besides of that, he said, if you keep the mask the whole time, no one can see your face and therefore, no one will realize how much ashamed you are. The mask is also your protection. - ‘Even if an acquaintance would pass in front of you, with the mask you cannot be recognized. Britta listened with attention what her wisdom and intelligent Master said and decided to prove, she wanted to be him a good cow.

When they arrived in Fussen, they parked the car and before start walking Z reminded her to dress the mask and the roofs. They went direct to the main shop’s avenue. The town was not empty and everyone on their way looked either strange or with a smile at Olga’s mask. As she had the jacket closed, no one outside could see her squeezed nipples. But then, Master Z decided to enter in a men’s shoes shop. As soon as they entered there, he said to Olga to remove her jacket and give it to him.

- ‘May I keep the cardigan Master? It is too cold!

- ‘You may, but it should have all buttons open and your udders visible. And relax Olga, I am with you. If you want, you may also walk around the shop alone, but the way I said. Keep at least your left glove on your hoof if you decide to touch or take something for me in the shop.

They walked around a bit and it did not take long until the seller came. The seller noticed immediately the big breasts of Olga with pointed teats under the thin top and her hint mask but pretended he did not notice and asked Z if he could help him to find something. Z had an instantaneous great satisfaction to live such a situation showing his cow to a stranger and realizing how much embarrassed she got.

He asked to try a certain shoe in his number and the seller prompted himself to get it. Z set down on a bench and Olga set down beside him. Z observed the whole time that her udders were indiscreetly visible between the open cardigan. The seller brought the shoes and bent over to help Z to put them on. While doing that, he could not control his eyes and all the time took a glance short or longer at Olga’s breasts. As a reaction, the seller got more and more attentive, brought other shoes models, and did the best to please his client and have his day moment of pleasure. Z decided not to buy any shoe but asked for socks. The seller brought different brands and colours of socks and finally sold something. Z and Olga left the shoes shop and Z entered in another male’s shop to explore the interior. Again, Z demanded Olga to give him her jacket- The old man, who looked to be the owner of the business, steered immediately at Olga’s breasts with something hanging on the nipples. Olga got especially embarrassed this time because the man was much older and looked less stupid than the shoes seller. The man asked if he could help in something. He presented his messy articles which surrounded him, made a silly joke to prove his sympathy and glanced again at Olga’s body. He had his mouth dripping of desire, a desire that since long time he did not felt. Z said, they did not look for anything, but wanted just to see the things around. After short time, Z dressed Olga again and they left this shop to another. Z kept exploring the males’ shops along the street for one hour and then suggested to go to a bar for a drink. On purpose, he chose a cheap bar exactly at the train station, where mainly men use to go. As soon as they entered in the bar and got a table, Z asked Olga’s jacked again.

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