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Warning(+18): This story relates events with high explicit content, discretion is recommended. The story centers on the case of a girl murdered under suspicious situations. The plot revolves around a prisoner who is guilty of several murders, including that of the girl and sentenced to the death penalty. However, a week before, it is discovered that he is not the murderer in the girl's case, so the purpose is to discover who is responsible for the crime. However, beyond the mystery, the true plot revolves around prisoner 15, who in addition to proving his innocence in that case, hides more mysteries than can be appreciated at first instance.

Drama Nur für über 18-Jährige.

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Hidden under your skin

Good morning, my dearest users. My name really isn't important yet, neither my own histories, nor my strange anecdotes about the beginning of existence, which may make you wondering about who this orator is, and however, this issue is insignificant in comparison with the toxic cloud that are living inside of the whole feelings of every being that you ever knew at least staring them and making you raise your head, while strangely it went without blinking around that moment, where everything burned within the same repulsive concept that evokes that transitive uncertain, which belongs to each one of them. I just can say that I'm writing just now a letter about nothing, who lives without sense nor substance, because I want to prove you the sick or disgusting feelings, which are part of an instant where the time stopped down for a while. First of all, I want to make it clear that you were dealing with an individual with no real connection to something that has some changing entities in his mind in a violent way. Despite of it, my feelings are extremely real, and you could realize it in the single moment of witnessing me as a being, rather than as a partition of worldliness that dwells unscrupulously and blamelessly in each of us. Given you an introduction, I might start telling you something pretty surprisely.

What is about this time ?

I must confess you something that happened many years ago and I'd never told you, neither in our privacy moment.

I see. When we were making love, this magic scene were appeared in front of me and I couldn't hide my feelings when I started twisting your neck and slowly breaking your spine, while I was still continue introducing my pleasure in your corpse, who was screaming from the past, while I have smiling in my own fantasy.

Who were you talking just now ?

So when I killed you and I ate you fresh meat, I felt as if the skies opened and just the signs in my adrenalines, who lived without a purpose were another dead memory of those instances, where the time shown their own light.

Sir, please take notes of the prisoner of the room 15. I think he's newly hallucinating and his information can help us to solve the last murder committed three months ago.

Yes, as you order, but please answer me:

Was he gave some information about the location of the corpse, or a solid evidence about he really murdered her ?

Nothing is really safe. Throughout this time, the prisoner has told us things that are not really true, such as that time he pleaded guilty to a crime, which in the end was committed by another person who is now awaiting his death sentence in the neighboring town.

But, why was he declaring crimes, which he wasn't really guilty if currently is waiting the possibility of don't be executed ?

Focusing on that person, called for someone as the prisioner 15, we cannot but remember him for who he really was, a being who was sentenced to the death penalty for murdering and raping a fourteen-year-old girl, whom he considered to be his wife of twenty years ago. At that time, she didn't suspect of his distorted reality and also how she could, if when she saw him for the first time, she meet him, with his sixteen years old, shily voice, reserved attitude, but friendly and just another normal guy, who in fact he wasn't nothing of that, but really a sexual deviant with malignant narcissism.

That girl, who unfortunately has no a picture, nor a family whose might remember her, usually walked for those long streets, to find a nice stare that can made her forget her difficult past. The only reason, for which we learned of his existence was sadly because an anonymous witness who called us to report his disappearance. The description sending us was about a blonde teenager, white skin, with green sandals and a gray shirt, who had fled her home due to a problem with her family. Apparently, her family had a history of mistreatment towards her, who at that time looked malnourished and had cuts on her arms that were not caused by her, according to the report given after analyzing her body, because those cuts were too deep to have inflicted herself.

Why the police didn't receive any call about the abuse committed by her family ?

Because the same reason because of many others didn't report their cases, because the fear to loose something more than the dignity or the proud of being alive.

What were the abuses that were committed against this young woman?

