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10 nuclei in a meat and bone mass

In a post-apocalyptic future, the earth was devastated by a nuclear war, humanity was forced to live in a small space free of radiation. Centuries later, energy weapons were created being less dest... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Beyond Reserve, Book 2 [Heaven's Curse]

A DARK SECRET. A DESPERATE STRUGGLE. A HIDDEN POWER. After, the battle in the city of Darwin. The Xzandians stretch their focus to the rest of the world, searching for the remaining eleven fragment... BEGINNE ZU LESEN


Locke has been plagued by vivid dreams. Of adventures, battles, victories and losses. Of friends met. Of friends lost. Of shame and honor. And of the end of life as he knows it. Some might say th... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Broken Wing - GoM 1x1

It's the summer of 2008, and what's more important: it's time Alex Corban and her niece Claire take a well-earned week off in Flathead, Montana, to meet with Alex's old friends from school. Two gir... BEGINNE ZU LESEN


Nuova Europa. Futuro Distópico cruel y tecnificado. "Cappuccio Scarlatta", letal y cibernética guerrera que enfrentara la extraña amenaza de licántropos asesinos que amenazan con destruir el orden ... BEGINNE ZU LESEN


Carelessness is a disease and all human beings are affected by it. Here, one girl is being careless and so how is she suffering because of his carelessness? Are you careless? No, definitely not! Cu... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Chef 3: Part 3- The Third One

The third installment in the Chef franchise. After the end, Chef must travel the world in order to save it from the forces of evil that plague our slowly dying planet. Chef has suffered major loss,... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Chronicles of the Labyrinth

The Chronicles of the Labyrinth is a project intended to be a collection of many stories from The World Forge. A majority of these stories will be one shots but there will be some that will consist... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Ciella Book 1

The first in the 4 part Saga. Ciella isn't your typical teenager, she's famous and is respected around the world. After accidentally landing in California, she bumps into racer star and her idol,... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Ciella Book 2

The second of the 4 part saga Fighting for her future with Lewis, Nicole makes it a challenge to even look forward to that. Will Ciella and Lewis fight for their future together, or let their love ... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Code 23 - Projeto I.A.

O mundo dominado pelas máquinas, corações de lata e lágrimas de óleo. Acompanhem a história de 23 e seu grupo de amigos que estão prestes a enfrentar uma organização inteira para poder sobrevive... BEGINNE ZU LESEN


In the beginning, there was nothing. Then, there was something. For every right, there is wrong. A cause, and effect. A negative wave starts at the edge of the multiverse, passing through worlds, p... BEGINNE ZU LESEN


Colourland is the story of Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke, Artby and Warbler. They get into fights and work for a man named Challenger. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Cryptic Athenaeum

This is a Chronicle collection of records and stories about the Cryptic Apocrypha verse. These are not Novels, but are instead Informatives about the inner workings of my verse. They will and are i... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Dark Exorcist

Demons have manifested all around the world and must be destroyed by any means necessary. An organization known as exosagins have appeared in hopes to combat the growing population of demonic entit... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Dead Men

Corvo is a mysterious man with an even more mysterious past. After waking up in his own grave, dressed in a jacket bearing the old world's flag, he sets out across a strange world shrouded in myste... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Densetsu ni narou: Seoul Nights


Depois da Ruína

Durante a pandemia de um vírus mortal que assola o mundo, os irmãos Annenberg, Alex e Ivan, deixam a vida como conhecem e mergulham de cabeça no desconhecido. A questão permanece - que destino terá... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Detective Grijalva .

Accompany private detective Grijalva in a journey of resolving the most intricate crimes that will leave you speechless and discover the vices of human beings that can transform a normal person int... BEGINNE ZU LESEN


Ellos Jamás pensaron que entre los frondosos árboles nativos, los vigilaba un ser cuya existencia violentaba toda lógica y la distorsión era su fin máximo. "Eso" se alimenta de tus gritos, disfruta... BEGINNE ZU LESEN


Un grupo de personas se enfrentan a un duelo a muerte entre ellas para hacer su muerte más... ¿emocinante?. BEGINNE ZU LESEN


Un grupo de personas se enfrentan a un duelo a muerte entre ellas para hacer su muerte más... ¿emocinante?. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Echoes of the Awakening

I was told my awakening would bring power. I do not crave what the gods promised me, my spirit clamors for freedom. English version of my story Ecos do Despertar (original brazilian portuguese ver... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Eden's Power

Gaius Ignatius is the General of the Centurion Brigade and is proud of it. Natalia Valdis is the princess of a foreign Daemone enemy country and is proud of it. Both countries and blood groups harb... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

El mapa

Otro día, otro dólar. Un trabajo de rutina para el sheriff Donovan y un tesoro de naturaleza diferente. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

El Muro de Natham

Historias de Landon "Puedes negarlo todo lo que quieras, Cirensta, pero al final del día no eres más que un animal parlante." (Sobre la locura, Capítulo 3, Memorias de Hustn). La ciudad de Natham h... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

[ENG] Element/Zero [Book 1]

Philip Mrown, an aspiring hero, saw his best friend, along with thousands of others, get destroyed in front of him, in an incident involving dark energy. Investigating the incident, he discovers th... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

E.T- Another Ending

This is an alternate ending for the very known movie, E.T. BEGINNE ZU LESEN


Until we rise and fight, we'd be trampled on. It is WAR! BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Fantasía de un último deseo

"¿Dónde estás? Solo deseo volver a verte... Dame una señal que me indique el camino y llegaré a ti donde sea que estés". Cuatro meses habían pasado tras la desaparición de su amada. Alex, a casi u... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Fin del juego

La venganza es un plato que se sirve frío, y nuestros protagonistas van a experimentar en sus carnes que ellos son el ingrediente principal de este menú. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Her Protector

'I hear them calling for you, I feel the waves getting started. It's a rush inside I can't control, your eyes keep pulling me in," Alec whispered as he placed his head against mine. I sighed as I ... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Hertezia: The Woman In the Mirror

During the world's era of peace, Maeve Andrews lives a fairly simple life with her family and friends. However, that won't last for long, as those who stand in power wish to attain more at any cost. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Hijos del Arca

Un universo abandonado por su creador, es dejado a la suerte de Phy, Lo y Sophie quienes tras varios acontecimientos acabarán siendo recordados como el origen de una religión que domina en todo el ... BEGINNE ZU LESEN


In the year 2000, an event known as the "tragic Christmas" will change the world, a large part of the world's population will awaken a series of abilities, known as singularities, that will turn th... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Karma Callaway: Into the Shadows

Ever since his birth, Karma Callaway had always, somehow, been different from those around him and he never knew why. However, after performing abnormal actions in the dead of a chaotic night lands... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

La Sociedad Escarlata

Después de que una guerra atómica acabara con casi toda la raza humana, dos sociedades poderosas han surgido como un intento de restaurar el equilibrio. Sin embargo, aunque más avanzados, los human... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Last Chance

Looking at the list of candidates my dad had established for me I got even more depressed, I couldn't just marry somebody who was only interested in my money and body. Looking up I saw him, he has... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Living As Trash Villain.

Liam, 26-year-old guy, gets transmitted into a novel he read before his operation. And the body he possesses is going to die soon. How he will change the story in order to live. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Lo que la cosa se llevó

Gastón y Ada se encuentran caminando en el bosque y tienen la intención de asustarse un poco para entretenerse. Comienzan con historias de brujas, pero lo que se encontrarán en el bosque, los ater... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Los Adoradores Del Código

Cuatro amigos son secuestrados por lo que ellos creen es un grupo de extremistas religiosos, seguidores de la inteligencia artificial que domina el planeta en el momento. Escrita para el reto “... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Master of Dragons

Was it so wrong for her to learn swordsmanship? Yes, after all woman were supposed to be frail, and quiet homemakers. Alas, she was anything but. Her dear father encouraged her whims, letting her e... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Meeting Me In Between

I never imagined I would know what it feels like to see through someone's soul. I could see his soul - his eyes showed his truth but I never imagined it would feel like this, his soul completely be... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Mestre Das Armas: Finish the Fight

ATENÇÃO: Essa é mais uma série Mestre das Armas. Acompanhe a ordem cronológica para não se perder: -Caçado por todos -Conflito Nacional -Com amor, morra! -Fight Fire With Fire -Rest In Peace -Finis... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Midnight Eclipse, Book I [Heaven's Curse]

A DEADLY WAR. A POWERFUL WEAPON. A RUTHLESS INVASION. Gothalia Valdis has her demon to conquer and Noel-Len Ignatius has his home to save. What happens when two worlds collide? And, how will they b... BEGINNE ZU LESEN


El Proyecto MOTHER se hizo para controlar al nuevo ejemplar, que desde más tierna edad solo a ella iba a escuchar. Tanto amor recibió, que nunca lo soltó. "Eres mi madre, nunca voy a dejar de amart... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

My Stubborn Mistress

A thousand times our path cross... But a thousand times our Fate playing on us. Cassandra Young is a 17 years old Island girl with full of mysterious memories she cannot remember the important par... BEGINNE ZU LESEN


Taking place after Season 5, Nicole, now have graduate college, is enjoying her life as a beginner scientist. When rifts begin popping up and causing problems, she must team up with her dimensional... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Ocean Blue

"It's always calm before the storm." That's what my Dad used to say to me, before he disappeared. I hadn't known how true that phrase was until Adrian showed up. And with him, the biggest storm I'v... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

One for the Other

En U.A hay una gran variedad de estudiantes. Curso de héroes, Estudio generales, etc. Sin embargo, para Toshinori Yagi el más particular es el único Quirkless de la academia: izuku Midoriya. Siend... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Operation: Saving the Monthiversary

It is a night of celebration, but before it ends, Valentina is taken away from her romantic dinner with Agustina. Where is she being taken to? What will happen to her? How will Agustina react to th... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Os protetores de Hayashi - A ameaça alienígena

Uma criatura desconhecida estava prestes a atacar Hayashi. Maga Azul identificou o monstro como sendo um alienígena, pois havia lido sobre eles a alguns dias atrás. Agora, cabe aos protetores de Ha... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Other Side

A new government ruled the world, there was no escaping their policies, and there was no point in trying to deny their rules. My kind, the Varian’s, were held in prison for many generations because... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Perigo Noturno

Um grupo de amigos está prestes a descobrir que uma noite na floresta nem sempre rende boas memórias. História participante do desafio "O Diálogo de Ação" da Copa dos Autores 2020. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Powerful Elements

A young man hoping to make it as an officer at the academy in a world where each person controls one element. BEGINNE ZU LESEN


A rising fantasy card game With epic battles. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Racing Against the Constellations

19 year old Camilla Jackson is the most dazzling personality of Prime High, one of the most prestigious institutions of Atlanta, Georgia. Disciplined and industrious, her life goal of becoming an ‘... BEGINNE ZU LESEN


Xin, once a warrior with a large, loving family, is now on his own fighting the monsters of this world. In this particular adventure, he meets up with an interesting woman, with an interesting powe... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Rise Of Orthros

Book of 1 Out of 3 for the Dragon Riders Series. The World Of Themdore (Them-dore) is filled with magical creatures from the local vampire to dragons, each town has their own squad of elite heroe... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Rival Gangs

Sienna is a normal girl with a normal life who has a rough past. Her parents run the most powerful mafia in the US. Sienna always wanted to stay away from the mafia life, her parents supported her ... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Scarfil Expanse

