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In this tale of passion, self-discovery, and delicate balance between love and desire, three girls—Nikki, a naive succubus; Lucia, a spirited human; and Amber, a gentle witch—navigate the complexities of college life, friendship, and love. As they confront their personal demons and societal challenges, their deepening bond is tested. Will their love become an enduring flame, or will the pressures of life extinguish their connection?

LGBT+ Nur für über 18-Jährige.

#lesbian #gay #lgbtq+ #pan #gl #girl-love #poly
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Prologue: A Struggle in The Air

The day had just started, yet there I was, struggling to even get out of bed. My eyes refused to open even for a second. My alarm blared into my ear as I groaned. I don’t wanna get up! I thought with a whine. I don’t want to deal with Callie. I sighed and slowly sat up as my bedroom door was opened. It was one of my best friends, Lucia, and she looked pissed. I wonder what has her panties in a twist, I thought with a small snicker and looked at her as I wiped my eyes.

“Well mor--”

“Oh shut the hell up. Your dumbass alarm woke me up. I don’t have any classes today, and I’m rather pissed,” Lucia cut me off.

Hot headed as ever, I thought and stretched. “Luci, I have to get ready for work,” I tell her, the sleep still stuck in my words. My eyes grew wide as a smirk appeared upon my lips. “But so do you!” I giggled happily. I forgot today was her shift and not Callie’s!

Her hand shot up to her face and to her forehead. “Shit, I forgot…,” she mumbled with a groan. “I think I’ll call o--”

“No! I don’t want to work with Callie!” I yelled at her. My arms were now crossed over my chest, and my cheeks were puffed out. “She calls me a spoiled bitch…”

The last part seemed to have Lucia fuming. “She calls you a what!?” her voice got louder until it became a yell at “what.” Her right eye seemed to twitch slightly.

“A spoiled bitch… She’s–” I paused with a sigh. “She’s the owner’s daughter. I can’t complain to the owner, she’ll fire me for false things. The cameras can’t detect whispers in ears y’know,” I explained with a frown. “So ple--”

“I’ll tell that spoiled bitch not to call you that. I can’t get fired if it’s not o-”

“You’re not fighting her. It’s not worth it,” I cut her off. My voice was soft.

“But she called you a spoiled bitch!” she snapped. “No one but me, of course, can call you that!”

I flinched and looked away. “Just go get ready for work…”

She grumbled and walked out of my room, slamming the door behind her. I sighed heavily. You can’t always fight my fights, Lucia, I thought to myself as I got up and started to get dressed. What will you do if you can’t help me? I stared at my door and frowned. I really should stick up for myself… I walked out of my room while pulling my hair up into a high ponytail.

“Luci, I’m ready f--” I looked forward. What I saw made my face heat up. “L-Lucia!?” I squeaked out.

“What?” the topless girl asked. “Never saw another girl’s tits?” she smirked.

I huffed. “Of course I have!” I mumbled. “Th-That’s how I know I l-like girls.”

“Oh?” Lucia cocked her head to the side and chuckled. “I didn’t know girls piqued your interest.~”

I shivered and looked at the ground. “I-I’m pan, so I like--”

“I know what pan is, Sweetheart,” she said and loomed over me. “But, I like girls as well, just more so than you.” she poked my chest and smirked, something like mischief flashed in her eyes.

“More so?” I asked, my face growing hotter.

“Mhm,~” she hummed, reaching her hand up to my face, and allowed her thumb to graze across my bottom lip.

I shivered and looked into her eyes. What are you doing, Luci? I wondered, but before I could think anymore, her face was closer to mine. Our noses were touching.

“Lucia?” I asked softly.

“Sh. Now, let’s get to work.”

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