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A little book in which I will share my poems and little else, I hope you like it or serve as inspiration.

Poetry Oda Alles öffentlich.

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Weak Voice

◸ Listening to everything undesed ◹


Allowing everything

Without you allowing me to breathe

Taking threats

Like they're normal.

Being weak

The day I didn't hear

I will only be one more, empty, so simple that it becomes something big and even important in the lives of those strangers.

the day that won't let them finish lying to me

it will be the day that is free for him to continue advancing without his heart in his hand, if not in mind listening to him and following him for the first time and forever.

The day you decide to smile at that pain

It's going to be the day I'm really going to get normal respect for a person.

And today's not that day.

Today I walk, I cut the road, I go forward and forget all this, I travel with hope both inside and outside, accepting everything, why I'm not going to complain again

Because my path isn't moving forward.

Because I want to be able to help, too.

Because if I can't with this life, I'm no good at living it, just as it is

And so I'm going to keep my voice

That's how I'm going to keep doing what I have

◺'m going to be me. ◿

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