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Escaping, Running, and Lying. It's the things I've done for two years to survive. Escaping from my father's grip and the monster he made me be. Running from my ex-fiance's promise of making me pay for leaving and lying to the person I love. I started a new life in Manhattan, focusing on my career, stable life, and illegal fighting at night. Love was not in my plan until I met Enzo Moretti. It all began with desire, envy, and lust, when I became captivated by him, I had to get away from him yet I couldn't and decided to tell him the truth...but the call that I received, changed everything.

Romantik Romantische Spannung Nur für über 18-Jährige. © All rights Reserved

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Gabriela's POV

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Our Lady of Monterrey Is the main Catholic church and home of the Archdiocese of Monterrey. In the state's capital of Nuevo León in Mexico.

The building has a central nave in the shape of a Latin cross flanked by niches chapels. The ship has arched vaults topped with an octagonal dome. The interior is sober and eclectic. It has a mix of architectural styles, neoclassical and baroque, especially on its frontage. It is one of the largest ancient churches in Mexico.

A beautiful cathedral.

Upon my arrival, my eyes studied the beautifully decorated entrance with white and red roses on the stairs and a long red carpet leading to the interior, golden balloons hanging from the large windows, and some were flying in the air. And bodyguards dressed in black suits stood next to the SUVs to guard the area. After all, their future leader is getting married.

Any woman would be happy on this day, having a grand wedding like this one, walking down the aisle escorted by her father, who will hand her over to her soon to be husband.

For me, it was not the case. I am just the victim of a stupid agreement. My father gave his word to the Rossis so I would marry their son and form an alliance between the families since I am his only child and heiress.

A female leader is not courant in the mafia world. Despite all my efforts and successive missions to satisfy and make my father proud, I could never be the perfect son in his eyes. Damn, I'm good at it, working hard every day to be the best. He made me a one-woman army, a ruthless assassin, but still, it wasn't enough for him.

He wanted a son.

As I marched the lined aisle with elegant vines of greenery flowers, and white bows with my father, my eyes roamed over the inside. The Rossies were sitting on the left, and my family on the right, Mafia members, our weapon suppliers, and drogue dealers attended the event too. Who else was I expecting to be here *I rolled my eyes mentally*.

I spotted my lovely stepmother in the front with tears running down her cheeks, Karla fought for me with my father, refusing to throw me to the inferno, but with no result.

I smiled and gestured to her to wipe her tears. She nodded and did as told.

Next to her sat my childhood friend and father's right arm. Rafael Lopez. Dressed in a royal blue suit supported by his broad shoulders and well-shaped body, his bright chestnut hair styled in a Quiff, complimenting his handsome sharp face. He's the most elegant man in the room. When our gaze met, he winked at me and muttered (Todo esta listo). I smiled in response.

Damien was already at the altar, in his black tuxedo waiting for me, looking at me with his iced blue eyes like a predator ready to devour his prey. For him, I was just a prize to add to his trophy shelf.

As I stood beside him, I couldn't even stare into his face. Sure, he's an attractive man, but his attitude and behavior made him look like a monster in my eyes.

"Hermosa, estan lista para ser mia?" He whispered as he kissed my hand. "No puedo esperar para sacar este vestid de tu cuerpo" He bit his lower lip and flashed me a stupid victorious smile. I didn't answer him, just looking at him with disgust.

At the time of the oath, the guests got up from their seats, and Damien took my hands firmly in his "I Damien Rossi, Take Gabriela Rose Hernandez to be my wife ...." (You can keep dreaming) "I promise to be a faithful husband to you in good times, sickness and health. I will love you and honor you every day of my life. "

In my turn, I stoned. I couldn't take it anymore. Damien looked at me with irritation and arched a brow (He knew that the last thing I want is to marry him). His grip tightened on my hands.

"Gabriela??". I refused to say it back.

That was when my father shouted at me, "Gabriela, say your vows!"

"I'm sorry father, But I can't do this" I jerked my hands from his.

"What do you mean you can't do this?" Damien shook me.

"I can't carry on with this bullshit. I'm getting the hell out of here" The lights went out and, everything went black.

Perfect timing.

I left the altar and ran toward the back door of the church, leaving the guests gasping and my father's cries behind me.

"Find her!" The scream of Damien rang in the corridors.

I just arrived at the exit when suddenly I felt someone pulling me from the arm. I was ready to attack whoever it was.

"Hey, Hey, Hey, it's me. Rafael," He blocked my punch.

"Hey," I hugged him tightly. "Did anyone suspect something?"

"No, don't worry. So here's your passport, your phone, some money, and the car key," He gave me a bag "You'll find your favorite sweatshirt there too. Promise me you will take care of you," He took my face with both hands.

"Promise, take care of yourself too, Rafi... I have to go now. Bye!"

When I reached for the car, I swiftly opened the door, got inside and started the engine, That's when Damien appeared and punched the window with anger that it made a slight crack on it.

"I will hunt you down and make you pay for this." He yelled.

With those last words, I pressed the gas and left without looking back.


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What's wrong with Damien though? 💔
June 19, 2020, 10:50

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