In a World where Factions exist. In a World where Water has Soaked up the Remaining Land, all but One. In a World where Fear Rules and Sacer, a Form of Alchemy, is all but Forgotten. A Journe... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Secretos entre la élite

Historia escrita para el Reto: El Dialogo en Acción de la Copa de Autores 2020 Los personajes están dentro de un coche sin frenos que circula a gran velocidad por la autopista. Zed, Camilo, R... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Shadow Trigger

I stare at the shadow lingering in the dark, “Who are you?” The only thing I can hear is his breathing “What do you want from me?” His silver silencer points straight in my face and panic spread fa... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

She Prince

Wan ke was murdered in the age of 16 trying to save his 12 year old step sister. To take over the kingdom,power and to be the top general XingXing disguises herself as a boy taking her brother's na... BEGINNE ZU LESEN


Simple living is something that Silver has never had the privilege of knowing. Orphaned with her little sister Avery, and dropped into the hands of her stripper aunt, she learned quickly that you h... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Spiritual Blade

A sword with supernatural powers. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Squad Files: BlackHeart

The continuation of 'Squad Files', follow the same heroes and some new ones! The multi-perspective adventure thriller. Solve the mystery of BlackHeart, a mysterious villain hellbent on destroying t... BEGINNE ZU LESEN


“The more money you spend on guns, the less money you spend on people! ... STOP WAR! #STOPWAR BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Super Squad-Book 1: Origin

A mysterious organization lurks in the shadows, a group of dysfunctional heroes team up to stop their evil plan. After delaying the plans of this shadowy group, Kacy battles for her company, Tobias... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Tainted in Red

Ishwar Hegadi once thought everything in life was predetermined; that if he struggled against fate, things would only take a bad turn. So he set aside everything he wanted to become the model Princ... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Tale of Tales

* Tale of Tales is a High/Epic Fantasy saga based on the motifs of ancient myths, legends, and forgotten fairytales * Senka is no hero, but you never know what is coming for you. And if that burns... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Tale Of Two Dwarves, An Elderlore Story

A dialogue view of two dwarves mining in the great caverns of Orebor. Their Dwarf King lays heavy burdens upon them, however, the king’s wrath compares not to the mountain’s rage. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The broken sword

You don't know me" her sword was on his neck while she was panting. "But I love you" he replied "You'll regret it, don't do it, I am here to take your heart, flesh and blood" "How naive of you, you... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The death of a blind tiger

A tiger suddenly appears on a ship sailing in the middle of the ocean. A woman disappears, and a man finds himself in his own madness. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Dragonborn

In an immense planet, full of thousands of races and creatures, the story of Kinori stands out, a young man who carries within himself a power that he does not know, the blood of the dragon. He is ... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Eyes of a Dead Man

Four odd teenage boys who feel as if they're destined for nothing in life realize that tragedy will lead to an amazing adventure. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The GrimJack

Case Sanders has been a hunter for as long as he can remember. Haunted by the guilt of his master's death, he fights whatever evil he encounters and saves the lives of those who can't fight for the... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Imitator's Ascension

Casimir Kismet is just your regular weeb who has a hobby of cosplaying, has a loving adorable little sister, supportive parents, and friends with a common hobby as him. An ordinary but conten... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Infinite Tower

A Tower known only as the infinite Tower is said to grant the one who reaches the top one wish. Many struggle to make their way up as one after another they fall... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Law of Attraction: How I Manifested Motherhood, Marriage & Ten Million Dollars In Ten Months

We create the lives we imagine. Change the image in your mind and you will change your life. This is as true as any other universal law and equally as certain. Everything you can imagine you can ha... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Love I Give ~ H.S

Melissa Ann Summers, was a normal girl, living with her mum and dad, in Minnesota, but after she was tormented and sexually assaulted by a man she thought she knew. Her parents thought it was best ... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The missing tailor

A gripping story with an unexpected ending. A very special request, and the disappearance of a tailor, generate the most terrifying suspicions. Not my mother lenguage, please tell me how i did. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Mystical White Fox

This is about a girl that r a white fox turn into human and met a guy outside of the Moonlight forest he was a human and he become a fighter to help the girl that he didn't know she was the white f... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The phoenix

My life totally changed because of a story I ignored. ************** Ningzi, daughter of the Chu family, hated her Grandma's story for one thing. Her favourite character in the story died mys... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Queens Gambet (Book 1 Of The Rosed Queens Trilogy)

Long ago in the royal kingdom of Shadowfen, king Richard and Queen Adriana had given birth to a baby girl Elizabeth Jane Marie. But what they weren't expecting was for someone to steal their belove... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Remains of Earth That Was

After what seemed like the usual human lifestyle, something horrific changed the world right before their eyes. As a blazing blue comet hurtles down to earth, it destroys a huge amount of the human... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Rise of Darkness

For Kirsan and Nash everything begins with their Lord's warning. The pieces are on the game board and the players have surfaced. Who will move first? But most importantly, will they be mere pawns o... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Shawkin's Lab

This is the story of how friends from Shawkin's High school saved their town "Shawkin". A solution from Shawkin lab was leaked, through that a mysterious creature formed. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Thief Carver

In every pocket there’s a loose coin, in every house, there’s a missing object, through every window there’s an opportunity. I tried living honestly; I made honest coins and had life’s pleasures at... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Those Fearful Nights

This book is a modified form of a dream but some attached fiction. It says about a girl older than her teens studying in college and attempting to overwhelm her phobia of devils and darkness. I... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Time Limit

About a father who tries to survive with his son against the world of horde of zombies BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Tiroteo en navidad

Ismael y Camila se ven envueltos en un tiroteo en medio de la ciudad, pero cuando creían que podían escapar, las cosas se complicaron aun más. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Tournament Of Naioko

An epic tournament for the strongest warrior. BEGINNE ZU LESEN


If you are grateful and nourished with love and creativity for our Universe - you are in demand and effective In the silver sounds of the anthem of the conquerors of space, the brightest notes are ... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Unnatural Selection

Six years ago, Chloë survived what she believed to have been the end of the world. Stranded on a small island in the Pacific, off the east coast of Australia, Chloë has more or less come to terms w... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Uno se irá por la borda

Un grupo de personas necesitan elegir a uno de ellos como un sacrificio para poder ir al otro mundo. Cuento creado para el reto El diálogo de acción de La Copa del Autor. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Valerix: The Hidden World

From those that brought you the award-winning Series "Battle For Berk", comes the second chapter in the saga. After Ashley reunites with her Light Fury Snowflake, an old evil has reemerged and thre... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Vida, amor y muerte en el laberinto

¿Y si la historia fuese otra? ¿Cambiarían las naturalezas de los palacios, las castillos o las cuevas, si los cimientos hubiesen escondido sus verdaderos nombres? Si así fuese, quizás, compre... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Warriors of Kagolania

In the cruel, full of anarchy and chaos world, power is held by those who possess knowledge. The only way to achieve it is to join one of two organizations that jealously guard their secrets.      ... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Warrior wolf Met A Mate

Imagination not true this is about fire wolf name Anna she is looking for her right mate to be with n to work with her to battle some monster n vampire on her side become powerful she met an Earth... BEGINNE ZU LESEN


A young FBI agent sets out on a mission she never experienced before. The most dangerous and difficult mission she had dealt with in her life along with her most faithful and loyal friends. Togeth... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

आखिरी दस्तक

जब नलिनी की खूबसूरती उसकी दुश्मन बनती है तो हर नज़र उसके कपड़ों के अंदर झाँकती है लेकिन वो किसी तरह इस वहशी समाज में रह रही थी, समाज के उन भूखे भेड़ियों से बचकर लेकिन आज उसका सामना हुआ ऐसी मुसीबत से जो... BEGINNE ZU LESEN


She unnoticeable, she’s nothing to know one, she has dreams and love fiction but things get rough than that. BEGINNE ZU LESEN


Num mundo caótico e futurista vive Ichiro Sasaki, um garoto japonês que logo percebe mudanças na sua vida e no conforto da vida adolescente. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Inocencia Culpable

2 hermanos Lancelot y Neevile viven con su tía Natacha, en los precarios, barrios pobres de la cuidad, luchando para salir adelante. Viven su adolescencia en medio de un mundo caótico, donde 2 pand... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Pseudônimo [Degustação]

Ela não se encaixava nos padrões da sociedade e estava longe de ser perfeita.Era diferente,existia algo diferente dentro dela,algo escuro e que poderia amedrontar muitas pessoas.Cansada de se escon... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

tic toc

depois da perda da sua mãe Jonathan se encontra em uma situação deplorável. em alum momento ocorre uma coisa muito bizarra que muda seu destino BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Vale Dicere

Uma poderosa Rede Científica chamada “Organização Phoenix” é comandada pelo ambicioso Dr. Addan Melvick que realiza experiências ilícitas nos laboratórios do hospital sem que as autoridades britâni... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Abigail when she woke up

Abigail’s first thoughts when she became a ghost were her missing shoes. From my “Circus of horrors” story. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

A conversation with Penelope and John

This is the conversation Penelope and John had when John first told Penelope that he wanted to marry her. *From my “Clown under the bed!” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Agent Billy

Billy un nouveau agent (secret) et forcé à faire une mission où il devra travailler pour le riche et vieux M.Hitch pour pouvoir savoir si oui ou non il fait Des action hors la loi... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Akali: The Rogue Assassin

Join Akali on her journey as the rogue assassin fulfills her role in defending her home village and the people. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Akari Super Saiyajin

Akari se verá obligada a utilizar todo su poder para rescatar a Sakurako de las garras de la malvada bruja Chinatsu. One-shot. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Alastor the evil ghost

Who haunted Thomas in his youth? The answer is Alastor. This is what Alastor planned to do after Cynthia banished him from her family’s house. *From my “Ghost House” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Alejandro’s story

This is the story of Poppy’s Dad,Alejandro. From my story:”Poppy McLain’s adventures”. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Alessandra and Jayden viewing the fate of Lycidas

Ever since the day Lycidas was kidnapped by Eloise and turned into a vampire for her sick game of torture,his parents up in Heaven were worried sick about him. This short story will show they felt... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Alexandria,Halsey,and Jordan hang out together

Alexandria and Halsey were in a phone conversation about watching a ghost movie.Jordan would come too.This is a short story on the three friends planning to hang out. *From my “Twisted Girl” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Alles dreht sich um Freizeitparks

In dieser Story dreht sich alles um Freizeitparks. Storys, Tipps und Inspirationen wirst du in diesen Zeilen finden. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

All for One and One for All

It's not just a phrase. It's the code they live by, the bedrock of their brotherhood. Through thick and thin, they have each other's backs. These are the glimpses into the little moments in the liv... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Amantes Del Peligro

Alguien traiciona al líder de una organización mafiosa, éste quiere llegar a las últimas consecuencias y hacer caer a todo el que haya tenido que ver. Secuestrar a una contable para que haga el tra... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Am I Dreaming? #1

A story about a spell that has happened. Each day people are stuck feeling a certain mood. A boy named arick went on a adventure to try to stop it. By Timothy Skinner BEGINNE ZU LESEN

A Minute Past Dawn

She's a poor newly orphaned girl who comes home one day to find her parents- a drunk, wild father, and an abusive mother, - and both her siblings, -an older brother who does everything right, and a... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

A Moment in Time Eternal Bat’s Plans Descending in Darkness

Bruce didn't know how or when he started the idea, but he had a plan, but that plan didn't involve staying married to the cat woman, none of them knew when it started, they didn't know who, but wha... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

A moment of Henry’s childhood

Before Henry James became a vampire,he was once a regular boy born to a family of witches. The only boy with no powers. His disappointed parents made him perform tasks that would have been easy i... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

A moment with Violet and Philippa

Ever since the death of Jennifer, Philippa was more distant than ever from life. Her sadness weighed on her like the entire world,her eyes were haunted with the loneliness that forever beat in her ... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Anastasia’s adventures

Anastasia lives in a schoolhouse with her father,content with her life. Until she finds a mysterious boy in the woods.. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Anastasia’s adventures:origin stories

The origins of characters from my story “Anastasia’s adventures”. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

"And you are supposed to be a detective?!"

