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19 year old Camilla Jackson is the most dazzling personality of Prime High, one of the most prestigious institutions of Atlanta, Georgia. Disciplined and industrious, her life goal of becoming an ‘Accomplished Perfectionist’, more like her parents’ goal, is concealing her inner deprivation, her freedom. And she has accepted that it’ll always be this way. However, her life turns wild when she crosses paths with James Wallace, a smoldering man of the street. Thrown into a cursed world full of deadly fights for the fittest to survive, Camilla’s life will never be the same, neither will James’s, not now that they’ve found something both lacked — the newly ignited fire that keeps burning their trapped souls alive.

Romantik Zeitgenössisch Nur für über 18-Jährige. © Copyright ©️ Anika Prova (@lonerwolf), 2019

#Romance #Badboy #Sexy #Strongfemalecharacter #Sarcasm #Badass #Darkromance #Darkglamour #inkspiredstory #Shady #Gangs #Toughlove #Love #Action-romance #Divebar #Drugdealers #Gangwar #Newadult #Rulebreakers
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Hey there, lovelies! It looks like you've stumbled across this story of love, boldness and recklessness. Welcome, welcome!

Excited, are we?

Well, then, get ready to be swept away from your feet and pulled into a glimmering, dark dimension.🌌🌌


1. Freak by Lana Del Rey

2. Delicate by Taylor Swift

3.Raging by Kygo feat. Kodaline

4. Body Electric by Lana Del Rey

5.Havana by Camila Cabello feat. Young Thug

6. Strong by One Direction

7.Kill My Mind by Louis Tomlinson

8. Ride It (Slowed) by Jay Sean

9. Paris by The Chainsmokers

10.Let Me Love You by DJ Snake feat. Justin Bieber


This story contains cursing, mild sexual harassment, violence, appearances of addiction, drug dealings, illegal incidents, lots of rule breaking and overall darker, bolder themes. It's still unedited, therefore, might appear to have some unnoticed mistakes. Read at your own risk.

Copyright ©©

Copyright © @lonerwolf 2019. All rights reserved.

This story is written from my own experiences by observing the lifestyle and nature of street people and infusing it with my own imagination. No part of this story can be reproduced, published, downloaded or transferred without my permission in any form by any means on any website, otherwise, the consequences will be severe. This story is exclusively available only on Wattpad and Inkitt, so if it's spotted on anywhere else without my, the author's consent, I'll be taking serious counter measures against it.Bear in mind, I don't play fair with criminals.

Thank you so much for reading my story! I hope you all will stick with the characters throughout their journey to the end.



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