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Sophia Reminisces on her past as she tells the story of her summer in 1995. The summer that she met a handsome, yet very intriguing guy named Samuel. He was daring and exciting, So different from the guys she was so used to being around. Follow this interracial love story as Samuel takes Sophia through the adventurous side of life. With bumps, turns and tragic events. WARNING- Mature content ahead. Sex/Alcohol/Bad language and probably more. Trigger WARNING - The characters will deal with racism at some points in the story.

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Some say I'm too kind hearted.

Some say i'm too naive!

To others, maybe I'm gullible.

You see I'm the kind of person to always look on the bright side of situations, I have a considerate and helpful nature by heart, that's just the way that I am.

On more than one occasion I have walked into relationships bright eyed, with open arms and a fully trusting heart whether that be a relationship based solemnly on friendship or based on a romantic relationship, only to discover that I probably should have been a bit more cautious in who I accept into my life.

Although I'm the type of person to take things personally I like to consider myself calm by nature, Wanting to drift through life simply drama free if you will.

But having a kind heart, gentle and friendly nature about you can attract the opposite and by the opposite I mean negative people.

Negative people are people who love to take advantage of the kind-hearted.

Whether the negative person lie's, steals or cheats.

They are usually greedy, manipulative and cruel hearted. There is nothing they won't do to get what they want.

To feel like a bigger person by belittling others around them.

I like to think of it like magnets, it's Asif people living a moral life attract toxic people into their lives Or maybe I was just raised differently than others, who knows?

Do I believe in love at first sight? In some ways yes.

Do I believe in love? Wholeheartedly Yes!

What is your experience with love? An amazing tornado!

Is love a good thing or a bad thing? I've loved Good and Bad!

These types of questions always bug me.

Have I ever been in love before?

Yes of course I have, or so I thought that what I had with Nate was love until I met Samuel.

Our love story wasn't your typical love story, Love at first sight? Nah that wasn't the case between me and Samuel. The attraction was there ovcourse but I wouldn't go as far as saying we had love at first sight.

Samuel was a unique character and undoubtedly handsome. He had this view on life that fate isn't real, and that every decision we make in Life should be tested.

He used to say a roll of the dice was all the fate we needed in life.

I was skeptical about his words at first but once he showed me the literal meaning of them, I agreed.

I mean how could I not? Samuel showed me an exciting and thrilling side of life I would never forget and in the end he showed me that what I thought was love in the past was nothing compared to the love I had come to feel for him.

My story isn't your typical love story. Our story didn't have a happy ending.

I wholeheartedly wish it did, I really do. But I can't change the outcome, I can't turn back time.

It was summer nineteen ninety-five.

Me and my best friend Narla we're going home for the summer. We shared an apartment in New York City whilst we studied our first year at NYU.

"I can't wait to be home, Now I'm not saying I hate being away from home but oh my do I miss Lucas" Narla said from the passenger seat beside me.

Lucas was Narla's boyfriend.

They started dating back when we were in High School.

We had a tight knit group of friends in High School. There was me 'Sofia', Narla, Lucas, Nate and Dallas.

I dated Nate for a short while but I decided things wouldn't work out when I head off to college, He and the guys didn't have those plans like me and Narla did.

I didn't think a long distance relationship would work for me, It wasn't my kind of thing you know?

But it seems to be working well for Narla and Lucas.

Im Happy for both of them.

I'm glad that they figured it out when I couldn't.

"Lucas came to visit only last weekend" I laughed glancing over at her. Lucas always comes to visit whenever he can get time off work.

"But I get it, I miss home too" I added, returning my focus back to the road ahead.

We were almost home, New Jersey is only roughly a two hour drive from New York so it was a manageable drive, Although my back was becoming stiff from not moving out of the seat for the whole journey.

My parent's were heading out on vacation for the summer so Narla and I were staying at my parent's vacant house for our visit.

I have a great relationship with my parent's but Narla? Her parent's were overbearing with their extreme religious views.

Narla didn't have the same views as they did. She believed that there was something greater than just a human populated earth, but she just hasn't figured out what yet.

I guess I agree with her in some ways. I too believe that there is a possibility that there is something greater out there.

But I don't know, I believe in science more than a theory of possible gods.

We pulled Into the driveway of my parent's home. The house I grew up In looked exactly the same as when I left.

I hadn't visited my parent's since I left for college. They were busy people, They worked a lot and love their vacations any chance they got.

But I don't mind their busy lifestyle. They still make time to visit me in Newyork whenever they are in the city.

"That was an exhausting drive" I sighed slumping back in my seat.

"Tell me about it, my ass has gone numb" Narla announced heavily climbing out of the car.

I laughed following after her and gathering our luggage from the boot of the car.

"Lucas said he and the guys get off work at five. They have plan's for us tonight" She said from behind me as we dragged our luggage up the path to the front door.

I hummend in response,I'm excited to see the guys again. It has been awhile and before me and Narla moved away our small group would spend every second of every day together.

We stumbled into the house, everything looked the same.

The mirror above the fireplace, the TV in front of the sofa's and the wooden coffee table placed in the middle with my mom's weird wooden ornaments of a naked man and women molded together.

It even smelt the same, The sweet smell of home and my parents.

I was feeling nostalgic being back home. I missed home, It was a familiar place, it's where I have known and grown to feel comfortable.

"Your mom left you a note, and some brownies," Narla yelled.

I followed her voice to the kitchen to see Narla sitting at the dining table stuffing her face with what looked to be my mom's famous chocolate chip brownies.

"Your mom says, she stocked the kitchen and pantry with everything you love" Narla mumbled through a mouth full of food as she held out her hand with a piece of paper.

I plucked the note from her outstretched hand


We will be back in a few weeks.

We have stocked the kitchen and pantry with everything you love and everything you will possibly need.

Now take this time to have fun, relax it's summer and you're young. You need to let loose you worry too much, So go wild.

If you need anything don't hesitate to contact us, We have our portable phones.

Be safe, we love you.

Love, Mom & Dad

I laughed lightly 'Portable phones' Yeah my mom was still stuck in the olding days. She barely knows how to use the device it's amusing.

No matter how many times I remind her it's called a mobile phone she will always refer to it as a portable phone.

"Momma S is right, You're too uptight" Narla remarked.

"Hay, I am not uptight" I defended myself from her rude remark, pinching the brownie from her fingers and shoveling it into my mouth.

"OK, Maybe that's the wrong word to use but you know what I mean! You have been stressed. It's summer, summer is the time for relaxation and fun" She said pushing the plate of brownies away from her tempting gaze.

"I am not stressed, I am relaxed" I told her. I mean I wasn't exactly stressed.

I was falling behind in some of my classes but I put in the hard work and I'm upto date and back on top of everything now.

"Either you're still stressed or you need to get laid and release some of that tension you have" she paused her eyes lighting up like a bulb "That's it, You need a guy, I hear Nate is still single" She smiled widely at me clearly excited with the idea.

I rolled my eyes "Me and Nate are over, Besides I don't need a man to be happy" I let out.

"Damn right you don't, You got me" She linked our arms "Now come on I gotta bathe and get ready, the guys are picking us up at Eight" She announced tugging me out of the kitchen to get ready.

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