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wanderer1776 Logan Collins

Lukas George Michael is seemingly a atypical American young adult with a fairly mundane life. A man who is willing to put up with far more then what he usually would when it comes to simply getting through another day. After turning in from a long day's work to game his sorrows away, Lukas is rudely interrupted from a portal opening up in his own apartment! Within moments, a young fair looking woman steps...well more like is tossed through. However this woman is surprisingly armed to the teeth with Medieval Japan period armor and weapons. And despite clear height differences, she is 100% capable of killing him with no issues. Can this odd duo get along? ( Art is not mine.)

Fantasy Urbane Fantasie Nicht für Kinder unter 13 Jahren.

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A Tale of two different people

Lukas George Michael, was a 21 year old young male college student who lived alone. With average health, a average build, a average day job, and he didn't look all that special either. Everything down to his looks, his lifestyle, didn't really raise any eyebrows. He had brown eyes, white skin, had a slim somewhat taller then most build (not by much), and overall looked pretty common at first glance. He had recently managed to finally get a home from his family, and was a student enrolled in college.

As for what he was going for in a major however, that was the big problem. The man himself may have been slightly muscular, but he he wasn't exactly gonna win any gold medals in lifting. Rather he had a build of a day worker, he worked as a stocker in a grocery store to be specific. And had been for the past few months. It wasn't the hardest life, nor was it even the easiest. The months of trying to simply getting a job was the hardest part by a longshot. The fact of the matter is they were always more so in the favor of older more experienced individuals.

The fact he managed to get a job at all was something he was grateful for everyday. Although he'd be lying if he said it was always easy to hold. And often the routines bored him heavily. Even to the point of burnout, which he was smart enough not to show too much of his coworkers. The fact is, he was their to get in, get the job done, and clock out. Something he knew all too well.

The manager certainly wasn't what you call evil, but he wasn't exactly one to care too much for people outside of the ones he cared about, as well as the ones outside of his own life. Such was the way for many people unfortunately. Regardless of age, gender, or background. Most if not all people were heavily self centered. And that wasn't something he'd rather waste time hating on. Besides, he knew he wasn't much better. As self centered didn't necessarily mean good or evil either. No, by now he understood it was just a human being's default setting. Something they ran on in order to continue with their day to day lives.

And was it really evil to honestly just want better for yourself?

Sure some more sanctimonious people probably would have said otherwise. But those were often overzealous individuals who couldn't come to terms with the more unforgiving reality set before them. The fact was, this world wasn't really a place for Gods. Another fact of life Lukas long since accepted.

Their were no Gods in this universe. Their was only life, and the environment set before that life. The constant struggle to order and chaos with no real meaning in sight. And if life itself had no meaning, then it was up to humanity itself to define that said meaning.

'Yet how can I even do that myself?' Thought Lukas as he sighed quietly, putting up another box where it needed to be. Reaching for another as he moved to another section, doing the same thing. Over, and over, and over again. This was nothing new, nor anything he couldn't handle. Or dare even complain about. Besides it paid the bills, and the food he ate wasn't exactly bad. Although far from the healthiest, some of it certainly tasted good, and it allowed him to get through another day. If anything, food itself was another good thing he had to help him through his boring day to day life.

Not even a plague itself could make it that much more dangerous for his town practically in the middle of fuck all within the US. The pace was quiet, and the crime rate wasn't too terrible despite not exactly being super low, but it all was peaceful enough to help allow him to focus in what he needed to do. Get paid. Yet even so......

Their were many, many times where he dwelled on what he could be doing better. As well as him looking on past sins, and how he could be healthier, smarter, stronger. The downside of a peaceful job is that it didn't exactly fully quiet the noise in your mind. And he had been dealing with this far longer then before even had a job. Really it was one of those things for him he never truly got over despite finding better ways to manage it over the years. But as he got older, the time he could himself being alone seemingly outweighed and out-measured itself even more so then the time he had alone as a child. It was ironic even, you never think about the paradox that was adult life. Not till it hit you that is.

You had more freedom yet you didn't. It sounded like it made no sense, no sense at all. Yet the older Lukas got, more he realized all the modern conveniences in the world couldn't account for every problem you had. Guess you could say it had formed a artificial bubble around his and everyone's day to day lives. A bubble that clearly didn't take much to get through to these days. All one had to do was listen to the reactions of another shooting, another murder, another scandal. And that illusion of total security was immediately shattered.

