Andres Steiner

The stories can be summed up in allegories towards a strange vision of the world around us. The purpose of this work is to present events where the phenomena seen can be interpreted as something without a real context and only as a vision that can exist within the minds of other characters as a premonition, or simply as other events without relevance to the observable in the development of humanity.

Horror Nur für über 18-Jährige.
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The first beat

The world has submerged before the arrival of the sunset, which emerged from a singular point, only seen by those who cannot lose the horizon, located in multiple directions. Those sivaryts, dead inside and whose end is only a physical state, remain immovable before the collective ignorance and pseudo-suggestive rupture, which feeds those who remain enlightened between their blindness reborn by the arrival of the invisible and their decadent states in search of a cause for not finding his already very poor hope of finding a reason to exist. This is how I can perceive the world today, where morality is only a series of phrases without meaning, except that of being just a painting, without a real appearance or a sense of gentleness to avoid antagonizing those who take it for granted. hypocritical, while his vision of reality, derived from the conception of the perceptible, fades along with a life of attempts that are not only not well received, but are also seen as a specter for those who sleep from the other corner, where the tact towards the ends of the space are little less than limited. Usually, I can perceive what does not change, and even arrogantly refuses and showing a personality bordering on the hostile, from a merely subtle approach, but anyway and undeniably evident, whose act is as denesnable, as his smile without gesture or humility. The way in which such an entrance to existence that lies in a vacuum can be appreciated, is now only part of a plane that is unidirectional, but contrary to what we commendably desire and above all a symptom of our unlimited insecurity due to monotony. which is unshakable underlying the raucous state that arises from sub-time and transforms into what can be perceived as a being with multiple faces, but that for a few lies as a being with two heads, the first of which was partially torn off, but still retains and he cheers with his speech, while things revolve around him and the count of inperceptions arises in certain blank spaces formed during the arrival of the suggestive double vision and the duality perceivable by a few, before the guilty distribution of beings and entities, that day by day grows among those who preserve the distant advent of what a whole sees, but not all. Between wild roots that protrude from the stubborn and disgusting sunset that has become the form that is born from the state of collapse perceived by a few, the only tide of garbage that infests the landscape and contaminates those who are judged as beings with a vision, give as As a result, the emergence of a position that socializes with that innocent person who, in such a bastard, turns to be contacted and accept what I despise in the line that is now more distant than it was a few seconds ago. However, that even now it is I who questions whether it is still worthy to be an additional element of the evil that arises in despair, even within me I wonder if my relics have turned against that ideal that now and could never more return and which is also just a mere memory, because I myself do not recognize in what instant or time span, I speak of the lost society that lives within my disdain and offers me a mess that burns my insides and opens my throat , making you can't breathe for a second longer. So, between the senselessness of bitterness and that unpleasant aroma that disgusts me, I am alive, detaching myself completely and also being devoured by beings, whose habitat is sharable, but that mentality lies in the senseless cave of outrage and surrounded of the expugnable lust that lies in the paradise of the dead. The entrance of the monsters, who are but beings without a soul and nothing more than a flash that develops in the depths of my stomach, nourishes me in a bad way and degames me at the same time that it connects me with the obliteration machined by the arrival of the lasting in just an instant and nothing more that can be, but only a flash of sunset. Now I wonder in this state of euphoria, why this whole idea irritates me so much. How my insides can be intact and my body not become repulsive in the period that leads us to the beginning of the first great milestones that connected our history, with that of those who now stab us with some organs, while the rest is only part of the silent connection between what remains inert in the crystal twilight, which grows in mere solitude that invades me. I know what you think, and in fact, this doesn't make sense, however, it is not a journey to the imperceptible, but also a long and distant maze, heading towards nothingness. Despite this, I feel dirty and my soul broken and listless, makes me want to be just a flash of something that used to be there and that at some point, it will be nothing more and also it can only be invoked by a few who can go through invariant duality for those who recognize entities as what they are called. So this point of the story begins, with me closing this circle of comments without an apparent order and focusing on the true central point of the story that is only a single moment that remains only for the existence of the other, thus becoming a curse it has already tormented me, if it does not continue to do so. Once upon a time, there was a being who simply and simply lacked the superfluous way of acting in front of others, and who could only describe the world as a simple state of abstraction that justifies the meaning of the events that circulate around him. One day, that guy was walking down a narrow, dark and somewhat dirty street. The day was turning dark and it was not surprising, since it was five in the afternoon, on a Monday. Suddenly before him, that road brought him close to a place set apart from the rest, whose appearance reminded him of those of the abandoned houses, and whose vision made him believe that he was already, outside the usual place. Despite this, that subject decided to continue walking, unaware that his steps sounded further