According to some closer people to her, she was physically and emotionally abused.

From the age of nine, she was constantly tortured by a relative of hers, who in fact once tried to rape her without succesful. When she told to her parents, they did not believe him and thought that it was only an invention and not a fact.

Why didn't they trust in her own daughter ?

Because her was result of a unwished birth, at consequence of an unexpected incest, which the mother realized long time after she borned. The notice destroyed the family stability, but as the responsable of the rape had died four months before she born, her resentment was misdirected at his own daughter, whom she considered responsible for her emotional breakdown..

About the deceased girl, can answer me if she did try to commit suicide at some point ?

When we investigated the case, we discovered many people who knew about her, and they told us that in fact, she tried to hang herself and there was also a time that she tried to jump from the terrace of her house. However, she regrets at the last minute, considering that life itself might one day reward her if she managed to get ahead.

After her story, do you think that her parents or that member of her family have some relation with her murder?

At one point it was thought that the murderer was a member of her family, but when we found out more clues, we realized that when she fled, they didn't do anything else. Neither did they try to look for her in case she told this story to the police. Sadly, for them, her escape was simply like erasing her from history.

What happened with the members of her family, after the case was publicly ?

I listen that both parents was arrested for intra familiar violence, while the familiar who tried to abuse her commited suicide when he was rounded the policial forces, because he also had commited other crimes, linked to child abuse. That subject raped minors while recording them and posting their videos on the internet. It was also said that this abominable being was a necrophiliac, because in the evidence many snuff videos were found created by people as disturbed as him, who after killing their victims, would remove their stomach and then masturbate with the organs they took out.

Out in the interview, prisoner 15 while listening to that macabre story ,began to sigh, while smiling, and then thought:

What a fortune for one who savors the pleasure of the forbidden, while it dancing with death.

I sigh at the pleasure of feeling that the world belongs to those who carry their delesnable anarchy towards fucking humanity, whose have the mind more dirty than the one located in my grotesque world surrounded by garbage. Thus, my whole world was savoring the forbidden fetish of feeling the power of a being without guilt or prejudice. My reality has now ceased to be distorted by how sick you are and has been reflected in reality as it lies outside the twilight of my utopian happiness. However, the way I caused her suffering and played with his organs was fleeting and now my world turns against my own anxiety to go back to the past and dismember her better, for thus can play more with the pieces of my morbid and playful state.

As if the time were static and continuing with the interview, the investigator of the case was newly asked:

Her parents did know about the crimes of this guy and what about them currently?

Currently, they have not answered this question, keeping silent, especially the mother of the victim, because it is possible that his father didn't know about the events perpetrated by his own cousin, who is suspected of having an affair with his wife. Actually, they are still in jail, wainting for a sentence that can round about three years, because they were find guilty for physical abuse commited to her. However, because of the information given by both parents, they requested a possibility of reduce the worst escenary as possible.

I understand. Now, returning to the case of this prisioner 15, what is the relation between him with the victim?

Suddenly, the interviewer heard a voice coming from the detainee, who calmly asks him if he wants to know what happened between them, to which the investigator replies that he will have time to talk to both of them later.

Returning to the usual conversation, he asked the same thing again. Only that now nothing I say will be close to the reality that I really represented my meeting with her.

Naturally, I didn't met to her family, just to her, but not for this reason I didn't knew that she lived into the darkness, because of she showed me her scars the first time that we made love in this rainy day and surronded of darkness, while the monster in me slowly started to grown up and become into a star who wont never die, without really matters that my soul simply have gone.

The first time that I saw her, I realized that she was crying inside, trying to cover something that lot of people couldn't see in her. She had her eyes swollen, her face pale and her eyes were about to faint, after walking around the same place, looking for a place to spend the night. I could see his fear was doing something that couldn't be seen, but it was evident that as he walked, he was trying to hide the obvious. In some way that I could not understand, this produced a feeling of curiosity in me, because I had before me a diamond in the rough, from which I could not distinguish its face at first glance, due to its amazing brightness and its hardness in our corrupted worlds.