While Elizabeth is playing old board games with small kids in the Green-Village, John is writing a protocol in his laptop in the Linux-City. One day however, these two totally incompatible people a... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Angelic Battles

They say Angels protect people, but what's the cost of this protection? And what are they really protecting you from? BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Angelic Demon:Origin stories

The origins of characters from my “Angelic Demon” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Angelique and Melancholia

The story of Hannah’s Aunt and her journey to give her a lovely doll named Angelique. This is Melancholia & Angelique’s story. *Sequel to my story “Hannah’s doll”. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Angie reunites with her dog

Remember when Azrail killed Angie’s dog from my story “Melanie’s adventures”? Well,what if the spirit of her dog visited Angie again? BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Anime Omniverse

What happens when all of anime is in one universe...Ryumi wakes within a world where all of anime has become one. He strives to learn from everyone he meets to become strong enough to protect those... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Anna and Vincent see their parents again

Anna and Vincent reunite with their parents. *From my story “Creepy family”. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Antionette reunites with her family

What if Antionette,the little graveyard girl who almost stole Ardienne,reunited with her family again? From my “Alice and the aliens” story. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

An unforgettable story

Ein rasch aufziehendes Unwetter ist, mal ehrlich gesagt, nichts Neues und vor allem hört es irgendwann wieder auf zu wüten. Doch dieses Unwetter sollte anders sein. Es sollte die neun verblieben... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Arachne reunites with her friends and family

What if Arachne reunited with her friends and family,after everything? Would they still love her like they used to,even as a spider-human? *From my story “Poppy McLain’s adventures”. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Ardienne and Mary plan to meet up

Ardienne and Mary are a little older now.They have to make up days for when they can see each other. From my “Alice and the aliens” story. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Army of the dead

A journal of a scientist and his team who created a virus that at first they thought it was going to make humans stronger, more capable of doing things imposible to be done from humans, but it all ... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Ash and Henry speak with each other

Even when Ash McLain was working for Van Death,he still cared for Henry James.He would do anything to protect him.He wanted to help him.If he couldn’t save the others,he was just fine with saving o... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Ash and Henry-Their story

This is the story of Ash and Henry,from my story “Poppy’s adventures”. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Ash and Van Death’s first conversation

This is Ash McLain’s very first encounter with Van Death,one he eventually forgets about.One his brain erases from his mind.Something he would regret,but that’s for another story. What happened be... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Asher and the boy

Asher has fully embraced his new life.Now,he wants nothing more than to help others. So when he sees four year old David being haunted by monsters that want to hurt him,it’s in his heart to protec... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Asher loses control

What if all of this saving others and living in the shadows and consuming evil doers leaves Asher feeling..helpless? Alone? What if he wrecks havoc on the human world? What if he..loses control? ... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Asher’s Alliance

Asher is a teen now,but he’s so much more confident in himself than when he was little! In fact,he has an alliance of his own,with people just as different as him (possibly even more!). They’ll al... BEGINNE ZU LESEN


This is epic story of boy name 'Shri' and his journey to become the strongest mage in the world. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

A Thousand Words

What would you do if someone tried to consume your soul? Lisa's answer was to run. As fast as she could. Away from everything she ever knew. Away from her family so they would be protected. But sh... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

At the carnival with you

Ethan doesn’t mean to scare the people at the carnival! At least Felicity loves him.. *From my “Clown under the bed!” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Auburn’s thoughts after Lycidas disappeared

These are Auburn’s thoughts after Lycidas was kidnapped by Eloise,the doll woman. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

A wholesome moment with young adult Eloise and child Leona

Eloise and Leona share a wholesome moment together! From my “Eloise” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Azrail and a little girl

Azrail is visited by the spirit of a little girl he killed. But somehow,she isn’t vengeful. Why? *From my story “Melanie’s adventures”. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Azrail and another woman

Azrail is visited by the spirit of a woman. This takes place after he sees the little girl spirit. *From my “Melanie’s adventures” story. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Azrail and a young teenage boy

After being visited by the spirit of a woman he killed,Azrail realizes something.He goes to tell Melanie about it while being watched by the spirit of a teenage boy. *From my “Melanie’s adventures... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Azrail and his family

This will tell of Azrail and his family when he was a child. It will also tell of the death of his parents.. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Azrail and Melanie’s victims:ONE-Fiona

Remember the victims of Azrail and Melanie from my “Melanie’s adventures” story? No? Well,these series talks about their lives before they were slain by vampires! This first story is about a wit... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Azrail,Melanie,and a teenage couple

Azrail and Melanie are haunted with teen victims of theirs. From my “Melanie’s adventures” story. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Azrail,Melanie,and two kids

The last part of Azrail and Melanie reuniting with the ghosts of their victims.This time,a little boy and a little girl visits them for the final warning. *From my story “Melanie’s adventures”. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Azrail reunites with Candice

Azrail reunites with his very last bride,Candice. From my “Melanie’s adventures” story. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Azrail reunites with Cilla

Azrail reunites with his third bride. From my story “Melanie’s adventures”. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Azrail reunites with Fiona

What if Azrail reunited with his very first victim,Fiona? How would she haunt him? How would he react to her? From my “Melanie’s adventures” story. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Azrail reunites with his parents

Azrail Williams reunites with his will it go? From my “Melanie’s adventures” story. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Azrail reunites with Mirabel

Azrail reunites with his fourth bride,Mirabel,from the 1960s. From my story “Melanie’s adventures”. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Azrail reunites with Sandie

What if Azrail reunited with his second bride,Sandie? From my “Melanie’s adventures” story. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Azrail reunites with Stephanie

What if Azrail reunited with his very first bride,Stephanie? This takes place after he sees Fiona again.It’s from my story “Melanie’s adventures “. *Cover is chalk drawing family member made. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Azrail’s brides are in Heaven

Azrail’s brides have all passed on to Heaven. Azrail himself continues to rot on Earth. *From my story “Melanie’s adventures”. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Azrail sees a mother

Azrail is confronted with the spirit of a mother he killed long ago. From my “Melanie’s adventures” story. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Azrail’s first victim was his first wife

Azrail’s very first victim was his first wife. Yes,he was with other women before Melanie. He didn’t stay locked in the coffin all the time,either.. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Azuma Pirate Lord

When a pirate Is marooned on an island he finds he has a second chance at life BEGINNE ZU LESEN

B392 and A2614’s childhood

Just a wholesome moment from B392 and A2614’s childhood! From my story “Alice and the aliens”. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Bethany meets Samara

What if Bethany met the ghost of Samara? Would she still have a love of horror? From my “Ghost house” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Bindy Hammond’s story

This is the story of Bindy Hammond,a girl who dreamed of being an actress.Before she became the fear of children.Before she became a vampire. Before she lost herself to darkness,she was an innocen... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Blakes & Fiztgeralds

These are just moments of the Blake family when the girls were children and Leona’s life when she was a child. From my “Eloise” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Bone Boy

Lucy lives with her rich Grandma after her parents died from a car accident. The large mansion would be strange enough if it weren’t for the gifts she kept getting. Who were they from? BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Bone Boy:origin stories

Origins of characters from my “Bone Boy” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Bone Boy:Part Two

Lucy and Theodore live happily together in their house,with her Grandma taking care of them. That is,until a teen human girl moves in and discovers them. Not only that,but Evelyn comes back from ... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Brielle the clown-Monster High OC

****This is fanfiction for a Monster High OC I made called Brielle the clown.I don’t own Monster High,only my OCs.*** From human to demon clown,this is her story! The story of Brielle. And how sh... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Bronte,Damien, and Delilah at the circus

This story is Bronte,Damien, and Delilah suffering at the circus. *From my story “Poppy McLain’s adventures”. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Bronte remembers a moment from her past

Bronte sometimes remembers moments from her past. But she’s much more happier now,in the present! *From my story “Poppy McLain’s adventures”. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Bronte’s family after she ran away

After Bronte ran away from her family,they didn’t miss her.In fact,they were glad she was gone! Bronte found a better life with the Malcolms,while the Aliceshires continued to rot with their wicke... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Bronte shows Damien and Ivy her ancestors

Felicity encouraged Bronte to get in touch with her witch ancestors,so she could really harness her powers.Sometimes,she did this in the company of Damien and Ivy. *From my story “Poppy McLain’s a... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Calypso tells Hayley about Violet

Calypso is a magical fairy,aware of other magical beings. If there were any entities that were evil,like Violet the demon clown,she’d warn Hayley about them. Which is what she’s doing in this sto... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Carlos reunites with his family

What if Carlos were visited by the spirits of his family while he was rotting in jail? *From my story “The day my boyfriend tried to eat me”. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Carmine and Wolfe play hopscotch

Eleven year old Carmine and Wolfe play some hopscotch! BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Casey reunites with her friends

What if Casey visited her friends again? *From my “The day my boyfriend tried to eat me” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Cassidy sees Azrail again

Azrail and Cassidy have a brief conversation on how wrong it was that she left him in the forest,all alone. *From my story “Melanie’s adventures”. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Cecilia and Eliza go shopping

Just past Eliza and Cecilia going shopping! From my “V.S.L.” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Cecilia and Eliza hang out with each other

What if Eliza occasionally visited Cecilia in Hell? From my “V.S.L.” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Cecilia and Eliza see their parents

Cecilia and Eliza reunite with their parents! From my “V.S.L.” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Cecilia’s story-V.S.L.