Then everyone just went ape shit. As if the lack of challenge from many peoples lives had left them poorly equipped to deal with the harsh realities in front of them. So much so that their were times where even Lukas himself having to deal with people that were more or less dooming themselves to be doormats. Yet he himself wasn't really sure how much better he was. Given that their were certainly times where he let his emotions slip, and he paid for it dearly.

Perhaps he was right for being angry. Perhaps he wasn't. All he knew is that if you were common, or had a background, skin tone, age or whatever that was associated with common or middle class or god forbid poor, you were doomed to be overlooked by many. Even if he did his best to be responsible with the cold uncaring information presented to him, that didn't always mean he was happy with it. Rather he just knew damn well not to be open about it.

As his phone beeped to signal him that his shift was up, he packed in the last of the boxes. " Alright I'm gone fellas, see ya." He said over to his coworkers, as he left out the supermarket. Quickly heading to his truck and driving over to his apartment. On his way their as he caught a glimpse of himself through his rear view mirror, he could tell just how burned out and tired he really was.

He wish he could say that he was surprised but he wasn't. Nor was this the first time he had this happen to him. The boss had noticed that he had much more time when compared to the others, so he had him work extra. At first it wasn't so bad, but as the college semester was ending he found himself being worked to his limits. Which wasn't something he particularly fond of. But would filing a complaint really do anything?

The fact is, it more or less would be written off as a personal problem. And it probably was. Least, that's what he was told whenever he was stupid or immature enough to complain about anything. Or let such complaints slip and have the wrong ears hear them. Frankly, he was just happy no one had him fired yet. And that was enough for him. While his mental health was up for debate, he didn't necessarily find the strength to care about his sanity these days. Only that he didn't break the law, and didn't hurt anybody, got paid, and took care of himself.

Those were the values he focused on more so then anything else within his life. It was simple, and he was more then aware of that. However it brought upon a great source of stability within his life. Which when he first left his parents, he desperately needed. As he hopped into the driver's seat of his raggedy truck, he turned on the ignition and drove home. His face sullen and tired. It had only been 8 months, yet how come he didn't feel much better then when he started?

Questions like that often wracked his subconscious each and everyday. Some days he was just simply much stronger in then others. Right now he was just glad he wasn't screaming in his truck like some child. When he entered community college at 18, that's all he wanted to do when he first started. Now he could safely say numbness was a common feeling. Now he was in the real deal, and still he wasn't sure if he was any different then he was back then. Was he really maturing?

Or was he the same scared boy like in his middle school days? Just appeasing those bigger and stronger just to have some peace and quiet. Not really learning any lessons, just playing and acting nicer then he really was? He didn't know. He just knew he saw his tiny suburban apartment he was just happy to see it. Place he could go without feeling too vulnerable, too scared, nor too weak. Not like he did every day when he stepped out. Made sure not to be too vocal about it. Hell, he had friends on a Discord server that were as supporting as one could be. Yet were still miles, states, and in some cases oceans away. And how could he even be sure that they would be with him to the end either?

He booted up his game console, nothing too expensive just your run of the mil Xbox One model, although still a decent price. And got ready to play whatever first person shooter or ARPG he first caught glance of. He sat on his bed, and proceeded to play till it was dinner. "Nothing some good ol' Doom Eternal can't fix right?" He said casually, although he knew it would take more then a game session to fix his problems. Regardless though, he frankly didn't give a shit, or wanted to give a shit about any feelings he had at the moment. All he wanted to do was to distract himself from any negative feelings he had at that given time.

And what better way to distract yourself from your troubles other then through video games right?

As he went through his daily cycle of playing games, making dinner then playing games more, he looked outside to see it was night fall. Lukas then went to check the time on his phone. 12:30 PM. He cursed as he had practically blinked and it was already time for him to go to sleep. Seeing that he best switch off the game if he wanted any sleep for tomorrow, he turned it off and got ready to take a shower.

Then suddenly, loud crackling noises came from Lukas' small kitchen. The sounded alerted Lukas, who, being the paranoid person he was grabbed the small pistol his father let him have from the closet. And went to investigate the source of the noise, as he wasn't sure if someone was breaking in. But in truth, he wasn't sure at all on what exactly was making that noise.

As he crept through his tiny hallway and went into the living room, he quickly found the source of the loud noises coming from it. Bright sparks of unknown blue energy were forming from seemingly out of mid air itself. Their was seemingly no source to where it came from, to Lukas confusion. "What in the...." That's when it happened.