I could partially understand her, because I felt something similar to what she presumed when I saw her in that state for the first time, because when I was thirteen years old, I met some boys that I didn't like, because of reasons of social status, and then one day in the carelessness of one of them, I was able to kidnap to one, whom I set on fire while begging me for mercy, without know that this word was not part of myself. At that moment I remembered that to the other two did something similar to them that if I told you now, it would awaken in you the same feelings that I had when I was perverted by a man who did not even know me at that time, but who saw me as someone weak and in fact, i was. Despite this, I was able to see my attacker again a pair of years later and finally cut off his testicles while he slept in a dirty alley. At this moment, I felt myself strong and also free, because I did something that nobody could make for save me of the horror, whom project on me the life. I made justice avoiding killing him, but destroying part of his life. However, when I felt borring, just instead of torture to my special invite, I decide to kill it, for searching to another bastard.

I remember my first real sense of freedom was when I decided to kidnap and finally behead to a solely guy who walk during the night. After it, because nobody find the corpse and just declare him as disapear and found like I would won a game and I felt admire, because there was no consequence and the satisfaction of being not the victim anymore was more than satisfactory, including if other took my position and they had to die for this change of role. Returning back to that boy that I set on fire, I remembered that when he started screaming and begging for his life, I felt that something strange was associated with my level of pleasure and after a while, I realized that I felt aroused after torturing and hearing the scream of my victims, or at least witness their misery. So, one day I hid a victim in one of my silence sites and I started to play a set of game that you didn't need to know or understand. In that moment, I though that a demon was inside of me, but after a year, I realize that I was wrong, because it was just my mind saying me how to find my forbidden happiness. Whatsoever that had happened, at this moment I decide to held off my plain to near her, but without toching nothing but my own skin, waiting for the night, where finally met her. However, instead of doing the same thing that I usually made, when I saw her closely, I felt something different with respect the rest of those motherfuckers, because seeing better at her, I could avoid to see a beautiful women, three meters from my position and I felt that my presure start to high and also my temperature, during a night with a lot of stars.

It was eight o'clock, and she found a place to stay. I though that she would spent her night in this place, but latter at nine o'clock, she decided to go out to walk. It was my chance.

Suddenly, out of inertia, I approached her and asked her the following:

Do you know where can I find the Rolland street ?

she answered me that in fact, she knew where is that, indicating me how to arrive. Despite of all, I told her that I didn't understand how to arrive, because I didn't know this city, and she kindly offer me guide me to the street that I was looking for.

While we walk, she asked me in another language:

¿Eres un extranjero ? (Are you a foreigner?)

and I answered her using this language:

No, I was born in this country, however I have a resemblance to a foreigner, because my father is one.

I see, it just seems that you speak using a very different accent.

I felt weird, because I didn't feel very different in the way I spoke, however, for one second I start to ask her something that surprised her a bit:

You seem worried. Are you fine ?

I didn't know why I asked him that, if she didn't know me and firstly then I thought she would be offended by so much confidence, but surprisely she answered me with a question:

Is so obvios, isn't it ?

I tried to hide my face from someone who can take advantage of my vulnerability, however, it is very hard to feel that life seems like a curse and I really am the consequence of my own luck, as the world gets colder and how I started to faint a bit, while I feel that my soul is closing while the world is opening infront my eyes.

I see her and i answered:

Maybe you need some friend that can help you when you need, aren´t you ?

She answered me again for my surprise:

I meet with people, which I consider my friends, but I'm not sure if they think the same, because the term friend, i use because i have no other term for doing reference to the closer people, in which trust some stuffs.

I see, i answered her.

But then, how can you trust in them or call them friends, if you think that about them ?