This is the full story of Cecilia,Eliza’s older sister,from my “V.S.L.” stories. Enjoy! BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Charles and Andrew scare the bejesus out of some kiddos (Ft.Abigail)

Yes,it’s Charles and Andrew.Scaring children like there’s no tomorrow. From my “Circus of horrors“ story. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Charlotte finds peace

What if Charlotte reunited with her grandparents up in Heaven? From my “V.S.L.” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Chef: Part 2

The sequel to a Story all about Chef (please read before reading this book, spoilers, duh). After Chef's rebirth, him and the Congress of Heroes, without Logic Man and Music Connoisseur, must stop ... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Christopher and Juliet after killing the kids

After Christopher and Juliet’s death,they wanted vengeance.Vengeance on the kids that caused it,even if it was an accident. These are their thoughts after bringing their vengeance upon the childre... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Christopher and Juliet on Valentine’s Day

This is Juliet and Christopher on Valentine’s Day. *From my “The Playground” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Circus of horrors:origin stories

The origins of the “Circus of horrors” characters. Enjoy! BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Claimed by the Mafia (Claimed by the Mafia #1)

I never should've been there, but I was. I wasn't supposed to see anything, but I saw everything. I didn't mean to get caught, but you caught me. Now, you make my life a living hell. WARNING : Thi... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Claire and Thomas in love

Claire couldn’t bear to stay with Henry and Thorne anymore,so she left with Thomas. This story shows their love. *From “My love,my criminal,my vampire” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Claire falls in love with Henry

Just a little moment of Thorne’s parents,Claire and Henry,falling in love. *From my “My love,my criminal,my vampire” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Clara and ghosts:TWO

Clara Charlotte enjoys the company of ghosts. *From my “Twisted Girl” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Clara and the ghosts:ONE

What if Clara Charlotte got visited by the ghosts? *From my “Twisted Girl” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

C-L-O-W-N (All my friends play pretend)

****I wrote this song for a Creepypasta known as “Laughing Jack”.I don’t own LJ.Credit goes to the original creator,Snuffbomb.You can Google the CP if you want to know more about him.**** Why are ... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Clown under the bed! Origin stories

Origin stories of my “Clown under the bed!” characters. These stories are dark and will have people dying. Please be careful with reading. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Clown under the bed! Part Two

Nova and Philippa are getting closer to each other,especially with Halloween coming up! And people disappearing too.. *The cover is me wearing a sock and heel. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Colourland Part 2: Attack of the Smithson Family

The Bear have sent in the Smithsons, some of the most brutal fighters who want to destroy the romance between Crayon and Colourea. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Colourland Part 3: Blackin and Blackina the Ultimate Couple

Blackin has announced his plans to marry Blackina and take over Colourland. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Colourland Part 4: Blackin and Blackina the Ultimate Couple Part 2

Blackin and Blackina have challenged Crayon and his friends to the ultimate battle. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Colourland Series 2: Bird's Isle

Crayon and his friends are invited on a vacation but it is not all like it seems. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Colourland Series 2: Bird's Isle Royalty

King Bobby and Queen Starling have challenged Crayon and his friends to a special battle. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Colourland Series 2: Brother Blackburnian

King Bobby has taken action against Crayon and his friends and has ordered Warbler to not hang out with them because his brother wants war. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Colourland Series 2: King Bobby's Justice

King Bobby has demanded justice after Crayon and his friends have refused to fight in the war. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Colourland Series 3: Colourclever and Administrator

Colour King has sent in Colourclever and Administrator to make his opinion the law of the land. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Colourland Series 3: Colour King

Colour King has taken over and has created a lot of new laws. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Colourland Series 3: Dictator

Colour King has sent in Colour Dictator to stop Crayon and his friends fron supporting Challenger. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Colourland Series 3: The Colourlandish Leaders

Colour King has demanded the shunning of Challenger from Crayon and his friends. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Colourland Series 4: Alice and the Smithsons

The Bear have sent in Alice and the Smithsons, one of the most ruthless families to fight Crayon and his friends. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Colourland Series 4: Bear Resurgance

The Bear have returned with a new leader. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Colourland Series 4: Brett

Brett has challenged Crayon and his friends to the death. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Colourland Series 4: Easeion and Melissa

The Bear have sent in Easeion and Melissa, two of their elite warriors to fight Crayon and his friends. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Colourland Series 4: Xax and Whites

The Bear have sent in Xax and Whites, their last line of defense to fight Crayon and his friends. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Colourland Series 5: Continued Battles

The battles of the Round of 32 in the preliminaries continue. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Colourland Series 5: Continued Battles

The battles of the Round of 32 in the preliminaries continue. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Colourland Series 5: End of the Preliminaries

The last battles of the preliminaries happen. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Colourland Series 5: Matches

The battles in the Round of 32 in the tournament continue. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Colourland Series 5: Matches

The battles in the Round of 32 in the tournament continue. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Colourland Series 5: Matches

The battles in the Round of 32 in the tournament continue. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Colourland Series 5: Preliminaries

Crayon and his friends are training for a tournament. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Colourland Series 6: Finals

The final match of the tournament happens with an intense fight, Warbler has an important decision to make. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Colourland Series 6: Quarterfinals

The quarterfinals of the tournament happen with very intense fights. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Colourland Series 6: Round of 16

The fights in the Round of 16 continue. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Colourland Series 6: Semifinals

The semifinals start with two extreme fights. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Colourland Series 7: Bear on Trial

The Bear are on trial for their crimes they committed in Colourland. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Colourland Series 7: End of the Series

Crayon and Challenger have a special battle to see how far they have both came. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Colourland Series 7: Life After Colourland

Colour King and Challenger make a decision. Due to this decision Colour King and his officials fight alongside Crayon and his friends against The Bear. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Colourland X

Colourland X is the continuation of the Colourland series. A mysterious man break criminals out of jail, King Bobby wants a war against Coastal Island. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Colourland X Part 2: The Big Fight

Colourik, Malicia and the Bear members who they broke out end up fighting against Crayon, his friends and Colour King's officials. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Colourland X Part 3: The Big Fight Part 2

Colourea fights Easeion, Crayon and Colour Dictator fight against Colourik and Malicia. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Contos de Domüm: O Profeta Escarlate & A Chama Primordial

⚠️ Atenção, essa história não é recomendável para menores de 18 anos. Em uma era de traição, preconceitos e guerra, a prova da existência de Deus é dado aos seres que precisam entender o seu verd... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

corrupt origins

Ashton Kennon, a seven-teen-year-old Ghost-Reaper gets taken through a perilous journey of understanding the darkness that's a part of himself. Struggling with a demonic arm, he discovers that ther... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Cosa Nostra mi amor

Amy est policière et elle a été affiliée à la plus grosse affaire de la mafia Italienne. Elle va devoir infiltrer la famille De Lucas une des organisations les plus violente du pays. Elle va dange... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Crazy,Creepy Clowns

This was supposed to be a parody of Andrew Gold’s “Spooky,Scary Skeletons” but it ended up turning into a somewhat serious song that can be used as a metaphor for the way the world is going- Enjoy... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Creepy family

Deep in a haunted house,there live ghosts.Ghosts that just..want to live like a family?! They don’t want to harm anyone.Like no one.At all. BUT when the murderer of one of the ghosts pays a visit... BEGINNE ZU LESEN


A story about love, loyalty, glory and power. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Crybaby and the clown

****This is fanfiction with the Creepypasta Laughing Jack,created by Snuffbomb and Crybaby,the singer Melanie Martinez’s persona.*** This is the story of Crybaby,Melanie Martinez’s persona.Except ... BEGINNE ZU LESEN


Une seule soirée a foutu ma vie en l'air. Comment ? Et bien, tout a commencé à cause de moi. Et oui, moi et mon caractère de merde. Franchement, je regrette quand j'y repense. Ce soir-là, ma me... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Dani & her sister

Just past Dani and her sister Sophia hanging out. From my story “Isle of Cordeila”. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Dani reunites with her family

What if Dani reunited with her family after everything? How would they react to how she changed? From my “Isle of Cordeila” story. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Dani’s insanity

Dani was torn and broken after the death of her family.She really wanted to kill boys.Just the sight of them made her clench her fists in vengeance. Little boys weren’t safe from her clutches.She ... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Darkest Of Us

Your inner demon, It may strengthen you or overwhelm you BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Dark stories to read whenever and wherever

Four short Halloween stories I made for you to read whenever and wherever! Which means you don’t have to JUST read them on Halloween.. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Delilah’s parents desperately searching for Delilah

We all know Delilah had been kidnapped and cursed to be a vampire by the evil ringmaster Hunter,right? But did her parents know that? No,they didn’t.This short story tells of their search for Deli... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Detetive M

Pessoas sumindo, paranoias e... Espera um pouco do que eu estava falando? Uma cidade pequena no estado de Kentucy, onde vive os melhores amigos de Moises, Juan e Aliza. Após sair do colégio Moises ... BEGINNE ZU LESEN


This story talks about a guy who grew up been bullied but in the process turned out to be the chosen one of a lost kingdom and he is trained to face is worst nightmare will he be able to destroy th... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Eddie and Enisa at the ice cream shop

Eddie and Enisa go out to get ice cream. From my “Eloise” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN


Mazmorras, tesoros, niveles, experiencia, magia, monstruos, demonios y un gran amplio mundo cuál explorar o tal vez encontrar tu final en una de esas aventuras. Para los ojos de Alz Detheor así es ... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Edward gets frustrated

Edward would get frustrated about being a zombie.He wished he were human,so he could help out his wife more.So no one would have to worry about him. He often got lost and sad and angry in his own ... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Edward learns the truth about Janet

Janet was an imaginary friend turned into a demon who ruined Edward’s life,but what if she was more? What if..she was harm him? *From my “Poppy McLain’s adventures” story. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

El colibrí

El colibrí, un lugar para ver a estas hermosas aves, tomar fotos, aprender.. Y también un lugar con varios secuestros en su expediente. Después de una serie de secuestros en el lugar, Mare y sus a... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Elementals - Prologue

17 years ago, there was a planet far from the solar system, Nidra, on that planet there were warriors who possessed the vital element of fire, the King of the planet, Flame, and his wife, Queen Fro... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Elisa reunites with her family

Elisa reunites with her family! From my “Isle of Cordeila” stories. *Cover is chalk drawing family member made. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Elisa’s loneliness

Elisa was very lonely in the forest of fairies. This story tells of that. *From my “Isle of Cordeila” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Elizabeth and Lilliana:Origin stories

The “Elizabeth and Lilliana” origins,from my Elizabeth and Lilliana stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Elizabeth and Lilliana’s adventures

Elizabeth and Lilliana are just two teens in the Wild West,living life to the fullest. When a vampire crosses into their lives,they’ll realize that they might not have time to do what they want.Th... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Elizabeth and Lilliana’s dance

In between battles of the supernatural,Elizabeth and Lilliana wanted time to themselves,you know? So they would dance alone in the bar. Just the two of them.♥️ *From my story “Elizabeth and Lill... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Eliza’s story-V.S.L.

This is a full story of what happened to Eliza and how she joined V.S.L.-Vampire Spy League. From my “V.S.L.” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

El Mundo es una Mierda, ¿y qué?

