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Some more Jecorn (warning: sad) pretty much about my biggest fear: not being accepted for my sexuality ;w; jett is taller and has heterochromia acorn wears hoodies

LGBT+ Alles öffentlich.

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Angst, Christmas, Pride

Summary: It's Christmas Eve, and the normally happy Acorn is crying. Jett, who has only seen Acorn cry once is going to find out that Acorn's parents disowned him when he came out to them as gay.
Word Count: 643
(Angst, Christmas, Pride)

Acorn was crying. The Acorn, the one that usually annoyed Jett with his over-enthusiastic demeanor was crying. He'd only ever seen Acorn cry once, and that was when he'd confessed to Jett that he liked him, nearly 5 years ago.

He wiped his tears and patted the empty space next to his where he was sitting. Jett sat down and wrapped his arms around the younger boy to bring him closer. Jett already knew something was wrong. Acorn never cries.

"I didn't think anyone would find me here," Acorn sniffed, rubbing his sweater into his eyes. "I thought you were at home with your parents,"

Jett sighed. "No, I cancelled this year because I wanted to spend this Christmas with you,"

He looked up at the taller boy, nose red and cheeks pink from the cold.

Jett shivered. He looked down at himself, finally noticing that he was only in a T-shirt and shorts. Acorn shifted around, freeing himself from Jett's grip and flipped his backpack to face him. He fished around for a bit until he found what he was looking for: an over-sized black hoodie with white paw-prints all along the left sleeve. He handed it to Jett and Jett inspected the size. Only until after he had confirmed it would fit him did he slip it over his head. "Thank you," Jett said warmly. "Welcome," Acorn replied moodily. "If you don't mind me asking, are you okay? You hardly ever cry," Jett asked. "Like today is any different!" Acorn snapped. The older boy pulled away, visibly hurt by the younger's angry remark. Acorn sighed. "Today was different," he mumbled.

"Today, 6 years ago. My parents, they disowned me for coming out to them. I told them, thinking they'd care and support me, but instead, they threw me out.

My siblings were taken inside and told to stay while my parents went outside to 'have a word with me'. They slammed the front door so hard the wreath fell off. My father came up to me, and he said- and he said-" They smaller boy erupted in sobs, burying his face in his hands. Jett pulled him close to his chest, rubbing circles into Acorn's back. The boy's gasps and chokes were muffled after being pressed into the hoodie, and the hoodie was wet with tears. Jett began to cry too, because his boyfriend was in so much pain and it broke his heart to watch him like that.

"He said I would never be a part of their family ever again. I was never going to be allowed into their loving home because I was bad influence. Then he went inside and pulled out his silver cross like I was some sort of demon."
"Acorn, I- I know what that's like,"
The younger boy's glassy eyes shot up to meet Jett's.
"But I thought your parents supported you!"
"Oh, no, not them," Jett laughed. "My aunt. It was shortly after I had come out to my parents that I told my aunt. My aunt yelled at me and told me to go away because I wasn't going to heaven. It made me sad but my parents were supportive and guided me away from that homophobic toxicity. So, yeah, I know what that's like. And, well, I'm glad you told me. It shows how much you care." Jett leaned forward to kiss the shocked boy. They only parted when a loud bell rang long and clear a couple blocks away. "It's Christmas," Jett whispered excitedly, puffs of white air looming in front of him. "That it is," Acorn whispered back.

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