A portal opened up right in the middle of his living room, causing the lights to flicker violently, and even some bulbs to straight up break from the shear amount of energy this phenomenon was out-putting. "Sweet Jesus!!" Lukas cursed as he fell back onto the apartment floor in a fright. Scurrying back to the hallway in hopes to hide from whatever could come out of it. His mind began to race at what it could be. A demon? A legion of undead? Some ancient evil beginning to unleash it's wrath upon earth, starting with him?

He got his answer when....a young woman shot out and landed on his apartment floor with a thud, seemingly unconscious. She had white hair that seemingly resembled snow itself, and what looked to be a white and red kimono synonymous with medieval Japan. She was clearly shorter then him, but what stood out the most was what came with the clothing. Armor. Samurai armor to be exact, in amazing condition. Sure it wasn't a full set, it was a mixture of light and heavy at the very least. As if it had just been made a few months ago.

Lukas instinctively went to check up on her, but before he could reach her, the woman shot up at him so fast that before he knew it he had the tip of a katana to his neck. Lukas immediately raised his hands in surrender. "Woah hey hey! Easy Easy!!"

She had otherworldly eyes, as if she had seen many things. Been to many places. She was beautiful, and her figure was enough to make any man drool. She had the body of a matured lady. And looked to be Asiatic in origin, most likely Japanese their was no doubt about that. Given the type of weapons and armor she was carrying.

"あなたは誰ですか。ここはなんですか。ここはどこですか。" Yeah she was Japanese. And clearly didn't speak a bit of English. This would be a problem.

"Ah um.....I don't understand what your saying...please don't kill me!" He said, desperately clapping his hands together in a praying motion. In hopes she would get that. To his luck, she did. As she lowered and sheathed her blade. Surprisingly, she had a remorseful expression on her face. Even beginning to...bow?

"許してください!今日は私にとって非常に混沌としています!" The woman bowed repeatedly even. She sounded tired, shocked, and frankly confused to all hell. Who wouldn't be in her situation? For all intensive purposes she had just traveled forward in time.

Lukas, still not sure what to say. Scratched his head nervously. "I....I dunno what your saying ok! I'm sorry...." He said almost immediately what he could assume was this woman apologizing to him. One thing he noted was, despite being armed to the teeth, she didn't appear to be that much older then him. At the very least, this woman had to only be in her mid to late twenties. And yet she was carrying that much weaponry and armor. She even looked to have what appeared to be a bow holstered on her shoulder. Truly this woman was a marvel from the past itself. Even so...Lukas still felt the need to pinch himself. Just to be sure.

"Ow!" He yelped as he pinched the side of his arm. The woman raised herself to look at Lukas with a very confused and concerned expression. "え えと。。。。大丈夫ですか。" Luckily, Lukas at least knew what "are you ok" sounded like in Japanese.

"Oh um. Yes! I am fine! Just ah...not sure if I believe this or not." Sadly for Lukas and the woman, she just looked at him in confusion. She had no idea at all what he was saying. This wasn't like one of those shows where a character from the past instantly had knowledge of the world they were teleported to passed onto them. No, she would have to learn it herself. Lukas sighed and stared at her with obvious anxiety. Something told him this was gonna be a long night.

Japan, 1185

A lone female samurai sat in the middle of a household. This was one of the few occasions she had to meditate. Let alone rest, so she damn sure made use of it. Before long another armor clad warrior, one lower in rank, but not in skill opened up the door behind her. "(Commander, the sorcerer has been located. It's time.)" The taller warrior said in a firm but calm tone. The ashen haired woman opened her eyes and stood up as she looked to her comrade in arms. "(Finally.) " She said as if with relief. For this sorcerer had been a pain in the side throughout most of the war. Even if it had been a few months since the final battle, she would take getting rid of this thorn later rather then never any day.

The warriors soon set out on their horses. They were only a thousand strong, yet none were pushovers. These were men and women, some noble, some of common blood. Who fought side by side in the Genpei Wars. They were no stranger to combat, nor were any of them sub par in it. And of course some could do more then that. Some were archers, cooks, even healers. The well roundedness of this motley band is what allowed most of them to survive the worst of worst things imaginable in this internal struggle within the land they called Nihon.

Many called them heroes. To them, they simply saw themselves as survivors. Of course, if it wasn't for their commander and her...peculiar abilities they would have been all dead long ago. For that they were certain. Sure it wasn't all her, but she was clearly the best fighter when compared to the rest of them. And no slouch as a leader either. Was their someone who could probably lead a bit better then her? Perhaps but they all trusted her. As she had helped them through the worst of the worst battles imaginable. And that was enough for all of them.