¿En algún momento de tu vida has sentido que este mundo es una mierda? ¿Y todo ha ido en tu contra? ¿Te has incluso llegado a culpar por ello? ¿Las acciones y decisiones de los demás te han hecho s... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Él no es real

Entonces Wang Yibo esta enamorado de su roommate, pero Xiao Zhan solo babea por un personaje de una tonta novela un tal Lan Zhan. O donde Zhan es un fanboy apasionado de un personaje de novela ch... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Eloise and Leona in the afterlife

Leona and Eloise have a conversation in the afterlife. *From my “Eloise” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN


In an alternate universe, magic exists, but its not called magic and it's illegal. Also, humans are not called humans and the world is a rectangle. It's weird, but you should read it. What will hap... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Esmè and Anthony go a day without being snake people

Twelve year old Esmè feels like a monster with her snake scales.Despite Anthony trying to support her,she still feels ugly. In this short story,Anthony and Esmè go one day without being snake peop... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Esprit du dragon

Kamila est une enfant adoptée,elle ne connaît rien de ses parents biologiques. Elle a été élevée dans une famille d'humain bien loin des soucis d'univers fantastique. Un jour elle fait un rêve. Une... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Eyes' encounter

Eyes’ Encounter is a description of a short-lived experience involving attraction and loss of interest. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Fade To Black

Yoto Kyojin has always had an unusual life. From not remembering anything about himself other than his name, to often experiencing having supernatural abilities that he fears he's in no control of,... BEGINNE ZU LESEN


Ob seine Eltern sich streiten, Ob die Lehrer ihn anschreien, für Stress hat Argjend immer einen Plan. Er schließt seine Augen und begibt sich in eine Welt seiner Fantasien. In eine Welt, mit Kräf... BEGINNE ZU LESEN


This is a One Piece inspired story about a boy who wants to become the king of the pirates! BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Felicia getting kicked out

The people at the orphanage had enough of Felicia’s eccentricities.No one would adopt a girl like her. So they did the humane thing and kicked her to the curb. But Felicia was alright. She would... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Felicia in the orphanage

Ever since the demon burned away her parents,Felicia was left to miserably rot in the orphanage,haunted by ghosts of her past. Until one faithful day of when she was fourteen. That day was when s... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Felicia is about to change her hair

Felicia Michaels had regular hair before she cut it all off and dyed it magenta. *From my “Marcia Blythe and the questionable (but beautiful) demon doctor” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Felicia reunites with Tiana

What if Felicia were reunited with the ghost of Tiana? *From my “Marcia Blythe and the questionable (but beautiful) demon doctor” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Felicia sees her parents again

After saving Marcia Blythe from a demon,Felicia drives home and sees the ghost of Tiana. And her parents,too. *From my story “Marcia Blythe and the questionable (but beautiful) demon doctor:Part ... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Felicity searching for Damien

It was a long and frustrating journey for Felicity to search for Damien,her lost son. This short story tells one of many moments she tried to find out where he could be. *From my “Poppy’s adventu... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Finir Sans Raison

Espérance était une personne simple, parfois trop, qui se contentait d'avancer dans la vie comme un bulldozer, écrasant le moindre problème d'un haussement d'épaules ou d'un poing bien placé, sans ... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Flames lick the sky

Felicia was different.She could see ghosts and demons. Unfortunately,her parents didn’t believe her when she warned them of a demon haunting their house. It ended up burning it to the ground,alon... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Flying in the Wind [Genshin Impact]

As children, Kamisato Ayaka and Kaedehara Kazuha were engaged to be married as adults, and a deep friendship and sweet youthful love blossomed between them. Everyone expected great things from both... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Freundschaft oder doch mehr??

Die Jungs von Westlife sind in der 12. Klasse und haben bald ihren Abschluss, als der Lehrer eine Klassenfahrt ankündigt sind die total aufgeregt. Als sie dann schließlich dort sind machen sie rege... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

George kills Arielle

What if George couldn’t take it anymore and rose from the dead to kill Arielle? What if he wanted to SHOW HER that what she did was WRONG? From my “Alice and the aliens” story. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Ghost house:origin stories

The origins of the characters from my “Ghost House” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Ghost House:Part Two

Ever since Thomas and Cain have grown up and left the ol’ ghost house,Samara has been incredibly lonely. She didn’t go to Heaven! She’s still in the house. But she’s not alone.. …This will show ... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Ghostly Kiddos

Children killed in different ways,by different monsters,different obstacles in life,meet and cause mayhem in the human world. They form a team,those ghostly kiddos. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Ghostly Kiddos:Origin stories

Origin stories of characters from my story “Ghostly Kiddos”. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Gianna thinks of Alfred

Gianna sometimes thinks of Alfred,the man who caused her accidental death. *From my story “Creepy family”. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Gita-Koden Samurai

A fictional story about three teens and how their ordinary life gets turned upside down when a mysterious force devastates the planet. Now with special powers granted to them it is up to them to sa... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Gods Factory

an orphan and a princess in a world where gods exist... Another story of those? Visuelle Geschichte BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Halloween children-The clown and the doll:ONE

Different Halloween monsters and their children.The absurd and wondrous lives of their ghoulish kids. This first story tells of ten year old Jenny La Rue,daughter of the crazy clown and cynical do... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Halloween Children-TWO-Vampire and Siren

This story tells of Valencia and Jenny’s first time venturing into the human world. It’s also when Valencia makes a human friend. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Hayley and magic

Want to know how and why Hayley Blackrose believes in magic? The story behind it? Well that’s what this is! Enjoy! *It’s the sequel to my story “My beautiful Calypso”. However, it takes place be... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Hayley,Veronica,Calypso,Nova and the Morisons reunite with their families

The people haunting the carnival (-The Lopezes) reunite with their families! From my “Clown under the bed!” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Henry Jones And The Acacian Monster

Henry, a popular loner at Graceview High, ran off to his creek after school, angry that he'd scored an F in one of his subjects and an unexpected twist happens. . . BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Her Gracious Revenge

She always wanted to make people around her happy but her friends, whom she considered family, after she lost her real one, betrayed her and she lost everything... "... My lover.. and child.... I ... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Hijos del odio

La humanidad renace de las cenizas causadas por una gran devastación que arrasó casi todo el planeta. Diferentes facciones lucharán para tener el control de lo que queda del mundo con promesas de u... BEGINNE ZU LESEN


Le première arc de hirô est disponible ! Hirô un jeune garçon âgé de 17 ans fait la rencontre d'une fille du même âge qui bouleverse sa vie. L'objectif de nôtre héro et de créer une forme de just... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

How Charles and Luisa met

This is how Luisa and Charles first met. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

How Perdita knows Karate

In my story “My love,my criminal,my vampire” I mentioned that Perdita knows karate. This is how she knows it.It’s in this story. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

How the children felt after they died

After Christopher and Juliet killed their murderers (Children who did it by accident),their victims felt upset.Confused,even. It was an accident after all. *From my “The Playground” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN


Une partie d'hunger game -Si vous voulez être dans la prochaine partie merci de laisser un commentaire avec votre nom- BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Im under cover

When being a spy means to do stuff you don't always want to do... or to do it with people you don't want to do. But man is it fun and interesting... BEGINNE ZU LESEN


The supernatural ability awakens Within humans until it grows out of control. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

In the alley

Just kicked out of the orphanage,Felicia still waits patiently in the alley for any individual to cross her path. Really,anyone at all would do. *From my “Marcia Blythe and the questionable (but ... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

I saved a sex slave and she will be my new friend.

After defeating the Demon King, the only thing I want is to live a quiet life. A normal life... Although it's harder than I thought. My dream is to have a girlfriend and have friends. As long as I ... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Isle of Cordeila characters hang out

Just characters from my story “Isle of Cordeila” hanging out. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

It’s all a bit tragic isn’t it?

Alexander Jackson was just a happy little boy despite life always squeezing lemons in his face. But as he gets older,it will be harder for him to smile. This is the story of the clown from my “Th... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Ivy crawls inside of Edward’s rib cage

After Edward became a zombie,his rib cage was exposed. And his daughter,Ivy,wanted to know if she could fit in it. Being the peculiar child that she is,she asked to crawl in it for a moment. *Fr... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Jacklyn,Anne,Skylar,and Ashley hang out

What if Jacklyn,Skylar,Ashley and Anne all hung out with each other? Wouldn’t that be wholesome? *From my story “The day my boyfriend tried to eat me”. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Jackson leaves clues for Luisa

Jackson always left little clues for Luisa.He loved a good game. This story talks about that. *From my “Luisa and the zombies” story. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Jackson used his powers to disguise himself sometimes

Jackson was VERY powerful.He had powers that even Marie couldn’t obtain. *This is from my “Luisa and the zombies” story. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Jaylyn's Blog about OC stories

Tells you all about how I made my book, wait for more updates BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Jaylyn's Secrets

A 16 year old boy who has been all sorts of abused has had the roughest life of all. He's was about to give up on life, till he finds a meaning to live. Will he be able to find out what happened to... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Jessica’s story

This is the story of Jessica McLain,from my story “Poppy’s adventures”. This is her story. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Jessica’s vision

What if Jessica McLain had a vision of Poppy’s future? *From my story “Poppy McLain’s adventures”. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Journal intime

Deux mondes différents mais reliés par une équipe, distancés par près de 3000 ans d'écart et liés par un livre possédé par Cosmos. D'un côté, un monde moderne avec une technologie avancée et de l'a... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Juliet likes to eat Christopher’s organs

Juliet and Christopher may not be on speaking terms, but she still likes to take a bite out of his organs.It gives her pleasure. Such is the un-life of zombies. *From my “The Playground” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Kaida visits her city years later

After Kaida escaped the Nightmare Hill circus,she decided to return to her city. Her forgotten,destroyed city.. *Read my stories “Poppy McLain’s adventures” and “Poppy McLain origin stories-Kaida... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Kids talk about Philippa’s death

Philippa’s death caused quite a stir in town.Everyone was talking about it.Especially the innocent kids she used to perform for. The innocent,oblivious children who just want to know.. ..What hap... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Kostas's Odyssey

Kostas is a young man looking to fulfill his dream of traveling the Greek world. His journey begins in Kythera and spans the whole of Greece. The Greek world is in turmoil with the events of Thermo... BEGINNE ZU LESEN


Kurtz is normal man that sundly he figured out that him family is in a global conspiration. The moment he finds out, the 7 wonders of the world were destroyed at the same time. He is part of it. H... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

La loi du desordre

"Quand amour et pouvoir s'entremêlent, la seule solution contre le désordre c'est le pouvoir de l'amour et non l'amour du pouvoir". Il est là pour gouverner et rétablir l'ordre. Elle est là pour m... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

L'apparence d'un ange

Changer d'environnement n'est pas toujours facile. On doit s'adapter. Mais c'est encore plus difficile de s'intégrer surtout quand on est différent. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Laughing Jack the human

****This is fanfiction based on the Creepypasta Laughing Jack.He was created by Snuffbomb.(Issac Grossman,who is featured,was also created by Snuffbomb).Featured characters are:Sally Dawn,who was c... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Lenore sees her parents

After Lenore was unfairly burned to the stake,she spent the rest of her afterlife searching for peace,never being able to find any,always in agony. Until she reunited with her parents. Then she f... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Leona and Eloise have a moment

Leona has always wanted to be in Eloise’s shoes.She admired everything the woman did. After she died and joined Eloise,she set out to be even MORE like her.She would ask her if she were doing thin... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Liam’s metal pole death

This is just a little poem thing about Liam’s death. Liam,Minnie’s husband,had a metal pole bashed into his skull,because their love was forbidden. Ever since then,Liam has lived in the shadows,u... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Lilith and Xavier hang out

What if Lilith and Xavier went to get ice cream together as teens? From my “Melanie’s adventures” story. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Lily and Conrad have a cute moment

It can get lonely in an abandoned circus.Especially for four year old Lily Morison. So why not play with her older brother,Conrad Morison? She won’t be lonely then! From my “Clown under the bed!”... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

L'Institut de Magie des Orphelins

L'histoire se déroule en 240 dans une école de magie pour enfants abandonnés, plusieurs années après que la Sainte ait rendu possible la paix grâce à ses connaissances sur ce monde. Cependant cet é... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

LJ’s spiraling thoughts

***This is fanfiction I created for the Creepypasta “Laughing Jack”.I don’t own LJ or Issac Grossman.Credit goes to Snuffbomb,the original creator.*** This is my interpretation of LJ’s thoughts wh... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Lord Of Shiro

Reborn as A lord with near infinite Power, what will he do with such power once he's controled it? BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Los Elementos de Cristal

Cuenta la historia de algunos elementos que fueron creados y encontrados en un mundo futuro. Con el paso del tiempo, un grupo de personas aparecen para portarlos pero no sabian que les iba a pasarl... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Los Marines- Un nuevo mundo

Un día más en la comunidad, parece que nos ubicamos en un mundo muy distinto al que conocemos. La humanidad no está en la superficie terrestre, el ¿porqué? no lo sabemos aun. ¿Estamos a salvo en la... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Lou, une fille pas comme les autres

