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A Girl's Heart To Poetry

21+ Only but Minors be cautious. Poetry My reason for writing. My reason for my books. My reason to keep going. Poetry & Books combine. My world of Art. This is my book dedicated to Poetry that... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

De Pernas pro Ar

Jeon Jungkook aparenta ser o típico nerd, o último na base da cadeia alimentar do ensino médio. Park Jimin, o outro lado da moeda, badboy sedutor metido, novato na escola, ocupando o topo do topo... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

You Belong With Me (Boyxboy Version)

“She'll never know your story like I do.” It's just your ordinary high school romance, but with a lil bit more top up of touche. Aidan Quinn is a closeted introvert, popularly referred to as AiQ,... BEGINNE ZU LESEN