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Nerd Barbie & The First Time

Prequel — The 1999 Paradox Series Sometimes the shock of reality is a bitter medicine... But it is the best eye drop to see the undesirable truths — or lies that we idealize ... Denison is a shy ... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Dying To Be With You

An Erotic Street Thriller... (Fictional City of Phylicia, CA) Just released from prison, Calum "CeCe" Cox reluctantly returns to a life of crime, lust, and sex... (Under Construction) BEGINNE ZU LESEN


A barely legal teen, Destiny Kane, is gripped by erotic feelings towards her mother's husband, Smoke, which becomes an attraction that leads her to engage in an atrocious act. The intimate encounte... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Four Ways From Sunday

After an untimely death of a best friend. B'onca Ware becomes obsessed with solving her homicide, B'onca becomes Hell-bent on bringing down all party's that were involved with the crime. A Corporat... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Golden Valley

Golden Valley es un pequeño rincón de el sureste Estado Unidos rodeado de bosque, donde la gente vive en una pacifica comunidad donde todos se conocen y se llevan bien. O eso parece. Pero hay algo... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Only Once

After seeing his boss in a compromising position Elliott has fixated on her, Elliott won't rest until he gets a taste but things become complicated when a one-night-stand turns into a full-blown re... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Wrong Affair

WARNING: Hardcore, explicit content intended for adults only. (UNDER CONSTRUCTION...) Issa Montgomery a neglected wife that's reached her limit. Fed up with a sexless and unfulfilling marr... BEGINNE ZU LESEN