Lou, 13 ans, collégienne en classe de 5ème, se découvre un pouvoir surnaturel : elle se transforme en loup lorsqu’elle se sent contrariée, ou bien quand quelqu’un l’humilie.. Ce pouvoir, elle n’arr... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Lucifer in a phone conversation with Sally,Robert,and William

Just Lucifer in a phone conversation with his friends! From my story:”Lucifer the annoying human”. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Lucifer the annoying human:origin stories

The origins of the Lucifer characters,all laid out to be seen. What will the stories tell? What will they bring? That depends on the person.. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Luisa and the zombies:origin stories

The origins of the “Luisa and the zombies” characters. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Lycidas and his parents

What if past Lycidas didn’t want to watch a simple movie with his parents? He would live to regret that.. ..This was the night before everything changed for him forever. From my “Eloise” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Magic Of Mioda

Waking up as a level one wizard hoping to rank up. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Maisie’s story

The story of Alexander’s love,Maisie. From my “The clown and the little girl” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Mallory’s story

The story of Mallory Jackson,sickly girl,the daughter of Alexander and Maisie Jackson. Someone who died too soon.. *From my “The clown and the little girl” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Marcia and Luna Rosa spend time together

What if Marcia and Luna Rosa spent time watching T.V. together,before Marcia met Rush? *From my “The beautiful (but questionable) demon doctor” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Marcia and the questionable (but beautiful) demon doctor:origin stories

The origins of characters from my “Marcia Blythe and the questionable (but beautiful) demon doctor” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Marcia sees Celestria again

Celestria and Marcia are good friends after everything! This is them talking to each other. *From my story “Angelic Demon:Part Two”. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Marcie complaining

In the past,Marcie complained a lot.When she was six,all she wanted was a doll. This is her complaining. From my “Eloise” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Marco vs the forces of evil

Marco Diaz se encuentra perdido en un mundo nuevo y extraño, a mucha distancia de su hogar. Marco tendrá que hacer todo lo posible para regresar a su mundo mientras que se enfrenta a misteriosos y ... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Mark is Lucifer and Vanessa’s stepfather

Just a little short story from my “Lucifer the annoying human” story with Mark,thirteen year old Vanessa and six year old Lucifer. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Mary and Ardienne

Young Mary and Ardienne playing with each other! From my “Alice and the aliens” story. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Mary’s story

This is Mary’s story,from my story “Alice and the aliens”. This takes place right before she meets Ardienne. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Maxwell Industries

Leilani Maxwell is the biggest arms dealer in the country. She's got enemies from all over who want to take over her business or see her 6 feet under. But unfortunately for them, Leilani isn't afra... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Maybelline and Angelita feel at peace in a carnival

Maybelline and Angelita Lopez are the very few people who feel at peace in a carnival. *From my “Clown under the bed!” story. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Melanie and Azrail reunite with the burned victims

Remember in the first story when Melanie and Azrail burned their entire town to the ground? Only Melanie’s family escaped unscathed.The rest,well..the rest suffered. The rest came to haunt the two... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Melanie and Skylar’s phone conversation

Sometimes Skylar calls Melanie to check on her. *From my story “Melanie’s adventures”. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Melanie and some children

Melanie is haunted by the spirits of children she killed. From my story “Melanie’s adventures”. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Melanie and the bridal shop woman

What if Melanie reunited with the bridal shop woman? From my story “Melanie’s adventures”. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Melanie and the woman

Melanie reunites with the ghost of a woman she never knew was her victim.This takes place after she sees Twilight again. From my story “Melanie’s adventures”. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Melanie,Azrail,and a family

What if Melanie and Azrail were haunted by the spirits of a family they killed? From my story “Melanie’s adventures “. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Melanie reunites with the ballerina

Remember that ballerina Azrail killed for Melanie in the second part of my story “Melanie’s adventures”? So she (Melanie) could be a ballerina instead? What if the ballerina came back to haunt her... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Melanie reunites with Twilight

Melanie reunites with her old bully,Twilight.This takes place after she sees the ballerina again. From my story “Melanie’s adventures”. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Melanie’s adventures

Melanie Angelica feels misunderstood by her family and those around her.She likes to look at the darker,gothic side of life.It’s who she is! When she moves to an old and abandoned mansion,she feel... BEGINNE ZU LESEN


Essa historia fala sobre um cliche romantico de uma menina que se apaixona oelo melhor amigo que pega geral o amigo bonito e legal e a menina super sexy que todo mundo quer 2 famosinhos e agora oqu... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Merry Xmas

It’s Christmas for Ava Addams and their family.That means warm cookies,snow and hot cocoa.Oh,Christmas in the Adirondacks is so wonderful! Or is it? Instead,they’re going to the big city to stay ... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Merry Xmas:origin stories

Origins of characters from my story:”Merry Xmas”. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Midnight Eclipse: Web-Comic

A DEMON WITHIN. AN UNKNOWN ENEMY. A DEADLY THREAT. It’s torturous to live for Gothalia! Being hated for existing is one thing, but being unable to define her own destiny is another. The Xzandians t... Visuelle Geschichte BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Midnight Witch x Y/N

You practically worship the amazing Midnight Witch,a sixteen year old girl who slays villains under the cover of darkness. But what happens when she needs you,specifically,to help her avenge the d... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Midnight Witch x Y/N:Origin stories

Origins of characters from my “Midnight Witch” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Midnight Witch x Y/N:Part Two

You’re not going to let Midnight Witch betray you like she did! You’re going to get back at her in this sequel. You might even become her worst enemy.. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Minton Lrain Academy - Season 1

I was in a school with my brothers in it.I met a people I considered as my friends.I thought they are just making fun of me but I was wrong.Those whom I thought that would be my bullies turned up t... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Miriam’s illusions

Miriam can do many vile things. Causing illusions of tragedy,evil,and death are one of them. They help her become stronger. This story talks about her using her powers. From my “Circus of horro... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Monster Steler

Orme souhaite faire parti de l’équipe de monster-steler (anti-steler ) mais tout est fait pour qu’il ne puisse pas en faire parti... enfin on vera. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Mrs.Fannie’s thoughts on Carlos and Casey

Mrs.Fannie has a conversation with her husband about Carlos and Casey,the new kids at the orphanage. She wants to make sure she’s doing the right thing.. *From my “The day my boyfriend tried to e... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Mr.Woof isn’t Vicky’s dog

If you remember from my first “The Playground” story,then you’ll know that Mr.Woof is Samuel’s dog,not Vicky’s. So why is he called her dog? Why does she treat him as such? You may find that a ge... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

My beautiful Calypso

Sixteen year old Hayley Blackrose and her family move to an old house next to “Shimmering Lake.” It’s said that fairies live there. When the Calypso,the Queen of fairies,comes in contact with Hayl... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

My boyfriends from Hell:The clown-One

In my new series “My boyfriends from Hell” young girls will find boys-supernatural boys and..and..fall in love with them! When Cassandra encounters the ghost of a lost clown at the abandoned circu... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

My boyfriends from Hell:The vampire-part two

In this sequel to “My boyfriends from Hell” ,fifteen year old Annalise moves into a supposedly haunted mansion with her Mom. Everything changes when she meets a vampire who just can’t get over him... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

My girlfriends from Hell:Two

In this sequel to “My girlfriends from Hell” , seventeen year old Ashton encounters someone he’d never thought he’d meet. A real life vampire! BEGINNE ZU LESEN

My love,my criminal,my vampire

Perdita Jones didn’t expect to be kidnapped by Thorne Avenal,a fearsome criminal.. ..Who is also an enchanting vampire. Oh boy,what’s next? They’ll be falling in love? BEGINNE ZU LESEN

My love,my criminal,my vampire:origin stories

Origin stories of “My love,my criminal,my vampire” characters. BEGINNE ZU LESEN


!!Überarbeitete Version ab Mitte März verfügbar!! Eine typische Mädchen versucht Welt zu retten Geschichte. Allerdings nicht vor einer Apokalypse, Naturkatastrophen oder einem wahnsinnigen Million... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

New Love To New Future

this is about girl who want to make action to her new love or renew love relationship that have strong feeling for each other the main character is the Taurus man n the Aries woman they both r so ... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Noah sees Moira again

Noah missed Moira terribly after the breakup.He felt so alone,so broken. But when Moira finally enters his lair,Hell,he finds that he doesn’t care for her as much as he thought he did.. *From my ... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

NØ Magic

Miguel é um jovem malabarista que trabalha no Circo MAXIMUS e namora com a trapezista Victoria. No dia de uma apresentação solo de Victoria, alguém sabota o trapézio no qual ela ia se apresentar. N... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Not everyone in the carnival talks to each other

Not everyone in the carnival speaks to each other. From my “Clown under the bed!” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Nova and Hayley have a conversation

Nova and Hayley have a little conversation with each other. *From my “Clown under the bed!” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Nova and Philippa remember Ryan’s scared reaction

Philippa and Nova remember the lovely time when Philippa scared the cookies out of Ryan.. *From my “Clown under the bed!” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Nova really doesn’t like clowns

Nova never liked clowns until she met Philippa. But she still hasn’t met her in this story.In this story,she is thirteen years old.Her friend Ava tries (and fails) to convince her to go to a clown... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Numbers that follow

Remembering a time before being taken One decides to escape and run north. North she accidentally roams into another pack territory. Captured again she discoverers that she might actually wants to ... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Olivia’s story

The story of Poppy’s mother,Olivia. From my story “Poppy’s adventures”. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

o mundo não te fará mal

Tim faz parte de um gang e tem uma vida complicada , quando ele conhece Rosie ela fá-lo descobrir coisas sobre ele mesmo que ele próprio não sabia e ensina-lhe valiosas lições de vida. Juntos , ele... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Ophelia is trapped

Ophelia grew fearful for her older brother,Thanatos,when he became a vampire.She tried everything in her power to stop him,but he only grew more furious with her than he ever did as a human. In on... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Pamela’s terror

Pamela had to start killing people at the age of ten to increase her powers.She didn’t have a choice. The acts left a mark on her forever,which carried on to when she cared for Lilliana and Lenora... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Paragon Alliance

The Paragon Alliance...the association of superheroes working together to stop all evil across the world... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Perdita reunites with her original family

What if Perdita reunited with her original family from the 1860s? From my “My love,my criminal,my vampire” story. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Philippa and Lily cheer up Conrad!