Suddently, the scene cut infront of my eyes and after that, I was covering of blood one more time, with the exception that I was feeling very disturbed, instead of other ocations where I woke up with the same result. Another thing is that she wasn't there in this room, like if never would been or including, as if never would exists.

I tried to remember what had happened, but my memory coudn't be able to show me what was wrong with me, because normally I don't think that one result like this is really bad.

Thinking and thinking once again, I was finding one possible answer.

and tell me, What is that answer that you're searching ?

Wait a second, is this an interview ?

Yes, you had been here for twenty minutes telling me about the day you met her, but nothing else. Please, can you tell me how you murdered this boy, who you told me about the last section.

I didn't remember have told you about a murder and less about a boy. Please tell me, What is going on ?

Where am I ?

Sir, maybe it sound weird to you, but you were choose for us to be part of an experiment. As you see, you were find guilty for the murder of your wife, which you have been married twenty years. Also, you killed your daughter of fourteen years old, and after it, you had sex with her corpse and dishumanized the bodies in a weird manner.

Hold on a second, this is impossible. I'm not guilty, I swear. I loved my family and I'd never hurt them and more less the things that you told me so.

Unfortunaly, we have no more time. Tomorrow is your execution and I need to know the true about how it was the murders.

I told you that I'm innocent and I don't know where you listened that. Please, I need an explanation.

There is your explanation. You are a murderer and you destroyed the life of all those around you, and therefore you must pay the same price, because the victims and the state need to be compensate of some way.

Nothing will change the order to your execution, so if you want to die without being a full dishumanized, this is your last chance to don't fall to the hell.


No matter what you say, you're already dead for the civilizates people whom live outside of this house full with demons. Without what you declare, you're now dead from the moment where you arrived to this site.

Now, if you want to receive one chance for remediate all your crimes, please talk about the boy which you set on fire. I have all the night if it's necessary and I'll take all the measures that been necessaries to receive a confession, before you die.

This is a mistake. I didn't remember have kill to nobody, more less to my family. Please, don't make me this.

Guards, grab him immediately, said the interview

the guards inside the room grabbed the man by the shoulders, and suddenly the interviewer stood up and pulled out a stun gun and assured him the following:

Like I told you, I don't have time and the victims' people don't feel that torturing you was a bad option to get information out of you. It's more you damn son of a bitch, they expected me to treat you for what you really are, a disgusting and sick monster.

So now tell me where damh it is the corpses of the rest of the people that you killed ?

Where is all the evidence that prove that you're the fucking sick guy that everyone need to stare burning in the hell ?

but the guy stare at him and he said again:

I'm innocent. Why are you hurting me?

Proceed ..

then one of the guards pulled down his pants and began to electrocute his male organ. After the first shock, he told him that if he did not speak, he would be castrated. However, the guy held it his innocence and the process was repeated once again.

After an hour, the man almost dying, said the following:

Your manner of seeking justice is curious, because you accuse me of being a monster, when the punishment imposed makes them like the being to try to destroy. If hell existed, at the end you wont only be part of that torment, but you will not be treated differently from how you treat me now.

I'm part of the justice, I'm not like you. My work is make you pay for your crimes in the same manner which you destroy the life of many others, Said the interviewer, increasingly irritated.

Without loosing the calm, the prisioner said:

It is curious how a man who must have a family that he loves, can look with affection at his wife and children, after torturing a being who is innocent. How can you live doing it ?

Suddenly the interviewer put aside his electric gun and said something shocking:

I would never treat my wife or my children the way you did. I will only give this punishment to those who are guilty and therefore I can sleep well at night and see my family in a loving way, because I know that at the end of the day, killing pigs like you will make the world around us much better.

Now tell me, Don't you think that erase people like you of this world is the best gift for the future of our polite society ?

And clearly, people should applaud you for torturing me and subsequently killing me, knowing that I am innocent. You are a fucking hero in your twisted world !!