away than what some could perceive with the naked eye and those who maintained disinterest, were simply all the indifferent act. When the being arrived, he realized that he was in front of a huge old house. That house, was in similarity to a palace, whose celestial walls and strange roses of a green color that resembled the enormous pasture that surrounded its presence, had a great entrance that had a reddish color and a somewhat unusual shape. The guy saw that the house, whose variety of colors and strange shapes seemed novel to him, also had a particularity, which was the statues that could be seen around it, whose ceramic figures had a helical appearance from the left end of the site. and another was made up of different people who turned into a sirueta that could attract those who saw the interior of the palace. That guy had a look of intrigue and also after a moment he noticed that some of the walls of the house had around him a section of many circles, placed concentrically, whose ends had around him other figures that simulated lines that They turned light in color at first, but when they reached the center they became thicker and darker. The tour was impressive to say the least. It is reflected by the wear of some figures, that this house was quite old. Another track is the entrance, which had a wooden door that was approximately ten meters high. The site, in turn, contained more entrances, which were seen by the walker as his journey continued. Suddenly, the subject stopped, since one of the many doors was open and in the distance he could hear a noise, which was not part of the surroundings, since in the long journey he made he saw no one but himself. In the end, curiosity invaded him and he decided to enter, while around him, the walls had a light blue tone that gradually turned white, while the floor was rough in some parts and then it was smooth, so the walk He became volatile, as the walker had sandals that he decided to wear that day, since it was a gift from his wife,whom he loved so much. On that walk, the wind that blew strongly that day calmed down and the room acquired a latent silence, which, hand in hand with a vision that modestly connected the walker to that point in space where he was, suddenly heard something. . That noise consisted of a single footstep, which due to the amplitude that could be estimated, it could be inferred that the noise was from afar, a matter that the man saw as insignificant. The minutes passed and at a given moment another noise interrupted the walk of that guy who only observed a place surrounded by arrows pointing in all directions. Just like that time, the room where the noise could be made was far, or perhaps farther, since he felt that the amplitude of the noise was similar, if not identical, to the last time. As the minutes passed, he realized the enormity of the place he entered, since he only saw the same thing when walking, but he did not find a door that allowed him to leave and the windows were in the absence of his perception. Suddenly and to his surprise, after fifteen minutes of walking, he found some stairs leading to an orange room, which was adorned with long shutters and ornaments of various sizes. The subject inclined his head and thought that the site was showing a kind of unusual elegance, but above all, a portrait a little more updated than what the first floor had pointed out to him in silence, except for six moments, where he only heard one tread. The floor in that place was completely smooth and seemed to have been recently decorated, since many of the decorations were seen from that time. Minutes passed and the tour was similar to the previous one, which did not stop giving off a pleasant aroma, which seemed to be waiting for the arrival of something in particular quite special. Suddenly, the subject came to a part of the house, where he could only see a door, which was painted white. The aforementioned door was closed and inside it he could hear a peculiar sound. That sound was a classic melody, which harmoniously entered his ears and made him listen to a collection of symphonies in the form of the real sound emitted by the slow but soft emission. Suddenly, his heart began to beat rapidly for no reason and his sense made him see that the situation became more acute as the seconds passed and all the previous interest that was changing to a deep monotony was located at that moment in what between the door and the unknown surface, the white door divided and then that gentleman, whose idea becomes more and more bearable with the new event, decided to open the door, whose entrance generated a flash of light that blinded the only spectator. Amid extravagant gleams and arbitrary footsteps, the steps of that man showed an unusual awakening. In the middle of a pure forest, surrounded by trees and mountains, a woman with long hair, white skin, about twenty-five years old, prostrated herself in the balcony of a room where you could see a huge lake. The falls were only part of a vision of three instants, between which reality was shaped in a way contrary to its initial turn. In the middle of a room made up of a double bed and a desk, this young woman awaited the arrival of the unusual event that arose from the depths of her interior. She showed signs of feeling an immense desire for curiosity, which led her to see herself in a mirror a number of times, to ensure that her vision was correct. His thought showed only two signals that changed from time to time and his heart beat a number of times for each frame signals that passed from his mind, which connected with reality in a unique way. Suddenly and without any intention, he begins to think about the trips to the past that arose as a result of the future of the sunset and whose visions only made him want to feel a little of that pleasure from before. Her former partner had disappeared not long ago, due to the evil that lies outside her dwelling, so she thought it would be good to find a being who shared her vision of what was perceived, at least for a short time. The disappearance of that loved one is now a symbol of his immortality, as I am also part of that essence and not only from the perspective of a painting that looks from one side to the other, but from the real turning point that leads to authentic. The moment of break that unites the worlds is submerged in that place that makes me seek exploration towards my own future, at the same