Somewhere in the dark abandoned carnival,there is Conrad.Lonely.Thinking of all the ways he failed his sisters and all the ways he wishes he could change them. But what if it wasn’t as bad as it s... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Philippa doesn’t like her situation

Long before Nova came along,Philippa was lonely.People were afraid of her.They thought she would attack them.That she would hurt them. She despaired alone.She never liked the situation she was in.... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Philippa gets bullied for her eyes

In the past,Philippa was bullied a lot for her unusual red eyes. This story talks about that. From my “Clown under the bed!” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Philippa is lonely

Philippa gets lonely sometimes.. From my “Clown under the bed!” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Philippa is overprotective of Nova

Philippa can get overprotective of her love,Nova… From my “Clown under the bed!” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Philippa remembers something from Nova’s childhood

Nova and Philippa have a strong relationship.Nothing should come between them..right? From my “Clown under the bed!” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Philippa reunites with Jennifer

What if Philippa reunited with her very first love,Jennifer? After everything,how will this go out? From my “Clown under the bed!” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Philippa’s sadness

Often when she was alone,Philippa would have sad thoughts. This story will show that. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Philippa visits Jennifer

Philippa visits her ex-girlfriend,Jennifer,in Heaven. From my “Clown under the bed!” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Philippa wants Conrad to play with her

When Philippa was a little girl,she loved to play with her older brother,Conrad.He always made her happy when she was feeling down. This a moment of them in their childhoods,before everything took... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Poor Amy…

*****This is fanfiction based on my favorite Creepypasta,Laughing Jack.I don’t own Laughing Jack.Credit goes to Snuffbomb.**** ***You can Google Laughing Jack is you want.*** ***This story might ... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Poppy McLain’s adventures

Poppy McLain was just living her life,until a vampire walked into it. Yes,you read that right.A vampire. She’s going to have ten epic adventures with the vampire,ten epic adventures that will cha... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Poppy’s adventures:origin stories

Origin stories of my “Poppy’s adventures” characters. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Possessed By A Demon Named Lidy (Eng)

Lidy is a low-ranking, rebellious, and deformed Succubus; Jack, on his part, is an amoral and exploiting human garbage. Now they are binded to each other, how did they end up tied? That is not so i... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Priscilla has a talk with Rush

Priscilla lived a human life,just like Rush.The only difference was that she felt self-conscious about her pointy ears. What if a talk from Rush helped her feel less self-conscious? What if a talk... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Prologue: What He Saw

A boy is visited by a strange man who kills his family. Prologue to a book coming soon. I've had this idea for a while now and I've written it as a novel(-ish). The story is original but have used ... BEGINNE ZU LESEN


Nina acordou com o cheiro de fumaça. Ela demorou para entender o que estava acontecendo, até que sua visão finalmente focou e ela viu a chama vermelha e viva espalhando-se pelo quarto. Alguns dizem... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Quick lore moment with the vampire girls club-Isle of Cordeila

The vampire girls club had a leader.Her name was Dani and she was thirteen years old. This is her making the decision to be a leader. From my “Isle of Cordeila” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN


Follow Tim Curran as he tracks down a gang of the meanest outlaws in the county the wild ones BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Reagan and Sophia go summer shopping

If you read my “Clown under the bed!” stories,then you’ll know that the main villain is the demonic clown,Violet. But what if she was once human,like the others? What if she was once an innocent h... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Realm of truth

Amid scarlet flames and sparks, the dark minotaur is slaughtered by the honored Royal Guardian. In front of the great danger is Lumi, trying to believe that he has been saved. As much as he has sur... BEGINNE ZU LESEN


Reap ist ein 16 jähriger Teenager, mit einem Nebenjob als Reaper (Sensenman). BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Rebecca and Sandy reunite

What if Sandy and Rebecca reunited with each other? From my story “Merry Xmas”. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Reencarnado en Gate OP

Bueno una historia como cualquier otra. Un adolescente cualquiera tubo la suerte de morir por culpa de un accidente de Dios. Así que es compensado con tres deseos y ser rencarnado en un mundo anim... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Reine malgré elle

Je suis une princesse , je suis riche,je suis heureuse , j'ai tout ce que vous ne pourrez jamais souhaiter ... Mais même tout les bijoux , tout l'argent et toutes les fêtes du monde pourrons comble... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Rhian and Anthony as children

Before they grew up,before everything changed,they were only children. They were just brothers in this big,cruel world. Rhian was protective of those he loved. Especially his little brother,Anth... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Richard and Michael are friends with Vicky,Samuel,Evan,and Vivian

Yes,Richard and Michael make friends with the amazing and iconic four.✨ *From my “The Playground” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Rose loses the ability to use telepathy

Victoria discovers that Rose doesn’t have her telepathy ability anymore. From my “The doll” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Rush after he got his wings back

These are Rush’s thoughts after he got his wings back in the Angelic Demon sequel. *From my story:”Angelic Demon:Part Two”. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Rush and Priscilla

This is a moment of Rush and Priscilla’s childhood.From my “Marcia Blythe and the beautiful (but questionable) demon doctor” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Rush dyed his hair black

What if Rush wanted to seem more human? At least,his version of being human. *From my “Marcia Blythe and the questionable (but beautiful) demon doctor” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Sage & Evanna hang out with each other,while Mary & Ardienne hang out with each other

Just a lil’ something with Sage,Evanna,Ardienne,and Mary. From my “Alice and the aliens” story. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Sally and LJ are siblings

****This is fanfiction based on two Creepypasta characters.I don’t own the characters.Credit for Laughing Jack goes to Snuffbomb and Credit for Sally Dawn goes to La-Mishi-Mishi.Disney World is in ... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Sam and max Journey to the end. The Hidden Forest

Two friends go on another adventure but this adventure would change their lives forever. Questions will rise and more will be made soon to come in the nearing future. Contact info: [email protected] BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Samantha and Molly see Anthony again

What if Samantha and Molly reunited with Anthony? *From my “The doll” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Sands Of Stardust

A broken superhero travels the desert looking for a purpose. BEGINNE ZU LESEN


En el año 1850, una jovenzuela de 15 años vive tranquilamente con su familia en un campo rural, alejado de todo y de todos, hasta que un fatídico día unos monstruos entran a su casa, y esto cambia ... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Seanyork: THE GAURDIANS Volume 1

This story focus on Ryan and other friends. They going to protect the whole universe from darkness and evil. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Senkan No More War

La vida diaria de Seiko un chico que lidia con los vestigios de su pasado en busca de encontrarse como persona y superarse BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Shadow prototype: The tale of vengeance volume 1: Rise of project berserker

Shadow prototype: The tale of vengeance volume 1: Rise of project berserker is the story about a former college student who must fight against the organization that experimented on him. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Shadow prototype: The tale of vengeance volume 1: Rise of project berserker

Shadow prototype: The tale of vengeance volume 1: Rise of project berserker is about a former college student who has to fight against the organization that experimented on him. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Shadow prototype: The tale of vengeance volume 2: Cerberus strikes back

Shadow prototype: The tale of vengeance volume 2: Cerberus strikes back is about Alex Storm who continues his fight against the organization who now seeks revenge. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Shadow prototype: The tale of vengeance volume 3: The rouge agent strikes

Shadow prototype: The tale of vengeance volume 3: The rouge agent strikes is about Alex Storm forming a team in order to stop a madman from unleashing devastating chemical virus. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Shadow prototype: The tale of vengeance volume 4: Humanity's last stand

Shadow prototype: The tale of vengeance volume 4: Humanity's last stand is about Alex Storm and his team reuniting in order to combat an alien invasion. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Shura Saga: Burn and Slay

On his Warrior’s Pilgrimage, Raksha seeks to hone his mind, spirit, and martial skills. Enter Sadea the Slayer, a powerful sorceress who loves silk, jewels, and killing things for fun and profit. S... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Skylar and Melanie watch a movie together

Melanie and Skylar used to do things together.For example,they’d go to the movie theater. Skylar would look after Melanie.Make sure she didn’t get into any trouble. *From my story “Melanie’s adve... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Sons of Eden

At the brink of an apocalypse, the fate of two worlds rest upon Vaan and Blaine's shoulders. Across scorching deserts of ash, and turbulent, bloody seas, they set to reclaim their rightful throne a... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

South Park : Sauvons l'Amérique.

Après la bataille contre Mitch Conner, les Potes De La Liberté ont repris une vie normale, mais le devoir les appellent à nouveau pour sauver pas seulement South Park, mais tout le continent. ⚠️Ce... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Stacy’s full story

The full story of Stacy Flynn,from my “Midnight Witch” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN


Synopsis: 2 young martial artists from New York city, In love with their own skill and motivational efforts named Charles and Oliver. Soon meet their downfall and weaknesses as their relationship b... BEGINNE ZU LESEN


Synopsis: 2 young martial artists from New York city, In love with their own skill and motivational efforts named Charles and Oliver. Soon meet their downfall and weaknesses as their relationship b... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Stella and Amanda’s adventures:origin stories

The origins of important characters from the Stella and Amanda stories. What will each story tell? What does the character have to say? BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Tessa and Gehenna Blythe:origin stories

Origins of characters from my “Tessa and Gehenna” stories. *Cover is chalk drawing family member made. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Tessa and Gehenna Blythe:Part Two

Tessa and Gehenna are happily together,despite the fact Tessa has to venture into a creepy abandoned house to see her. But all that is going to change when they get an order to kill someone they d... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

the all-destroying circle

Ein Junge namens Yuki kann Unmengen an Kräften freisetzen. Doch davon weiß bis jetzt nur sein bester Freund Taro,der ihm dabei hilft seine Kräfte zu kontrollieren. Dies klappt aber nicht immer so w... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Battle Of The Head and Heart

Havryl has always been optimistic, passionate and fun-loving, though if you asked her friends, they'd say she's a playgirl and harsh instead. Well, for a heart breaker, at least. She focused on her... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Battle Of The Head and Heart

Havryl has always been optimistic, passionate and fun-loving, though if you asked her friends, they'd say she's a playgirl and harsh instead. Well, for a heart breaker, at least. She focused on her... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The beautiful (but questionable) demon doctor:Part Two

In this thrilling sequel,will Marcia and Rush be separated? If so,what will happen then? Will they still love each other? Or will Trixie come back for revenge? BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Blakes don’t know how to use phones

The Blake family up in Heaven discovers cell phones.. ..They know nothing about them. This should be interesting. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

the bond

Sie traf Velimae in einer von Krieg zerfressen Welt. Mukathalae hoffte so sehr, dass beide von ihnen gemeinsam leuchten würden, dass der Krieg sie verschonen würde. Bis sie ihn verlor und ihre Welt... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The chronicles of Phantom Yandere:Four

Phantom,Zombie,and The Screamer may not have been able to save Terrance (Who goes by the name Ghost now) but they can still stop Hazel. They can work together to save the day. Or can they? BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The chronicles of Phantom Yandere:One

Antionette is just a young girl who loves to write stories about vampires and other paranormal creatures.She’s got her three friends,Terrance,Courtney and Avery at her side.Their support is enough!... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The chronicles of Phantom Yandere:Three

Phantom,Zombie,and The Screamer all have to find Terrance now.Hopefully,they won’t run into Hazel again. But you know that Hazel..always on the prowl.. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Chronicles of Phantom Yandere:Two

The sequel to Phantom Yandere’s story. Avery and Phantom have to find their friends and save them on time.On top of that,Hazel is on the prowl,ready to strike whenever she pleases. Can they save ... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The clown and the little girl:part two

Loraine lives in a haunted house with her ghosts.But she’s not frightened.Not anymore. Her parents think differently.They think she needs a babysitter.They think she needs someone to watch over he... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The clown and you

You are a young teenager who goes to a haunted carnival with your friend,Islodene,said to hold the spirit of a deceased clown who snatched visitors away. Only,when you meet him,all isn’t as it see... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The day my boyfriend tried to eat me

Jacklyn has hit the jackpot of High School! Good friends,good grades,even a boyfriend! But when the boyfriend himself reveals his cannibalistic traits,things get a little less..peachy. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The day my boyfriend tried to eat me:origin stories

Origins of characters from my story “The day my boyfriend tried to eat me.” *The villain in the original story (His name is Carlos) committed acts of cannibalism,so read this with caution.* BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The demise of Lani Beckett

**This is fanfiction I made for the Creepypasta,Laughing Jack.I don’t own Laughing Jack.Credit goes to the original creator,Snuffbomb.** **You can Google LJ if you want.** Lani Beckett is a ten y... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The doll:Part Two

Victoria Leana is just getting used to Rose’s presence.It’s a lot living with a ghost girl,you know. But Rose isn’t the only paranormal being she’ll have to worry about.. *The cover is one of my ... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The emperors of destruction or hope ARC 1 : Les empeureurs

L'histoire de jeune héros, bouleversera la destruction et la paix BEGINNE ZU LESEN


Un nouvelle arc à commencer, avec Ken Takamatsu un nouveaux héros qui deviendra une légende parmi les dimension. BEGINNE ZU LESEN


Un nouvelle arc à commencer, avec Ken Takamatsu un nouveaux héros qui deviendra une légende parmi les dimension. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Father

Twelve year old Natalie Maurice lost her father to a fatal car accident. Life isn’t the same for her anymore.It’s grown rather..gray. A demon comes into her life.He’ll be her Dad.The Price? Piece... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Father:Part Two

What if The Father weren’t dead,only in anger and fury? What if he were waiting to take the soul of a fourteen year old boy named Michael? *The sequel to my story “The Father”. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Fight For Love

Rose Hineki, a 18 year-old girl who happens to be a member of the Elorian Secret Unit and who is still traumatized by events that happened in the past, gets a top-secret mission that will forever c... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Fitzgeralds all together

The Fitzgerald family all up in Heaven,having a “wholesome” family reunion. From my “Eloise” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Force

Military war action thriller BEGINNE ZU LESEN


The city Kanto was known for birthing football prodigies, a select few born in that city had an ability awaken inside of them every time they stepped on the field, but as the city became well known... BEGINNE ZU LESEN


What started as a joke with me and a friend is now a massive story. Two boys find themselves pulled into a top-secret pedophile hunting task force called the GPA. What could go wrong?? (Please know... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The happy,carefree,stupid clown song!