Anyway, forensics and subsequent investigations will find the evidence we need to know more about yourself, whether you live or die. you deserve die in such pathetic way like this, because this is the price you pay for all your actions. And also, when you're dying, I promise you that the last thing that you'll see will be the smile of the childrens of the future seeing you fall.

The interviewer left the room with the guards and left the prisoner in his cell.

As he came down the stairs, he smiled and exclaimed in a low voice:

Is impossible to see my childrens and my wife, because all of them are already dead. Only you need to disapear for full, for my pleasure of smile after to see you cry for the last time.

Smiling the prisioner 15, he said:

As you can see. I'm here not for being guilty, but for being a fake condenate to die. My whole family is still alive and I'm guilty to commite your own sin. All my memories are part of the same experiment every day. This cop is a serial killer and we are victims of his infernal pleasures, just because we know who is him.

The life is so unfair, and I'm just the feed of a real monster with power.

Prisoner 15, it's time for your questioning.

I came into a room with a chair and three meters, the detective was there.

Please, take sit

I did it. Suddenly, he started to talk:

We discovered that many of your crimes are not really true and that you self-adjudicated the crimes commited three months ago. It this true, right ?

You all didn't give me another option. Don't you remember ?

Why did you kill her ? You were in love of her, but as I know, many witnesses say they saw you abduct and murder her.

What witnesses? Nobody knew her, because her family didn't allow her to go out to her house. She told me that before to die, and because of my expedient, I'm right here.

Is true that you killed to someone else, more especifically a boy and you hurting to a man ?

The prisioner smiled and said: This is part of another history and I paid for these crimes or don't you remember the correctional jail ?

Do you know who kill the girl, right ?

About this question, I said:

No, because I lost the memory when she died. Possibly it was me, and sometimes I believe so, but days like that I'm not really sure if I kill her or not, but something inside of me say me that I'm who you're really looking for.

How well did you know the victim?

I don't know how to answer this question, I said him.

Don't lie to me, listen me up, this is your last chance to change your sentence to life in prison instead of die in a pair of days. Tell me, what is going on.

Do you know who is the real murderer ?

What's the difference ?

Life in prison and die soon is basically the same, only that in one you know the date of your end and in the other case, you're waiting the death in a not life.

Nothing can be done. Although you possible didn't kill her, it is known of others have been killed and your sentence is what you have, because you deserve it. However, I believe that as long as people live, they have opportunities to get ahead no matter where they really are, therefore, I think it would be more worthy to preserve your life by telling me the truth, don't you think?

If I told you the truth , can you give me a favor ?

Always that I can make it, so tell me, What do you have in mind ?

If I declare the truth, allow me to being one day more out of the prision and after it I'll accept to die when that day ends. Is my last volunty. If I want to be forever without see the light, at least allow me do that. I prefer to see for the last time the sky from outside my home, for thus I might die in a perfect scene, feeling me free in my last breath.

You know that unfortunally I can't say you that I allow you or not, so I need to send your request as a last volunty.

But you just can send this request, after your collaboration, so first help me to find the murderer of this girl, and after that I'll try to help you. I'll give you my word.

Why I must trust in yourself ? I asked with a bit of anger

Because you've no other option. If you want to see the freedom at most one day, you must trust in me. Can you understand ?

Promise that you' ll help me, I said

Okay. If the results go well, I'll promise that I help you to be one day outside in prison.

Ok, so it's a deal.

Now respect the murder, you don't know if possible that you or maybe is another the killer, however I want to think that you're not guilty. So first, let me prove it and after it, I'll reopened with the case. Tomorrow, we'll have another meeting, please tell me everything that you remember, Can you do it ?

I will try to be as detailed as possible.

That's right. So, I'll see you tomorrow. Good night.

Finally, Prisoner 15 returned to his cell, thinking of something he got out of all this.

My memories are nothing more than a montage. Tell me what is really true and what is part of my other self?

Please tell me, Evan.

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