As they trotted through the dense forests of their land, they came upon a lone shack. It was ramshackle, certainly put together with intention to leave it altogether soon enough at some point. The band knew they had their quarry outnumbered 10 to 1. With them having zero chance of escape, but they knew full well not to underestimate their foe either. For they had given them the slip, and killed off people within their band before as if it was no issue for them. Not to mention just cause they were a sorcerer, didn't mean they didn't know how to fight. They did, quite well even. Both with blade and fist.

"( Yoshi, you take some men and make sure he has no means of escape around back.)" The commander gestured.

"(Aye aye sir!)" The tomboyish swordswoman in light samurai armor whispered light heartedly.

"(Akira, your with me. Let's get this bastard.)" She signaled her taller comrade. Whose strength was complimented by his skill with a sword as well as tactical mind. Although, he preferred a Naginata for it's longer reach. "(With pleasure, sir.)"

Within moments the forces in the front yard kicked down the door to the shack. What they saw was a multitude of candles and many other symbols they didn't fully recognize. They blocked of the front entrance to make sure the hooded figure who sat down in a praying motion before them didn't make any sudden moves. The commander was the first one to point her blade to him.

"Hiroshi Daisuke!!" She called out loudly. "(It's over for you. Your to come with us and accept trial within the capital for your crimes against Nihon and her people!)"

The hooded figure simply stood up, not even bothering to give them a glancing look. "(You don't get it, do you little samurai?)" He said in a cold detached manner. "(One way or the other...I will rule.)" Within seconds he caste a spell that had a small summoning portal in between them. What came out of it though was anything but small or meek. As a massive Oni stood between them and Hiroshi.

"(Son of a bitch...)" Akira cursed, as both the commander and her men were launched directly outside the shack by a swing of it's massive kanabo. The force of the swing breaking open the entire front portion of the quickly put together home. The commander, and a few other skilled men just barely managing to land on their feet. The lumbering beast then stepped out. Getting a feel for it's surroundings. It only had a loincloth covering it, yet something about it said it was no ordinary Oni. As it sniffed the air, it's cold yet beastly gaze turned to the ashen hair commander.

"(Half breed....)" It lumbered over to her, wanting to size up what it knew was a tough opponent. As it's feet stomped across the yard, Yoshi and her forces came to hit it from behind. Shouting loudly in a desperate bid to intervene. "(No! Stop!)" The commander reached out and called, but it was too late as the demon swung it's massive club. Decimating the rear force, not even sparing Yoshi it's wrath. As armor, limbs, and blood splatter littered the ground. Yoshi herself being mortally wounded and knocked unconscious.

"(Stupid little warriors.... And I thought your supposed to be their leader.)" The Oni snarled as it rested it's massive iron club on it's shoulder, turning to face the commander who had caught it's eye before hand. "( Oh great Tomoe Gozen...or rather, that's what they call you isn't it? Little whelp of a Oni.)" It stomped towards her, leaving the proclaimed Gozen to step back and ready a defensive stance. She herself not even bothering with words, wanting to brace for any underhanded moves this Oni may bring.

"(Course that's not your real name isn't it? No ...you hail from one of those half breed families...hmmm. Yes. Your father was a Oni himself I bet. Must have been accepted by a human noble family from a show of strength or other skill. No matter....)" He said as he took a long look at the smaller warrior that he towered over. But not long after he readied his massive weapon to prepare for a fight.

"(Talking isn't what warriors like us are good for. How about we speak the only way we know how?)" The demon grinned eagerly, his expression that of one who hungered for blood. To which Tomoe seemingly began a transformation stage, horns sprouting from her forehead, and she seemingly gained some more muscle mass, even a significant increase in height. Her expression cold, focused, and uncaring. "(I wouldn't have it any other way..)"

As the two charged each other to meet in a one on one duel.

Hello and congratulations! You've made it to the end of the first chapter of my experimental Fantasy novel. As you can see it's based off many things and I still have ways to go. Unfortunately, I have no artists to go off on in order to help create my own personal rendition of Tomoe Gozen. Of course, given that she is a mythological character and 100% not real. (That we know of) I decided to take my own spin on her in terms of her background and character. Whilst doing my best to pay homage to the original source. Of course I had to use a picture that seemed most appealing, and apparently the Fate verse does a lot of that. So it's mixture of the Fate verse's Tomoe, the original, and whatever I can come up with at the time. Right now I may aim for 15 chapter given I am still unsure where this novel will go. But since I did the best I could manage at the time of writing it, I hope you guys will be satisfied with this start! Well, that's all their is to say now. Hope you've enjoyed your read and have a wonderful day/night!

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