I wrote this song about evil clowns,but it can be a metaphor for toxic relationships. It’s violent,so read with caution. With that out of the way,I hope you enjoy. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Hero of Star Hero academy

An academy where people train to become heroes. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Hitman Series: Book 1 The Long Run

Luke Quinn is a Man of the CIA Operatives He joined the secret service because he thought he can make the world a better place but. When a Hardrive has been leaked a Manhunt begins and Luke Quinn... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Journey to Stralork

In a time when dragons were puny creatures, and men were nothing to fear. Three boys are brought to the village Gan where their lives begin. War, love, honor, bravery, and courage. Find out where t... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Knight's Promise

Isaac is a simple man, trying to lead a simple life. Or as simple as life can get for a professional conman but that is neither here nor there. Of course, all of that changes when a mysterious ma... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Laurence family:origin stories

Origin stories of characters from my “Laurence family” stories (+”Asher and the boy”, “Asher loses control” and “Asher’s Alliance”.) BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Laurence family’s story

Seven year old Asher Laurence has a wonderful family who always cares about him! Or does he? BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Laurence family’s story:Part Two

After Asher saved his family from his Dad,all went well.. ..Or did it? He still has to learn how to be a human-eating demon,his father isn’t actually dead and can he really save everyone? BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Light of tomorrow

Being pushed to the verge of society and surrounded by hate and despair, Indara decides to simply end it all. He wishes for everything to change. Suddenly the world as we know it turns upside down.... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Lopez family gets weird

This is just the Lopez family hanging out in the carnival. *From my “Clown under the bed!” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The matrix: The Trinity story

A young lady the goes by the name Tiffany McConnel that goes by an illegal hacker name Trinity is found and recruited by Morpheus to crack the IRS database and to find The One as she becomes a memb... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The murderer of Carlos and Casey’s parents

The last thoughts of Ed,the murderer of Carlos and Casey’s parents. He changed everything. *From my “The day my boyfriend tried to eat me” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The only kids at the playground

This story tells of the only kids haunting the playground which was formally the circus Christopher and Juliet intended to be wed in. *From my “The Playground” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Playground

In the seemingly innocent playground,at 12:30 A.M.,the legendary clown’s bride roams around,searching for wee little victims. Those who dared to venture there were never seen or heard from again. ... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Playground:origin stories

Origins of characters from my “The Playground” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Playground:Part Two

The kids at the playground are hungry for revenge on Juliet and her groom. They might even be more dangerous than the couple themselves.. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Return Of The Queen

A queen, the most powerful mage at the era of the most scariest one. August Ainsley Hayes, however, to cure the kingdom's curse that's made by the blood of dragons that she killed, she sacrificed h... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Rotten Alliance

"Una lucha entre clanes interminable tras una guerra devastadora. Una alianza que se forma sobre los cuerpos sin vida de los soldados caídos. Una academia que se alza sobre las cenizas del conflict... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The spooky family and some ghost hunters

The spooky family lives peacefully in their abandoned house.. ..Or do they? What if ghost hunters came to interrupt their peace? *From my story “Creepy family”. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The story of Elisa’s mother

Did you know that Elisa had a mother? This is her story. From my story “Isle of Cordeila”. *Cover is chalk drawing family member made. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The story of Laughing Jack’s creator

***This is fanfiction for a Creepypasta called “Laughing Jack”. He was created by Snuffbomb. You can Google him if you want.*** Everybody knows the story of Laughing Jack.Everybody knows the angel... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The story of R.R.R.-Rosemary Rosina Rosalind

What if Theodore’s imaginary friend had a story? This is it.Her story. *From my “Bone boy” story. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Swordsmen's Demon Blood

A swordsman has a near death experience has demon blood injected in o his body. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The town of Richardson

The town of Richardson:A decrepit lost town,said to hold the ghosts of those who performed at “The Ladouceur family circus” and were murdered by ringmaster Lucas Ladouceur.Barely anyone lives there... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The town of Richardson:origin stories

Origin stories of characters from my “Town of Richardson” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The town of Richardson:Part Two

The Richardson ghosts are still trapped in the circus.Lucas is still at large. Avita is holding out hope that they’ll all be freed,but some of them have their doubts. Her prayers just might be an... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The truth eventually comes out

***Laughing Jack is a Creepypasta created by Snuffbomb.This is just fanfiction about him.I don’t own Laughing Jack.*** After the events in “Not a dream after all” Anya and LJ are reborn as Lilly a... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The vampire school master and his wife

Elanssa Mortem is a young girl who just,leathery bat wings?! She learns from her parents how they met and their love story from there. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Village

A creepy scene unfolds at Felix's school that becomes a stream of horror... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The wonderful mind of Belladonna!

Belladonna Carson couldn’t speak at all.She could only scream and cry. Now all that’s changed! She won’t shut up! However,she still has to tackle middle school,friends,crushes and of course,her ... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

They were never caught

Isn’t it interesting how Azrail and Melanie were never caught by the police? From my “Melanie’s adventures” series. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Thorne and Henry make up

What if Thorne and Henry didn’t let their differences get in the way of making up with each other? *From my stories “My love,my criminal,my vampire” and “Tessa and Gehenna Blythe:Part two”. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Thorne and his parents

What if Thorne reunited with his parents in the afterlife? From my “My love,my criminal,my vampire” stories and my story “Tessa and Gehenna Blythe:part two”. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Thorne’s thoughts

Thorne thinks a lot in Hell.. *From my stories “My love,my criminal,my vampire” and “Tessa and Gehenna Blythe:Part Two”. BEGINNE ZU LESEN


Nichole is a 26 years old single mother with a traumatic past and many secrets. She's a ruthless and decisive entrepreneur in the business world and definitely not interested in men. Enter Smith,... BEGINNE ZU LESEN


Esta es la historias de dos chicos que se odian hasta el cansancio; un día se despiertan en la misma cama sin saber que ocurrió la noche anterior, hasta que se dan cuenta de un gran error ESTÁN CAS... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Tower Of Divinity

The seemingly endless tower created by a God calls many Warriors for whoever reaches the top will be given a prize. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

True-Real-One-A.T-Dream's & Confession

Hello world! My name is Alvin I am 40 years old at this point in my life. Like many of us it has not gone any way like I would have imagined! Through these times, it has helped me better myself as ... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Twilight sees her family again

What if Twilight could reunite with her family in the afterlife? *From my story “Melanie’s adventures”. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Twisted Girl

Wednesday Charlotte loves to write creative stories! She dreams of becoming an author one day! When she moves to a haunted house,she finds that things aren’t as wonderful as they are in books.. *... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Twisted Girl:origin stories

Origins of characters from my “Twisted Girl” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Twisted Girl:Part Two

What if Alexandria Charlotte faced more ghosts than her mother did? What if she didn’t make friends with them,but enemies? Find out in this sequel to my story “Twisted Girl”! BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Un monde de chaos

Retrouver le héros bleu de mobius dans une toute nouvelle fiction avec le démon Sonic.exe et toute sa famille. Venez vivre leurs aventures endiablées de danger, de rire, de tristesse, d'amour et de... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Un revés en el universo

Reverse toma lugar en Japón donde seres de todo tipo viven en armonía haciendo foco en un grupo nuevo de agentes de Shinra, una agencia que se encarga de mantener al margen las actividades paranorm... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Valiant Phantasm

A brave boy who just wanted to live a simple life and a stubborn girl who didn’t know what to do with her own. Intertwined fates, as the silver-eyed one and calamity approach. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Victoria learns about the ghosts

Rhian had a lot besides his iconic five,but what about the other ghosts? Were they set free after his defeat? Victoria learns about that from Rose,everyone’s favorite poltergeist. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Voltron Ascenders: Rebels of The Stars (ESP)

La obra toma sus escenas después de los eventos ocurridos en el epílogo, luego de la temporada número ocho. Este es el momento en donde ellos se darán cuenta de que salvar al Universo es más allá d... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

V.S.L.:Origin stories

The origins of characters from my “V.S.L” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

V.S.L:Part two

After Eliza became the grandmaster of V.S.L., she has to fight the ex-grandmaster.The villain.The monster who will threaten to destroy the world as she knows it. Can this vampire save the day or w... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

V.S.L.:Vampire Spy League

Eliza is a sixteen year old vampire who is part of V.S.L:Vampire Spy League.The vampire spy league is a group of vampires who protect humans when they can’t save themselves. What will she do when ... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Warriors On Mission

this is about three girls on a mission to dream land bump into this three boys that are in a diffrent city and country this is my imaginations BEGINNE ZU LESEN

When Bronte was cast away

This is what drove Bronte to run away from her “family.” *From my “Poppy McLain’s adventures” story. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

When Dani’s family was taken away

Ever since her family was taken away,Dani hasn’t been the same.She’s been having nightmares of the crime. She’s grown bitter and cold.She will hurt any male who dare crosses her path. From my “Is... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Why clothes are important to Calypso

Clothes are very important to Calypso.This story tells you why. *From my story “My beautiful Calypso”. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Xavier and Lilith play together

A small moment of Lilith and Xavier playing with each other. From my “Melanie’s adventures” story. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Young Carmine and Wolfe

This is just seven year old Carmine and Wolfe talking to each other. From my “Eloise” stories. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Zomperic Evolution

An undead man realizes he can evolve. BEGINNE ZU LESEN


The Kingdom of Alasiana is under the curse of the evil sorcerer Kanisa. An unexpected young stranger enters the kingdom, will he be their only Hope? Will he able to defeat Kanisa? Who is this young... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Singularity Point

Alternate universe Sci-fi action adventure about two minds coming together. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Violent Star

Vill was a blunt, rude boy with ambition for a better future. One day he finds himself a star fragment, a valuable treasure and a source of great power, which left him with joy-ridden. Before he co... BEGINNE ZU LESEN