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He came in my life like a shadow, stood beside me when I needed, helped me, and gave me something that I had long lost. Time flies, my dream, of becoming a violinist has come true. But I have never seen him. For me he's an angel send by God.

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Hey there peeps!! I'm Lora, Lora Francis. I'm 13 years old. I was born in the United Kingdom, but I'm currently living in Washington DC, US. I recently shifted here.

My hobbies? I have only one hobby and that's playing the violin. I've been playing the violin since I was a kid. Well actually, I don't yet know how to play the violin well.

Playing it makes me relax. And I even love it because it reminds me of my fathers, who is no longer alive. His passion and career were playing the violin. I had been to his show only one time when I was 5. Mom has an interest in the piano, but I love the violin most.

It reminds me of him…

But there's one thing and it's just that,

“Lora? Please come here, for a second.”

“Yes, mom!”

So yeah, because I have recently shifted I… I’m kind of busy. I'll tell you that later on! bye!

(Close the recording.)

“Yes Mom, what is it?”

“I think the sofa is not in the right place. Pls, help me shift it back there.”

“Oh okay… Sure!”

After 15 minutes…

“Done!” I sighed a sound of relief. Why not? The sofa was way too heavy for a tini-tiny girl like me to hold up. But don’t think that I’m weak, nope, not at all.

“Thanks, dear. The sofa was actually very heavy.”

“No problem.” (smile)

“You can go back to your room. I’ll check the rest of the things”

“Thanks, mom.”

“Oh yes, em, don’t wake up too late. You know, it’s your first day of school tomorrow.”

“Don’t worry, mom, I’m really excited about tomorrow. I won’t appreciate it if I get late, hehe.”


In The Morning…

“Get up, Lora!”

“What's the time, mom?”

“It's 7, get up quickly, or else miss the first day of school.”

“Oh, getting up...”

I quickly brushed my teeths, had a hot shower, got ready, packed my violin, and finally wore my shoes...I finished everything within 30 minutes.

“Mom, I'm done. I'll be leaving now” I said

“Take care dear, don't run on the road,”

“Don’t eat anything on the street, walk slowly, and keep the money safe with you. Right?” I asked.

“Good, now go or else,”

“I'll be late”

“Yeah...goodbye” she said.

I kissed her on her cheeks and went out of the house. I wasn't too familiar with the roads, so I was walking slowly, luckily one of my childhood was living here but I didn't have her contact. Though I knew she was attending the same school as me.

I reached the school safely.

The school looked pretty good... nothing too attractive, if dad would have been alive, he would never let me study in such a common school. Alas, the fact that he's no more, can't be changed.

I went inside the school, it was pretty small, and had clubs.The teacher welcomed me in the class, and I had the seat beside a weird….guy.

He was wearing headphones in the class. What kind of discipline is it?

Unlucky as I am, my friend wasn't in this class. I decided to check on her after lunch break.

There were almost 6 classes, till 1 o'clock. After which we could go to our respective clubs, ofcourse it was upon our wish, whether or not we wanted to join clubs.

I begged my mom to put me in a school, which had violin classes in it. And turns out only this school has one. I am happy as long as I can improve on playing the violin.

“Excuse me, where is the violin club?” I went to a room, from where I could hear beautiful tunes and a beautiful voice.

“I’m sorry, can you repeat?” A girl with short hair said. She was very cute, with short hair and was playing the piano.

“Em! I wanted to ask where the violin club is….If you know...”

“Oh dear...Are you new here?” she asked.

“Well yeah, I'm….Why though?”

“One one was actually going to the violin club, which caused it to...not exist now.”

I really don't know how this is possible, this is the only school which had a chance of having a violin club…

“Are you alright?”

“Uhm, I'm alright.”

“You shouldn't worry, join this club! This club is for music and music alone.”


“So I can play the violin…right?”

She nodded.

Well not everything was going bad. I came inside the room. It was so peaceful there. There were two other people, a girl and a boy.

“Is that ya'? Flor?” The girl on the other side asked.

Wait, why does she know my nickname. Well, she does look like someone…

“Wait, don't tell me you're Nara?” Nara, is my friend, Whom I talked about previously.

“Hell, it's me!!” She threw herself upon me.

“Stop hanging upon me Nara. I'm so glad to see you!”

“I really thought we'd never meet. Why didn't you tell me you were coming?”

“I lost my old phone, and the new one doesn't have any contact, I'm sorry...”

“Nevertheless, I'm happy you're back!!”

“Wow you two seem close.” The boy said.

“Of course, We were childhood friends until I shifted here.”

“Oh anyways can I know your names?”

“This is Joe and she is Yana. Joe, Yana, she is Lora, nickname Flou, but no one except me is allowed to call her Flou.” Nara introduced them.

“So you're joining the Club?”

“Yup I'm.” I smiled and replied.

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