time that I cut my throat and returns me to that seasonality between a violent transition of unanimous perceptions at some point in time. chance, or perhaps it is only a point of view to hide destiny as a determinant in the search for indivisible reality in the duration of a life in deep misery. This beautiful and monotonous room is all I see and sometimes I think it would be enough, if that one only reflected a little of what I really feel and not a simple illusion that deceives me every day, to continue waiting for reality to connect in a way informed, the arrival of the personified representation of my destiny, which for me is still a chance and not a real source of objective search. Even in the dark, I wonder where you are, that form that represents my state of grace and invariably disconnected from what they believe is the desire of many in the minds of select people who live in that curse infested with decisive and false joy, for part of those who look for it in every corner of the space. Between soliloquies and superficial metaphors, the personification of what some call the entrance to the vision that resides in nothingness is open, while in the warning where you can see how the fire burns it from the disdain of its futility for reaching the daring monotonous normality that some perceive, she begins to hear a noise composed mainly of a pair of footsteps, which advance slowly, while the times previously perceived is stopped at certain moments and the arrival of the odyssey that she longed for in her recesses, makes her again in a kind of being detached before the existence of the steps that lie in the distance without a single reason, beyond the main moment of landing did the unusual. The girl then decides to look out to see what she will find beyond the singularity, thus finding a point where her initial concern was somewhat addressed. Her inert mirror began to shine a little, which caught the attention of that woman located in the decontaminated beauty of a group absent in the face of the most elementary triviality. Back then, the mirror shows her appearance but with a different look, more serene and with a slight smile. It seems to her a strange situation, but she sees that in a certain way the image that recurs in that place slowly begins to smile more and more actively, as if she had had the pleasure of seeing herself born once more. At that moment, at the beginning woman things start to become a little more uneven than usual. While the girl on the other side laughed, the one who appears to be perceived as reality, as to slowly decay, while her eyes began to bleed, her ear lost functionality to the point of being a useless form of perception and her hands began to crumble . Meanwhile, the girl who saw her, could only see with her growing smile, the agony accompanied by screams of the one who, while fading, listened to the steps that previously caught her attention, now became more aggressive and sounded stronger, as if he were another being escaping from something he cannot understand. Then, at one point, everything calmed down and the woman in the mirror kept her laughter intact and then tears fell from her eyes, however these tears did not reflect a sorrow, but you are part of the memory of what once existed inside her and once that, she turned around and left. The woman's corpse was on the ground, with a bloody face and a panicked expression that has rarely been seen on the face of a human being. At that moment, the door that used to be closed began to open and before the full opening of this, the walker appeared in the same room, who was confused because he had heard a sound from that place. To the surprise of many, upon entering the site, the room formerly surrounded by blood was empty and it seemed that no one but himself had ever been there. After a brief respite, the subject saw that the door previously open was now closed, however instead of trying to flee, he agreed to stay like this, as if he had always been a guest of that house, where only he is the one who has the keys, but where no one but himself is still a being, or in a way, ceased to be a long time ago, becoming since then a memory of few who still perceive them as the entities of the present that existed before the arrival of a trivial event . Suddenly the subject sees that there is a drawer in the room that says to open it. Then, that guy opened the drawer and found the photos of his wife and children killed, seeing that in the photo they had lost their eyes, their stomachs were open and the room seemed to be covered in blood. Many may see this scene as something Dantesque, but then he smiles slowly and says the following:

It is true, I killed them and also abused my whole family in this house.

I know this because I have always lived here, only that I had completely forgotten it.

Then, with his slight smile and his no regrets, he sees that there is another photo in the room. When he sees her, he can see that he was looking at the camera with a revolver pointed at his head and then adds:

I should have died, after all, I remember shooting myself in the head and I also remember how my brains came out of my head and even if it was for a second, that was the most exciting moment of my whole life, because for once in it , you can know something new. However, now somehow, I am one more inhabitant of my own fantasy. The moment could not be more beautiful.

Then she shed a tear and sat on the bed, while she waited, looking into the distance at the sunset of the ideal landscape that house showed her, for having been a resident of life in the middle of the era where she could breathe. At that time, while he was looking at the landscape, he could reflect photos of his children's torsos, the decapitated head of his beloved and his happy memories were in another corner, where he treasured every moment with his family, while he could still breathe once again. And just then the lights went out and the room was cold silence.

The next day, the house was shown intact, which showed its statues, this time a white color and with a pleasant aroma on the eve of the unknown. At that moment, a black car arrived, which had small diamonds, in which a man got out and went to the nearest entrance. That man was not accompanied by anyone and began to walk towards the site. Just then, and parallel to his adventure, the room was once completely empty.

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